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Rami Younis (L) vs. Guy Zohar.

Israel’s Public Broadcasting Corporation’s Ethics Committee on Tuesday launched an investigation following a Facebook post by Rami Younis in which he called IDF soldiers Nazis. Younis this week began hosting an Arabic version of a successful Hebrew-language news show on Kan 11, the same network called The Other Side. The show is dedicated to exposing gaps in political, economic, and social statements made by individuals in the past compared to what they say today on the same issues. The show lasts about 13 minutes, five days a week, is remarkably unbiased, attacking everyone from left to right, and its Hebrew-language host Guy Zohar is a cutie.

Rami Younis, who was a regular on Guy Zohar’s show (Zohar gives a daily spot to an outsider, to add variety to the show, as he puts it), this week began to host an Arabic spinoff, also called The Other Side, which in terms of its visuals is remarkably similar to the original program.


But that’s where the similarities apparently end. As viewer Moshe Hazan commented on YouTube:

I didn’t understand, when Rami comes to The Other Side in Hebrew he speaks against Jews, now that there’s The Other Side in Arabic his hosts still speak against Jews?

The segment in question, aired Tuesday night, compared the dog park in a Jewish town to a crammed Arab village where there are no parks even for humans. The segment is a cheap shot through and through, ignoring every single aspect of why one community has parks and another doesn’t, and distilling the debate down to Jews are the Haves, even their dogs get parks, Arabs are the Have Nots, even their humans don’t get parks.

Rami Younis deserves to lose his show, or spend some town in a reeducation camp where fairness and liberalism are taught as compulsory subjects. Instead, he’s going to lose it over a June 2018 Facebook post in which, following the death of a female Arab paramedic from IDF fire during riots at the Gaza border fence, he said the IDF soldiers were Nazis.

Younis’s bio says he graduated from the Hebrew University, where he began his activist career within the political cell of the Balad party (in the summer of 2015, he served as the parliamentary and media adviser to MK Haneen Zoabi). He was one of the founders of a group of activists against terrorists’ home demolitions and in favor of increasing political, cultural, and social awareness among the Arabs of Ramla and Lod. In short, from a Jewish, right-wing point of view, Rami Younis is the problem, not the solution. The real problem, though, from anyone’s point of view, is that Younis hasn’t learned a thing from his Israeli mentor, except for the shticks.

Israeli PR expert Nadav Shtrauchler on Tuesday posted on Facebook:

A little about Rami Younis, who last night started to host a daily TV show on Israel’s Public Broadcasting Corporation:
1. In 2018, Younis shared a post in support of the BDS movement’s boycott of Israel as part of the friendly match planned between the Argentina national team and the Israeli national team. The friendly match was later canceled and the BDS movement rejoiced.
2. During the May 2021 riots, Younis called on young Arabs to actively participate in the Arab riots against Jews in the mixed cities.
3. In 2018, after Razan a-Najjar, a Palestinian who, while wearing a medic’s uniform, threw a grenade at security forces on the Gaza Strip border and was killed, Younis said the Israeli soldiers were Nazis who murdered an innocent nurse in cold blood.
And that’s just a taste of the man’s goodies.
Every day that Rami Younis—a BDS supporter who openly encourages harm to Jews and IDF soldiers—continues to broadcast on the Public Broadcasting Corporation, is a disgrace.

As you can see, I, too, add other voices to my reports, for the sake of variety.

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