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Scene of the stabbing attack in Hebron on March 24, 2016

It has happened so often: video or other media which appears to show an Israeli soldier or other security official doing something heinous, is later revealed to be a snapshot that distorts reality – either intentionally or otherwise. For when the full context of the incident in question is revealed, there is virtually no culpability on the part of the Israeli.

You might think that the world, and certainly the Israeli government, would be a bit more cautious before condemning an Israeli based on anything other than a diligent investigation.


You might think so, but you’d be disappointed.

It appears that this false rush to judgment may very well be what happened to an Israeli soldier on Thursday, Mar. 24. That soldier was responding to a stabbing attack by Palestinian Arab terrorists. The soldier has been widely portrayed as having shot one of the terrorists point blank in the head, after the terrorist appeared already disarmed – by those not directly involved – and sprawled on the ground.

A video of the soldier shooting the terrorist in the head, taken by a member of the extreme leftist NGO B’tselem, portrays the Israeli as an executioner, and that is how it was labeled and then went viral.

That soldier was not only vilified by the entire shockingly large subset of humanity which stands ready, at any moment, to brand Israelis as bloodthirsty armed villains, but also by Israeli authorities, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

That soldier, from the Kfir Brigade, was thrown in an IDF prison.

Never mind that the initial explanation for the gunshot provided by the soldier in question was that the terrorist was wearing a zipped-up coat despite the heat- which every Israeli or visitor to Israel knows is an issue of concern – that still was not enough to mollify the world audience or the Israeli leadership.

Not even that, according to weather reports, the temperature in Hebron on the day of the incident was 88 degrees fahrenheit/31.1 degrees celsius. A violent terrorist wearing a long-sleeved jacket, zipped up to the neck, should have been of concern to everyone. At least one photo, shared with the world by Hamas’s al-qassam brigades, appears to show a bulge under the jacket.

Hebron terrorist on an 88 degree day, wearing zipped up, long-sleeve jacket covering possible bulge.

In a public statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Media Office on Thursday afternoon, Netanyahu said: “”What happened today in Hebron does not represent the values of the IDF. The IDF expects its soldiers to behave level-headedly and in accordance with the rules of engagement.”

Netanyahu was joined in condemning the IDF soldier by Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon.

Only Knesset Members Oren Hazan (Likud), Betzalel Smotrich (Bayit Yehudi) and Avigdor Liberman (Yisrael Beytenu) defended the IDF soldier.

Peace Now’s Yariv Oppenheimer was outraged and publicly maligned the Magen David Adom medical personnel for not endangering their lives in order to physically examine and treat the terrorist.


Less than a day after the incident evidence has emerged which could completely vindicate the action of the condemned Israeli soldier.

According to a civilian paramedic who was at the scene, those responding to the stabbing incident feared the terrorist was wearing an explosive vest and he was about to detonate it, which is when the IDF officer shot him.

This paramedic said that the soldiers and emergency personnel began to yell that the terrorist is still moving, and they think he has a bomb on him.

The eye- and earwitness said he heard it with his own ears, and that if the B’tselem video had an audio recording it would confirm that this is what happened.

Just think what would have happened if the soldier had not responded as he did in such a situation. If the terrorist did have a suicide vest, not only would the terrorist have died, but so would have all of the Israelis and Arabs at the scene. Including the B’tselem videographer.


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  1. Israel is the land of the Lord,so any israeli soldier is a soldier of the Holy Cross which his hands are directed by the Most High and can never ever be wrong!!!! So the world should take note not to incure the wrath of God for taouching His annointed soldier.. One love motherland,one love zion land,one love birth place of God,one love biafraland…#solidarityisrael #solidaritynnamdibiafrakanu #solidaritybiafranheros #solidaritybiafra…

  2. When will the Israeli people realize that their own government is getting them killed and are their enemies? A short time ago a poor young soldier was off duty and murdered trying to fend off a stabber. Then the IDF promised to let the off duty soldiers take their guns with them and then the IDF reneged on the promise. Older olim cannot defend themselves and may not have a gun. Israeli are sitting ducks. I urge soldiers to disobey orders and kill terrorists. I urge civilians to break the cameras of the B'Selem. B'Selem are malshinim and should be attacked.

  3. Same issue with Duma – within hours of that allegation being made Israeli politicians were in sackcloth n ashes and chatting 'Jewish Terrorism'. Today fb is flooded with this Soldier being presumed guilty.

    There was a call to be made,the soldier called it.
    I'll stand proudly with that soldier! <3

  4. The IDF should be commended not prosecuted. He is taking no chances , what do you expect the terrorist to shake your hands after all that ? He probably has a bomb underneath….
    Those who wish to kill or harm others should expect nothing less in return. Isn't that basic rule of war ??????

