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Israel ‘launched’ a bunch of things last week; a spacecraft to the moon, and two big political mergers.
Last early Friday morning, Israel launched a spacecraft to the moon! If it has a successful landing, Israel will be the 4th nation in the world to have successfully gone to the moon! What does this really mean for Israel, and how will this help all nations back on earth?
Also, we have a new Left wing block called the ‘Blue and White’, made up of Benny Gantz’s ‘Israel Resilience’ party and Yair Lapid’s ‘Yesh Atid’. What does this mean for Netanyahu’s chance of winning, and why is the Left now calling the Right wing ‘racists’?
-with guests:
Dr. Mordechai Ben-Menachem, author of the book: Muslim Winter…ook/dp/B005ER9J88

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