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Netanyahu and Obama have each other's back, so to speak.

President Barack Obama is gearing up for a publicity blitz to undermine Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s visit to the United States and speech in Congress March 3, the Associated Press reported Friday evening.

The president’s advisers apparently have rejected an idea that Obama rebut Prime Minister’s speech that willow focus on the Iranian nuclear threat and the president’s softball approach towards Tehran.  A rebuttal could work in favor of Netanyahu, giving him press coverage that Obama wants to be negative. Obama might have a tough time proving that Netanyahu’s analysis is wrong.


The president has said he won’t meet Netanyahu because it is so close to elections in Israel that a meeting would be considered as interference in favor of him.

But interference is at the top of the agenda of the White House, which has made no secret that it would love to see an Israeli center-left coalition that endorses the “peace process” that even the Palestinian Authority has rejected but which remains has become a religious rite for Washington’s foreign policy gurus and their enthusiasts in Israel.

The Obama administration’s most obvious snubs of Netanyahu are its directing senior officials not to attend the speech and, so far, it’s not scheduling a leading name to speak at the annual AIPAC conference, which Netanyahu will address and which traditionally has been a political Super Bowl for Republican and Democratic candidates to outsmart each other in proving how much they love Israel.

The second-guessing is that President Obama will fulfill his political obligation by sending a third-level politician to speak. In 2012, the president address AIPAC but that was the year he was running for re-election. Biden appeared in 2013, and last year Kerry spoke.

Secretary of State John Kerry will be out of the country when Netanyahu speaks, but he hasn’t yet figured where to go. Ditto for Vice President Joe Biden, who will dutifully ditch his usual role of attending joint session of Congress, especially when a foreign leader is speaking.

Obama’s advisers have other tricks up their sleeves, according to the Associated Press.

Senior security officials might pop up on Sunday television news programs

The more that Obama can show that his relationship with the Netanyahu is bitter cold, the more the Herzog-Livni duo, which dubs their new merged parties as the “Zionist Camp, can win headlines by the eager Israeli establishment media that has gleefully sponsored the “Dump Bibi” campaign.


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. So this president of America…is destroying all hope for Israel. All hope. Now American Jews will not have anywhere to ‘go’ because as the White House whines that Benjamin Netanyahu – בנימין נתניהו is ‘only coming here to help himself be reelected” they are actually doing everything in their power to keep him FROM being reelected. Obama SUCKS.

  2. To be quite frank, most Americans abhor Speaker of the House, John Boehner. By his inviting Netanyahu to speak before Congress without our President’s knowledge, borders on being a traitor as defined by the Logan Act. Most Americans (63%) agree with the POTUS!!!

  3. We stand united with Israel. The Obama Administration has us looking like whimps when it comes to standing with our Allies against the Sociopathic Barbarians in this world, who are beheading Americans, Christians, Incinerating individuals, and harvesting organs. We need a leader with the determination of the King of Jordan.

  4. This all shows that OUR LIAR IN CHIEF besides being a BABY, and not anywhere near being a politician, is still into his Chicago style GANGSTER politics. It is always his way or the HIGHWAY just like it is with the Congress and now the Senate. BAH BAH our crying LIAR IN CHIEF maybe you should hold your breath until you get your way or DIE trying!!


  6. Impeach obama. call or write your congressmen and senitor and have them impeach obama. obama is the worst president America has ever had. The only true friend in the middle ieast obama is turning his back on the Jewish people. obama acts like an immature child and not like a president. obama should resign or get impeached and go back to chicago or jail.

  7. In order to expose the enemies of Israel; a little bait has to be used to draw the rats out of the woodwork. This is a good thing: i would be completely freaked out if Bibi was on team Obama… Bibi is a Warrior and they due not flinch in the face of opposition. They simply strengthen their stature. Rats, well they are very short-lived.

  8. No obama does not. Obama is not planning to leave, he plans to be our first dictator! According to google 8,000 fema camps have been built for christians, he is making agreements with other dictators, please keep Bibi safe I stand with Israel! I want to hear what your prime Minister has to say, most of us do, he is a respected leader to many of us.

  9. NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST! It is an unlawful political stunt being done by John Boehner and Mitch McConnell and will backfire in their faces. It will backfire in Netanyahu's face and he will loose his election! The best thing he can do is to postpone his visit until after his election and if still in power he can then ask if he could address the congress!

