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Refuse from humanitarian aid being sent to Gaza is getting dumped in the Mediterranean Sea, causing environmental damage.

Waste from humanitarian shipments was removed in a cleanup dive carried out off the coast of Ashkelon by Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection. The debris endangered the sensitive marine environment, said the ministry, as marine mammals, sea turtles and fish, for instance, may wrap around the parachute ropes and pallet ties, so it is important to remove them.


Volunteers from the Coast Guard and the Ashkelon Marina participated in the dive.

The debris included pallets and parachutes used for their delivery as well as some of the aid itself. In addition, some of the aid parachuted in by the US and Jordan once again landed on people in Gaza yesterday, killing one and injuring a few more Gazans.

It was also discovered among the debris that washed-up in Ashdod, some of it had anti-Israel propaganda printed on it, including a map of Israel, declaring the land of Israel to be “Palestine”. That kind of aid is not going to help with the denazification of Gaza.

This is what Gazans think of the US aid shipments: News Desk contributed to this report.


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