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Orange CEO Stephane Richard in Jerusalem in 2012.

Orange CEO Stephane Richard, the same one who said in Egypt yesterday that he wishes he could ditch Israel’s Partner mobile firm from his company, said only four years ago how much he was “enchanted” during his first visit here.

In the video in English below, Richard says in his remarks at the President’s Conference in Jerusalem in 2012:

This really is the first time I have participated in this conference, and this is also my first visit to Israel (applause).


I must tell you I had been told that Israel is a very warm country in many sense of the word and also is a place for innovation and with a vision of the future, with a lot of dynamic energy.

I must tell you that I have discovered this reality with a lot of excitement. This is only my first visit but I really am fascinated by what I see here in this country, of course in my industry and in all the people I have met.

That was in 2012.

Read here what he said yesterday.

Click here to see and hear his speech on Israel in 2012.



  1. A fresh tenure for the CEO was in doubt after he was charged with fraud in relation to his involvement in a French government arbitration settlement to a backer of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, while Richard held a senior position in the finance ministry in 2008.

    The CEO told Les Echos the incident was not Orange’s concern, and said it would be illogical to destabilise the company by replacing him because of the matter

  2. It is all about France love for oil and Arabs and much less love for Jews. This was not a business decision, rather a political decision rot deep in the Arabs' narrative of lies and deception about Israel and the lack of their ability to take responsibility for their situation with Israel: they are the ongoing aggressors till they see Israel destroyed, that is their goal and this putrid Stephane Richard is on it with these barbarian Arabs. The hell with him; first sue Orange as it just signed a 10 year contract with Orange Israel and then, get another, better partner and let them suffer the economic consequence. As it is France in "al Ha'panim" economically! The hell with the Frogs.

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