    First, if it was so secret how do all the right wing blogs know about them? So they are not so secret. Since the right wing nuts have posted where they are located how come no one has been to them? BECAUSE THEY DO NOT EXIST!
    If President Obama was a dictator you would already be on your way to the dungeon awaiting the hangman's rope along with all the other republican members of congress and the senate, because that is what dictators do! Most of us do not want to hear what Netanyahu wants to say and that's the truth.

  11. Michael Bernstein, it is obvious you have no idea of what you are saying and what Impeachment means! Impeachment does not mean removal from office. It is no more than a charge and if that charge is approved by the congress, then the senate sits in judgement and with a 2/3 vote (67 Senators) agree with the charge he is then removed from office! The repubs will not file articles of impeachment against President Obama because they cannot prove he has done any of the constitutional charges for impeachment.
    FYI President Obama may have turned his back on Netanyahu, HOWEVER HE HAS NOT TURNED HIS BACK ON ISRAELIS AND STILL STANDS TO PROTECT AND DEFEND ISRAEL! Netanyahu is trying to run US foreign policy and that he should not be doing. America would rather have a negotiated peace with Iran than a war with Iran!
    Sorry you are so ignorant that you think President Obama is the worst President in US history. Sorry because the people who are a lot smarter than you have already stated he is one of the best!

  12. This is what is happening to Israel right now. All faces are gathering blackness against her it seems. Jeremiah 12:9 KJV Mine heritage is unto me as a speckled bird, the birds round about are against her; come ye, assemble all the beasts of the field, come to devour.

  13. Edward Lobel Yes it does! How many Muslim Brotherhood Members has Obama entertained in OUR White House since 2009? How many times in his Muslim ignorance has Obama treated Netanayahu with outright contempt? Obama has NO class, No manners, and NO vision of the world based in reality! Obama is an embarrassment and a humiliation to the patriotic citizens of America. Anyone who supports this clown is nothing more than a progressive useful idiot!

  14. Edward Lobel I could file charges against Obama of impeachment, and prove every one of them Ed! I take back what I said earlier…you are outright drunk on the progressive Kool-Aid. You are entitled to your opinion, but you are NOT entitled to your own facts!!

  15. let's call it as it is. Bohner is using Bibi and the Jews (who 70% backed Obama) to flog Obama. Bibi, the self-agreadizing, could apply seichel and find a way out, but no. We all know what he is going to say. No news there. What is happening is that Bibi's ego and gracelessness is splitting the Jewish community and politicizing what should never be divided. A shanda, his father knew far better.

  16. The more Obama does the more it will backfire.The Jews that voted democratic are seeing the light , unfortunately too late and seeing the antisemitism of the democrats in favor of Muslim brotherhood party . So he will do harm to Netanyahu and El sisi in Egypt too. Guess who is the looser, Obama and anyone he endorses. How did we get this jerk in office is just unbelievable for USA. Obama and his staff, Biden and Kerry are the laughing stock of the world

  17. Edward Lobel I do not know who you are speaking for but most of us Jewish and Christians and Muslims do want to hear Netanyahu and abhor Obama and his bimbo staff. So speak for your ignorant self not the public

  18. Edward Lobel what a sick response from you and you do not speak for us either. Soical media says it all and yes they want Netanyahu and watch who will win. Facts are facts and you sure do not have any. Think you are drunk on stupidity

  19. I find it repulsive they might as well call themselves Muslims as they are no different. So sad they know nothing about their heritage or religion just what they have and achievement that is only superficial. Lets see what Islam would think or do to these liberals if they had a chance at them


  21. Obama will do anything he can to derail the Prime Minister speech to congress.First there could be a power black out, second a bomb threat and thirdly a false fire alarm. The president could prevent the PM plane from landing for security reasons like a potential terrorist threat. There are many ways to keep the Prime Minister from speaking to congress. The President of the United States is threaten by the Prime Minister of Israel. Obama knows that his position is weak and that the American public will side with the Prime Minister of Israel. Anything that Obama plans to do will backfire.

  22. Bibi's father was far to the right of Bibi. The majority of American Jew's are liberal and are not interested in Judaism, much less Israel.Iran is an existentialist threat to Israel, however, the average American is too ignorant to know of Iran's threat to America.

  23. And back on Planet Reality, the president will not, of course, actually do anything to prevent the Prime Minister from addressing Congress. He will be welcomed and will give a widely covered address to Congress and lay out his positions to an appreciative audience. There will be no blackout, bomb threat, fire alarm, or natural disaster ordered by the president. In reality.