  5. You seem to have missed the details of the play, Jakob: the cold-blooded killer was the downed Palestinian who was just about to blow himself up and kill everyone around. The soldier who killed him saved his own and everyone's life. He deserves a medal, not the scorn of idiots like you who have no idea of what they're talking about.

  6. Wes Wieland This has nothing to do with the New Testament, and it has in no war ever been applied in the way you describe.

    "generalization that it applied when assigning the term terrorist"

    Do you see the knife? Do you understand that this person was killed while trying to stab totally innocent people? Is this an improper "generalization" of the term "terrorist"?

    Or are you just another gutless antisemite who hides behind Christianity and radical leftist ideology, who will never be happy until the Jews commit mass suicide?

  7. Wes Wieland Tell me Wes, what's it like living in rural Minnesota?

    It must be so nice having the means to live in an affluent, ethnically homogenous community, totally isolate yourself from the world's problems, and thus claim you are therefore better than everyone else.

    In reality, the real reason these radical leftist hypocrites hate Israel is because they resent the fact that it is a country that has problems and struggles to deal with them.

    Israel, as a country, exists from day to day as an insult to their attitude that the best thing one can do is insulate oneself from all problems, then seek common cause with other similarly useless people – victim mongers and terrorists. Because they will never forgive Israel for making them feel cowardly, foolish and useless.

    I see this attitude amongst hippies all the time. All the time.

  8. Because the Israeli government is quick to condemn it's own BEFORE finding the truth, the Arabs are emboldened. The lie spreads and the spreads and the truth is lost. Everyone remembers the first story. Netanyahu and Ya'alon must be widely condemned for this. It's an atrocity. They put these boys out in the midst of these animals and then they don't support them.

  9. and here I thought political correctness is an American disease. As far as I'm concerned, if he was trying to stab innocent Israelis because of his ed up jihad, then his life ain't worth crap. Tit for tat. If the Palestinian authorities and their people reward their civilians for attacking Israelis, the Israel government should pin medals on their soldiers for doing

  10. Why such a useless, meaningless description, "extreme leftist NGO B’tselem". The correct description should be, "Ex-Jews funded by European Jew-haters to spread hate, dissent and genocide, again, to the Jewish nation". As for the politicians who fell for this crap, and condemned a holy Jewish warrior, they should beg for forgiveness, on their knees, to the entire nation.

  11. I recall reading about an incident in which some Israelis physically restrained a suicide bomber, and even got him on the ground. He continued to struggle, whereupon they yelled at everybody around them to run, and then ran themselves. The terrorist then detonated himself, killed a 70 year old woman, and wounded numerous other people.

    The correct procedure would have been for the people who were holding the terrorist down to ask a bystander to drive his heel through (not at) the terrorist's head until the terrorist stopped moving, or put a belt around the terrorist's neck and pull it until the terrorist stopped moving. Then the terrorist would not have been able to kill and maim innocent people as he did.

  12. An IDF officer "cleared" the wounded terrorist immediately after being neutralized as the procedure calls for. Clearing means he checked for a suicide belt. The problem is the shooter, a paramedic, came after the clearing and was unaware of it. The presence of two IDF soldiers standing next to the wounded terrorist should have given him a hint that the terrorist has been already cleared. Instead of shouting a question to the soldiers standing next to the terrorist "Was he cleared?" he decided to shoot. I say let's wait for the military investigation results.

  13. No, the soldier does not appear vindicated. The sister of the soldier is correct in saying that the prime minister and other "elites" lynched him in the media. I say let's wait for the military investigation to take place before we pass judgment.

    However, the video really looks bad. The accused soldier fired a bullet into the terrorist full 6 minutes AFTER he was lying almost dead on the ground. The soldier states he saw a movement and feared a suicide detonation. But a video of the few seconds prior to the shooting and the shooting itself shows this terrorist completely motionless. Moreover, the soldier took his time to aim at the terrorist's head, a fact that negates the danger he was talking about. Same for the fact that he shot only one bullet instead of a few quick shots to neutralize the alleged danger. A few minutes earlier (in another video) the terrorist did change his position from being on his right side to being on his back. The soldiers at that time did not see that as a threat.

    So was this soldier the only one to notice the danger? There were two other soldiers 1 meter away from the lying terrorist and they did not feel in danger. Now we know why: an IDF officer already checked the wounded terrorist for a suicide belt and cleared him. However, the shooter came after that and was unaware of this clearing (although the fact that 2 soldiers were standing next to the terrorist should have given him a hint that the terrorist was already cleared). Instead of shouting a question to the soldiers standing next to the terrorist "Was he cleared?" he decided to shoot. I say let's wait for the military investigation results.

  14. Moshe Hefets It seems pretty stupid to me to check somebody for an explosive belt when, if he has one, he can detonate it right in your face. Shooting him dead, and then removing the body with a robot sounds a lot safer. If the bomb is on a timer, and destroys the robot, the robot can be replaced.

