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Pro-Israel advocate Yosef Haddad on the ‘Patriots,’ October 23, 2023.

The IDF put together a 43-minute video from Hamas terrorists’ bodycam and security cameras in the Gaza envelope settlements. The video has not been released for open consumption, but Yosef Haddad, an Israeli Arab IDF war veteran, a pro-Israel advocate, and CEO of an association dedicated to bridging the gap between Jewish and Arab Israelis was invited to watch.

He hasn’t been able to sleep through the night since.


“You see a 10-year-old boy who shouts: ‘Why am I not dead?! I want to die, kill me,’ while two terrorists are looking for food in the refrigerator in his home after his father had already been shot to death in front of his eyes and after both he and his brother were wounded,” Haddad described some of the haunting images. “I couldn’t help breaking down and I couldn’t help crying out the cry of the entire State of Israel.”

“Whoever saw these images cannot remain indifferent even for one second,” Haddad told several Israeli TV news panels. “These things must be broadcast because the world really doubts what happened to us and the media are hostile.”

Haddad told “Patriots” host Yinon Magal it’s time Israeli security forces start working in Arabic, meaning shed their delusions about living in a European country and start dealing with the monsters as they should. He cited cases in which Israeli and PA Arabs who posted pro-Hamas messages on social networks were promptly arrested and interrogated. Terror instigators are not entitled to free speech.

Haddad also revealed that there is a growing movement of Israeli Arabs who have disagreed with the government on many issues, and even used to attack Haddad for his pro-Israel stance, who today, when forced to choose between living under the Hamas barbarism and the Jewish State are beginning to express their preference for the democratic, though imperfect, Israel.

But he stresses that for those fledgling voices to thrive, the threats from pro-terrorist Israeli Arabs must be removed, they must be arrested, the way any self-respecting Arab regime would have treated them.

And Hamas must be annihilated, he insisted. “If anyone in the country’s leadership has plans other than destroying Hamas, he must get up and resign and get the hell out. Leave it to other people to lead and carry out the necessary actions to protect ourselves and eliminate Hamas,” Haddad said.

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