Photo Credit: Ofer Zidon / Flash 90
Israeli F-16 in Blue Flag exercise, November 12, 2017.

Two civilians were killed and another civilian and six soldiers were injured in an Israeli attack on Homs in Syria’s central region, SANA reported Wednesday morning.

The official Syrian news agency cited a military source that reported that “at about 01:26 AM Wednesday, the Israeli enemy launched an aerial aggression with a wave of missiles from the direction of northeastern Beirut, targeting some posts in the central region, and our air defenses intercepted the missiles and downed most of them.”


The source added that “two civilians were martyred in the aggression, and another civilian and six soldiers were wounded, and some material damages were reported.”

Last Wednesday morning (Nov. 17) SANA reported that Israel had launched a missile attack on an empty building south of Damascus and no losses were reported. The agency cites sources who said that around 12:45 AM Wednesday, “the Israeli enemy launched an act of aggression with two missiles from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan targeting an empty building south of Damascus.”

On Monday, Nov. 8, SANA reported that “at approximately 7:16 this evening the Israeli enemy carried out air aggression from the direction north of Beirut, targeting some points in the central and coastal areas. Our air defense media confronted the aggression’s missiles and shot down most of them. The aggression resulted in the injury of two soldiers and some material losses.”

In other words, once a week, Israel has attacked a target in Syria in November.


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