Photo Credit: Temple Institute

This week, millions of Jews will celebrate Channukah but few will realize the centrality of the Holy Temple in the ancient story. The Hebrew word Channukah means dedication and is a reference to the Hasmonean re-dedication of the Holy Temple in 168B CE. That is why the Temple Institute has released a new thought-provoking video series to bust age-old myths about the Temple and its relevance in our time.

The first video in the animated “Holy Temple Myth Busters!“ series delves into some of the most controversial questions associated with the Temple, proving that it is a religious obligation to build the Holy Temple today.


The introductory video deals with questions like: Who needs the Holy Temple anyway? Haven’t we evolved? Don’t we have to wait for the messiah to build it? What about the Mosque? Didn’t the rabbis say it was all symbolic?


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