  15. Terrorists do not, in my book, have any rights whatsoever. Once they set out to murder innocent people, anything that anybody does to one is acceptable to me. The U.S. is a different matter because life without parole means exactly that, and there are no revolving doors for the subhumans (by behavioral choice, not race or ethnicity), but Israel should simply apply Rule 303.

  16. Terrorists do not, in my book, have any rights whatsoever. Once they set out to murder innocent people, anything that anybody does to one is acceptable to me. The U.S. is a different matter because life without parole means exactly that, and there are no revolving doors for the subhumans (by behavioral choice, not race or ethnicity), but Israel should simply apply Rule 303.

  17. I'd worry more about your goverment seat in Ramallah. Israeli justice will prevail when all of the evidence has been thoroughly vetted.. Try making a joke about Abbas on Facebook and you will be lucky to escape with your life… An Arab-Israeli sent a former israeli President to prison for graft.. War crimes? Death penalty? Your idea of justice is straight out of Rafah. I'd look at your corrupt and impotent goverment long before pointing your finger… But hey man, let's have a beer and a smoke.. We'd be fast friends.

  18. William A Levinson Perhaps it's stupid! But this is the IDF rules of engagement. The person who is supposed to "clear" the neutralized terrorist is supposed to be a bomb specialist but in the absence of one any IDF officer can do that. Yes, you're right that this a very dangerous procedure, especially if the neutralized terrorist can still move. The moral issue facing the IDF is either to treat a neutralized terrorist, a fact the requires a "clearing" first or just kill him/her. If the former than there is no time for robot…

  19. William A Levinson If you REALLY read my comment and weighted the alleged evidence in it then you know why the investigation is a must. Either the IDF is moral or not. We, Israelis, always claim that it's. If you prefer the IDF to act immorally it's your choice.

  20. IF the solider indeed committed a crime he will be punished. Isn't the soldier sitting in a jail right now? During WWII Palestinians were firmhy on the side of Nazi's. Haj Amin al-Husseini was a despicable Nazi loving creep. JEws are the original Indians and we are firmly in our homeland and there isn't a God damned thing you or any other Falestinian, Arab dictator, terrorist organization, the Mullahs in Persia, or Jack the ing Ripper can do about it. Go about building a life for yourself, keep working your hotel job and bitching and complaining about Jews cause that's about all you can do about it.. Your lucky your people have the Judea and Samaria… If you acted like responsible and dedicated people like the Jews have in rebuilding an Israeli and Jerusalem that long before the birth of Islam was a Jewish state. That state was left in ashed by Pagans, Romans, Greeks, Persians, Turks, Arabs… If it wasn't for Jews and Jerusalem there would be no Christianity or Islam.. You're a lucky boy we are here to help you pray to God towards Mecca while you show your ass to the Dome on out Temple Mount. You should be thankful we are here to help guide you into adulthood. You need to smoke a joint and chill out. You're gonna have a heart attach and then your poor mother is gonna cry.. Also, the terrorist with a knife who died, his family just hit the lottery cause all that sweet Iranian and Palestinian Authority cashola is now being wired direct to the dead mans family.. If you're ever in California let's get a Doner kebab and smoke some hash..

  21. There ya go.. Knew you had a sense of humor somewhere.. Haha. People are just way to F'n uptight these days. Smoke some hash, good music, get laid, couple shots of Jack Daniels and I think you'll be alright. You really need to update your Facebook page though… You're obsessed with Jews. It could be worse, you could be living in Saudi Arabia, where your family came from. You know, Arab, Arabia… The Qu'ran mentions Jews a lot but the Qu'ran never once mentions Jerusalem.. See Jews were in Jerusalem when your pagan family was drinking wine, burying your daughters under earth and howling at the moon-god. If you read the Qu'ran or even a little history book you'd know your claim to Jerusalem is as real as MIlli Vanilli's musical talents. Just because you believe a lie doesn't mean it's F'n true.

  22. Your people are the terrorists. Your people live on killing and it's not about Jerusalem or Israel. Look what your people doing world wide. Even your own people are afraid of their own family and govt. You are even ashamed of your own people. Look at the terror you cousing world wide.

  23. Rafiq Ait Said What utter nonsense! You mind addled with lies and propaganda. The Torah predates the establishment of Jerusalem in 10th century BCE so it's no wonder Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Torah because it didn't exist at the time the Torah was written.

  24. Lois "Just think how yada yada if he'd been wearing a suicide vest"….but he wasn't. I am Jewish and a lifetime Israel supporter. One of the major differences in Israel and its neighbors are that when Israel sees a "scum of its own"; and let's admit it we, like all cultures have some, is that we put him in prison, and give him a fair trial.