  24. The problem is not Bibi's upcoming speech. The problem is that the adult here is Bibi who has a legitimate and urgent reason to speak to congress. The petulant child here is our president! The very existence of Israel is at stake. The safety of the US is at stake as well. All would be threatened if Iran got nuclear weapons. Bibi's urgency stems from the fact that Obama's secret deal with Iran has a deadline that is imminent. Obama has an obligation to Israel to try to stop it! Obama acts like a dictator. Why is this president that ran on a platform of "transparency" keeping the terms of his deal with Iran secret? He is only thinking of himself and his "legacy" here which inanely seems to include being the president that made a "peace deal" with Iran. They must be laughing their way to the negotiating table!

  25. Tzvi, you got it wrong this time. The more Obama tries to hurt Netanyahu, the more that Congress will support Netanyahu with standing ovations. The Ieftist media in Israel will not be able to distort the wonderful reception that Congress gives Netanyahu. The Republicans in Congress see what Obama is doing. They will make sure to offset it when Netanyahiu speaks to them.


  27. There's nothing worse than antisemitic Jews or an American president whom for the sake of being able to brag about his agreement with Iran and the crowning "achievement" of his failed presidency so he can go on and elect himself t the UN Secretary General so he can mess up the rest of the world as well. One can only wonder is he's also antisemitic…

  28. This embarassment to America should keep his moronic mouth shut.
    Barry, go home to Indonesia, or take a one-way trip to Gitmo for a golf game. BIBI is a real LEADER, and will act to defend his country, unlike the appeaser and Liar-In-Chief we have been stuck with that so many fools still "like". The Moslem/Marxist, Poofter should be tried as a TRAITOR & SHOT. There would be many volunteers for his firing squad.

  29. Every Jew that voted for O bum A either did it to receive their Medicaid and food stamps or were the leftist whose religion is not Judism, but Markism or Socialism. They put they U.S. and Israel into peril. Shame on every one of them.

  30. This whole situation could have been avoided if Obama included Netanyahu in the negotiations. If Iran were to get nuclear weapons, it would be Israel that would get hit first. Likewise, Obama didn’t bother to inform the House and Senate either that’s why many congressman and senators are equally upset with Obama. There is a reason why Obama did this, he knows that what he is doing is wrong and if he was to be more inclusive, Obama’s plans would get shot down. In addition, it’s worthwhile to mention that several Arab countries in the middle east are very perturbed with Obama as well, they are fearful of a nuclear Iran. When you have countries like Saudi Arabia, a longtime nemesis of Israel, conduct strategic meetings, and approval for Israel to use their airspace, you understand just how upset the Arabs are. So, what did Obama think what was going to happen, did he actually believe that other countries were going to blindly approve his plans? Israel is fighting for their life and they have a right to be involved in such an important issue. Obama is the most disrespectful and antagonistic presidents against Israel that we have ever had. It is also vindictive for him and his cronies to not attend the speech and for all of the Obama hacks like Patrick Leahy not to show up is equally vial. It’s bad enough that Obama is acting like a spoiled brat, at least be honest about it. Don’t insult people’s intelligence by giving some lame excuse why he can’t attend the speech. Obama adds insult to injury by openly supporting Netanyahu’s opponents in the upcoming elections in Israel, I don’t know if it’s legal either. In light of these facts Netanyahu should stipulate that neither him, anyone in his administration, or anyone politically involved with Obama, is welcome or permitted within the borders of Israel. How do you like that for “protocol?”

  31. I've posted the news we've had in America for about a month, maybe a bit more, several times on Jewish news sites. Needs to be said again so here goes: Obama sent his "Get out the Vote" team to Israel for the express purpose of doing all they can to defeat BiBi in the upcoming election. Bibi is a thorn in Obama's side – poor Obama, Bibi has a nation to protect & he takes it seriously! Obama has a nation to protect but its not America – its ISIS/ISIL. I hope the people of Israel realize who is protecting them/their nation and that any opponent of BiBi gets no votes. Heaven help us if BiBi loses.

  32. You're not being realistic. Obama is a Marxist/Muslim, always has been. He's never been a Christian. And Iran, for him, is home base. He's done everything possible to help the terrorists, that means he has to discredit BiBi. And since secrets are Obama's stock in trade, you are very foolish to think that Obama would, even under the best of conditions, let BiBi in on the negotiations – after all, you don't let the victim know how they will be slaughtered and that is what Iran plans on doing – they've told us that often enough.

  33. I love the excuse that the P.M. 's visit is too close to the elections in Israel. Obama didn't have the same concern when he flew to Chicago using the ruse of designating some building to be "historic" and the next day was the Chicago election for Mayor etc. B.S . It seems that a bunch of petty juveniles rule in the White House. It is sickening and scary that these people are running (ruining) the country.

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