Photo Credit: IDF
Tunnel underneath UNRWA's HQ in Gaza hiding Hamas's data center.

The 401st battalion discovered a hi-tech Hamas server farm and data center hidden dozens of meters underneath UNRWA’s headquarters, located in the Rimal neighborhood of Gaza. The information was released for publication on Saturday.


Over the last two weeks, IDF and ISA forces have been conducting a division-level targeted raid on terror targets in northern and central Gaza. The forces operated in the areas of Shati and Tel al-Hawa in northern Gaza. Approximately 120 Hamas terrorists were killed and 20 terrorist infrastructure sites were destroyed as part of the operation. IDF Major Yitzhar Hoffman of the special forces Shaldag unit and Major David Shakuri were killed in fighting in the area looking for tunnels.

Digging down eight meters, they discovered a 700 meter long tunnel leading to the server farm located 18 meters directly underneath the UNRWA compound which houses the main offices of the terror-infested UN organization.

A dozen server cabinets filled with advanced servers were found, alongside a high-end electric room to power the servers and the heavy-duty cooling system. It appears this was the primary data center center that Hamas used to run their intelligence network in Gaza. Additionally, living quarters, offices and bathrooms for the Hamas IT department terrorists were found in the tunnel.

Cables from the server room leading directly up to the UNRWA compound above were also discovered, but they had been cut from above ground before the IDF found this Hamas treasure trove in an attempt to hide the location of the server room or prevent remote access.

The Hamas server room was located directly under the UNRWA headquarters’ communications room. The UNRWA communications room had been stripped of most of its equipment before the IDF arrived. Though weapons and explosives had been found left behind in the room.

According to the soldiers, it was undeniable that that those managing the UNRWA compound were fully aware of the massive tunnel underneath them and what was in it.

Armed Hamas terrorists were were openly working within the UNRWA compound. Hamas had specifically placed their server farm underneath the UNRWA compound to protect it from Israeli bombings and attacks. Weapons, grenades, rockets and Hamas documents were found in the UNRWA offices above ground.

Yet despite the undeniable evidence, UNRWA chief Philippe Lazzarini denied knowing what was going on beneath his compound, tweeting:

– UNRWA did not know what is under its headquarters in Gaza.

– UNRWA is made aware of reports through the media regarding a tunnel under the UNRWA Headquarters in Gaza.

– UNRWA staff left its headquarters in Gaza City on 12 October following the Israeli evacuation orders and as bombardment intensified in the area.

– We have not used that compound since we left it nor are we aware of any activity that may have taken place there.

– We understand, through media reporting, that the Israeli Army has deployed troops within the UNRWA Headquarters in Gaza City.

– We are therefore unable to confirm or otherwise comment on these reports.

– In times of “no active conflict” UNRWA inspects inside its premises every quarter, the last inspection for the UNRWA Gaza premises was completed in September 2023.

– UNRWA is a Human development and humanitarian organisation that does not have the military and security expertise nor the capacity to undertake military inspections of what is or might be under its premises.

– In the past, whenever suspicious cavity was found close to or under UNRWA premises, protest letters were promptly filed to parties to the conflict, including both the de facto authorities in Gaza (Hamas) and the Israeli authorities. The matter was consistently reported in annual reports presented to the General Assembly and made public.

– These recent media reports merit an independent inquiry that is currently not possible to undertake given Gaza is an active war zone.

– The Israeli Authorities have not informed UNRWA officially about the alleged tunnel.


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