    He may be found guilty and a life sentence is appropriate. He may not. But we'll know soon. If we simply think shooting neutralize enemy terrorists is "the norm", we might as well change the name of the country to "Big Gaza" or "East Bank". Israel did right and I'm proud. The soldier remains "a bad apple". Admitting it is a difficult thing, but a necessary one.

  25. I have the feeling you do not live here in Israel where things are no so " clear morally" My son is a soldier in the IDF and we live where we are in danger of being harmed by some of the people living among us and I think that perspective changes things

  26. The problem is that this is not an honorable way to make war.

    It would seem that the soldier’s actions were the result of military training, based on long established army doctrine, and has recently become the preferred approach. If it is thoroughly examined, going through the denials, fast talk, tricks, and lies, the real reason appears; namely that this policy is necessary in order to pursue the peace process.

    This is not the way war was waged by the judges, King David, and the kings of Judah. Rather it is a variant of what the Taliban is doing in Afghanistan.

    The Jewish settlement of the land of Israel should be supported. The current regime, though, should be held at a chilly arm’s length.

  27. The reactions, mainly by the media , but also on the part of politicians and officials in Israel are in direct contrast to the way in which they should behave.
    his morning I listened to Reshet "B" and was disgusted to hear the reporter harrasing the two generals (retired) to try and get them to agree to his statement that the soldier should be charged with murder.
    This gives credence to the old adage that the press are not reporting the news, but trying to create news.
    Also, the press constantly push the saying that Judea and Samaria are "conquered" territories according to International Law.
    Hereunder is a link, which if anybody of sound mind would read the aricle, they would have no possibility of not agreeing that Judea and Samaria are NOT, and I repeat, NOT "conquered" territories.

  28. Moshe Hefets Rules of engagement got our service members killed in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The only rule when it comes to terrorists (in contrast to enemy soldiers who have the right to surrender and be treated as prisoners of war) should be Rule 303.

    Nobody has a moral or even a legal obligation–that is how I would decide it if I was on the jury–to risk his or her life by "clearing" rather than just shooting somebody who has already demonstrated his intention to murder as many innocent people as possible, and has a bomb to kill even more rather than being captured alive.

  29. Every israeli knows well, that the soldier has dealt with the possibility of the threat according to the army protocoll. The circus and the investigation is for the west. That's why every israeli is so upset because the leadership including the press has thrown the soldier victim to publicity. Is it familiar? – your leaders are imfamous of doing the same.

  30. Jonis Lowry More than that, the IDF stated that an officer did check this wounded terrorist for expolsives and cleared him immediately after the battle. That's why two soldiers were standing nonchalant next to the terrorist and one was on the phone. That's why the area was opened to civilians who are seen walking pass the terrorist. The paramedic came after the "clearing" and was allegedly unaware of it.

  31. Moshe Hefets Political Correctness is the least just. Soldiers do not go out to kill, but to defend the weak and the Nation. WITH THEIR LIVES..The Arab had enjoyed all the benefits of living in Israel and with malice aforethought went to kill an Israeli son. So with blood around and his colleague bleeding he did what most would do under pressure he shot him. Its about motive. in the remotest chance he did it with vengeance then the Lord would know and the Lord would judge. in wars and medicine sadly people have been known to make mistakes and politicians cause the deaths of innocents quite often, SO get a sense of Torah perspective and do not demoralise your Soldiers that is plum stupid and alas to be expected.

  32. William A Levinson . Gentlemen it seems to me there should be one or two biblically based, clear thinking women on this case. The arabs lie it is not a sin to lie to infidels in islam. Not only are they up to their eyes in the occult but their treatment of women is appalling and goes back centuries. Just for the record, rape is as murder spiritually and I would suggest you do not know how many other crimes this victim had harmed in some way before he decided to knife a member of the DEFENCE Force. What about sins of the fathers or do you not know it still applies without the redemption of Yeshua Ha Messiach.and His shed Blood? To the faithful He shows himself faithful and to the crooked He shows Himself crooked. We cannot afford to be self righteous it is time for less political and spiritual myopia. The soldiers protect women and children and the vulnerable, have you forgotten the pregnant young women attacked, her husband dead and the nurse stabbed by an arab adolescent. Perhaps you should the IDF tries to live by above normal ethical standards as anyone can tell you, and the military get taunted in ways you would not necessarily know. So why not just pray for a Righteous outcome for all concerned. and stay awake!!!…

  33. David A. Baker many people making coments about that situation and making "assumptions" as if they are rehtorical.

    A pat down does not automatically require you to remove a jacket.

    Bottom line, the world, extremists and leftists have taken the opportunity to villify a soldier before they know the facts.

    If you really care about the truth as opposed to another twit trying to attack israel, you would be on the side of the truth which will be known soon.

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