Photo Credit: IDF / screengrab
CCTV footage of Hamas operatives taking an Israeli hostage inside Gaza's Shifa Hospital.

Israel Defense Forces arrested the director of Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital, Muhammad Abu Salmiya on Thursday, according to the AFP news agency and Israel’s KAN News public broadcaster.

Several other medical personnel from the hospital were arrested as well, according to a chief of department at the hospital, Khalid Abu Samra, who spoke with the news outlet.


Israel Releases New Evidence Showing Hostages Held by Hamas at Gaza’s Shifa Hospital

The arrests took place at the Netzarim checkpoint south of Gaza City, according to Arab affairs journalist Younis Tirawi.

IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari revealed intelligence last week indicating that IDF Corporal Noa Marciano, age 19, was murdered at Shifa Hospital.

Footage from surveillance cameras inside the facility documented the arrival of Hamas terrorists with Israeli hostages at the hospital, including one who lying on a gurney, bleeding, and another being dragged by his hair through the hospital corridors.

Multiple Hamas terrorists revealed to Israeli intelligence personnel during questioning that Hamas operatives were often seen inside the hospital dressed as medical personnel “in order to blend in.” Watch.

Not Just Shifa
Moreover, Hamas terrorists made free use of the Palestinian Red Crescent facilities in Gaza as well — something that could not have taken place without approval, tacit or otherwise, from the head of the organization, an official branch of the International Committee of the Red Cross. Hamas integration into the Red Crescent facilities was revealed during questioning of a Hamas captive by Israeli intelligence. Watch.

Hamas terrorists were also operating and carrying out attacks against Israel from inside and on the grounds of the “Swedish Hospital,” Israeli intelligence personnel learned during questioning with another Hamas captive. Watch.

Footage from IDF drones and other Israeli military video cameras likewise has documented the complex terrorist tunnel network beneath the hospital, including rooms with beds and an air conditioner, bathrooms, a kitchen and weapons.

WATCH: IDF Exposes Major ‘Gaza Metro’ Tunnel Hub Under Shifa Hospital

Electricity and water infrastructure in the tunnels was being provided by the hospital, as seen in the footage.


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