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Photo of Philadelphia on the Israeli Mid-Atlantic Region Consulate website

PhillyIsrael, an organization which facilitates cultural, educational and social programming for American and Israeli Jews in Philadelphia and its surrounding regions, works constantly with the local Israeli consulate.

Galit Iloni is the director of programming and events of PhillyIsrael.  On Dec. 4, PhillyIsrael is hosting the phenomenal Israeli musical force Hadag Nahash at its Hip Hop for Hanukkah Celebration and Concert for the Ahava Village for abused and neglected children in Israel. Elad Strohmayer, the deputy Consul General, will attend and light one of the candles.


“That’s our ability to show Israel’s official face to the community; without that official representation, the connection to Israel is not the same.”

Iloni and Durry, both Israeli Philadelphians, insist that losing the local consulate should not be a possibility.

“It will hurt us as Israelis and as Philadelphians, but it will hurt Israel as well.”

It is not known when a final decision will be made about whether Israel’s mid-Altlantic region consulate will close.


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