Report: Netanyahu Approved Advancing Death Penalty to Terrorists

The defense minister accused Habayit Hayehudi of trying to torpedo the law.

Knesset Mulls Legislation That Could Bar Unvaccinated Children From Schools

“Non-vaccinated children are exposed to various diseases and may lead to outbreaks of infectious diseases which could end in death.”

Israeli Knesset Considering Bill to Legalize Poker Tournaments

Till recently, those convicted of organizing poker tournaments were liable to face up to three years in prison.

Cornerstone Laid for New Neighborhood in Migron

"We are here, first and foremost, thanks to the families of Migron that did not give up."

Knesset Speaker to Canadian FM: Arab See Shared Industrial Areas as Terror Targets

Edelstein proudly told FM Freeland, a feminist activist, about the achievements of female candidates this year.

Knesset Gives Preliminary Approval to Denying Security Prisoners Early Release

"Any intelligent person understands that security prisoners should not enjoy the privilege of having a third of their sentence commuted."

Shaked to Discipline Deputy AG Dina Zilber for Sabotaging Government Policy

Zilber's appearance was a "slap in the face" to Justice Minister Shaked, who initiated the bill with government approval.

New Bill Seeks to Heavily Tax Foreign Government-Funded NGOs

"This bill aims to end the cash flow from international institutions to Israeli NGOs and make it difficult for them to intervene in Israel's security affairs."

Chairman Bennett Consolidates Control Over Habayit Hayehudi

The amendments include one additional chairmen-appointed Knesset nominee on the Party's Knesset list's first 10 slots.

Knesset Preliminary Approval to Denying Hamas Prisoners’ Family Visits

"The insane cost that the state invests in setting up Hamas terrorists in a prison resort village comes out of the taxpayer's pocket."

Speaker Edelstein to Federations: Rumors of Israeli Democracy’s Death Greatly Exaggerated

MK Livni stressed that Israel must recognize the different streams of Judaism, otherwise, she said, “We will lose Diaspora Jewry.”

Report: Netanyahu Fears President Won’t Pick Him for Premier Should He Win Next Elections

The President's residence issued a response on Wednesday suggesting Netanyahu's recent move was anchored in sheer paranoia.

Knesset Bill to Ban State Funding of Terrorists’ Medical Treatment

“We have become the jackass which funds and feeds our own murderers."

Likud MK Pushing Bill Against Prosecuting Sitting PM

As is customary in other democratic parliaments, Knesset members enjoy a legal immunity from prosecution, but in 2005 the High Court changed the rules.

Knesset Passes Food Donation Act, 10 Years in the Making

"According to estimates, the law will triple the scope of food donations, and will expand food rescue on a national level."

Rivlin lights ‘Ner Yitzhak’ Opening 23rd Anniversary of Rabin’s Murder

"Every one of us can remember Yitzhak Rabin the man and the leader in his own way, but we must agree that we want to remember the murder of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin together."

Ethics Committee Reprimands Liberman for Calling MK Zoabi ‘Terrorist’

Minister Liberman did not retract the comment mentioned in the complaint.

AG Approves Discriminatory Treatment of Jailed Terrorists Vs. Ordinary Criminals

Minister Erdan also seeks to degrade the current prison conditions of the security inmates.

Netanyahu Opens Knesset Winter Session: ‘Peace is Our Soul’s Desire’

Netanyahu said Israel won’t hesitate to fight if necessary, a reference to the current escalation from Gaza, with rising and new forms of attacks by Hamas terrorists now happening daily.

Poll: Most Israelis Favor Early Elections, But Have No Substitute for Netanyahu

Labor Chairman Avi Gabai hit a new low in his popularity with a measly 3%.

MK Smotrich: Keep the Falash Mura in Africa

The Falash Mura are members of the Beta Israel community in Ethiopia and Eritrea who converted to Christianity over the past two centuries.

Report: Netanyahu Wants to Lower Vote Threshold to Save Shas But Dery, Liztman Balk

The Interior Minister is opposed to lowering the threshold, fearing that this would let his rival, Eli Yishai, enter the Knesset.

New Bill Offers Tax Deduction to Minority Towns Whose Sons Serve in the IDF

"Israel is and will remain a Jewish state, but we cannot forget the minorities who have tied their fates to the state's."

Netanyahu: ‘In Next Election, 40 Knesset Seats is the Objective’

Elections are currently scheduled for November 5, 2019, unless elections are held.

Panicked Israeli Opposition Attacking Arab MKs’ Plan to Seek UN Condemnation of Israel

Israel's political system was shaken up Sunday after a revelation that the PA plans to seek UN condemnation of Israel over the Nationality Law, with support from the Joint Arab List.


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