Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sits down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with Douglas Murray on TalkTV to reveal that Israel will go it alone, if needs be, in order to secure its future.

Speaking to TalkTV for an exclusive half-hour interview, the Israeli Prime Minister says: “Look, you know this statement, ‘A man’s got to do, what a man’s gotta do?’ Remember the days when you can actually say that? Well, today you say ‘A person has to do, what a person has to do, okay’. Well, let me extend that, ‘A nation has to do what it has to do to survive’.


“And if we have to take action both in the South and in the North, that is understood by many to be a just action… but [if] they cannot stand the heat of public opinion, then we’ll just have to do it alone. We will do what we need to do.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu told Douglas Murray that the October 7th attack on Israel, was “the worst savagery perpetrated against Jewish people since the Holocaust”, and that he thought there was little difference between what Hamas ‘savages’ did compared to Hitler’ Nazis.

The Prime Minister also gave his view of what would happen in Gaza once Hamas were defeated, saying demilitarisation in the area could only be handled by Israeli forces. And he opened up about the possibility of fighting in the north and the south, talking about the threat of Hezbollah and Iran.

He went on to say that beating Hamas would “take some time” but that the conflict was wider than just Israel, warning the West: “If Barbarism wins here, Europe will be next, America will be next.”

Netanyahu also branded freeing half of the Israeli hostages as a “major achievement” – despite criticism from some quarters – and explained he didn’t care what his legacy was as long as Israel prospered.


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