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Marwan Barghouti with Tortit candy

The Israel Prisons Service (IPS) on Monday announced that it had reduced the products offered for sale in security prison canteens by 50%. This includes the prisons of Damon, Nafha, Ofer, Megiddo, Ramon, Ketziot and Gilboa.

Under the new restrictions, no cosmetic toiletries, luxury shoes and sweets will be sold.


The restrictions came in response to Monday’s revelation by the Lavi organization of the luxuries that the IPS provides to terrorists in Israeli prisons. The list includes hundreds of products, including chocolate, meat, cold cuts, cookies, snacks, and various brands of soft drinks. In addition, the IPS canteens offer G-Shock watches, Timberland shoes, Nike shoes, creams, Sony electronics, various aftershave brands and a wide range of other luxury products.

But from now on, the IPS says it is introducing changes in the quantity and variety of products sold to security prisoners. A senior IPS official told Mako News that the cuts could reach up to 50% in the quantity and range of products offered for sale to prisoners.

The Lavi Organization for Proper Administration in Israel received the list of products through a freedom of information request submitted to the prisons service. Lavi issued a statement saying, “Only in Israel do despicable terrorists who murdered Jews receive five-star conditions. Nowhere else in the world are convicted terrorists allowed to celebrate this way. We call on elected officials to intervene and stop immediately the corrupt shindigs in the IPS.”

Lavi received from the IPS hundreds of pages detailing thousands of types of products, most of them luxuries, which security prisons enable security prisoners to purchase in the canteens.

The canteens are operated by franchisees, who receive a monthly allowance of 400 shekel ($110) per security prisoner from the Palestinian Authority, to pay for their purchases.

The list also details the quantities and types of meat purchased by the terrorists in the various prisons, as well as the sums of money that reach millions of shekels, which paid for the prisoners’ products.

Here is a partial list of products favored by the terrorists behind bars:

Wally Tsui snack bar
Cocktails in syrup
Crunchy falafel
Sony headset
Nike shoes
Timeout bar
Crunchy onions
Peanut Cookies
Sponge cookies filled with cocoa
Kif Kef Extra Fun Cream
Extra Energy snack
Mini Roll 8-pack
White seeds
Date-filled cookies
Osem Bamba
Figure-8 pretzels
Snack crackers
Pesek Zman candy
Kinder fingers
Rice cracker chocolate
Milk chocolate with candy
Click Balls
Ice Fresh candy
Quadratini Waffle
Chocolate chips cookies
Swedish flakes
Lemon waffle
Apple Schweppes
Peach Schweppes
Grape Schweppes
Flavored Schweppes
Feta cheese
Airy chocolate milk
Mars candy bar
Click OK
Cracker 6 cereals
Kit Kat
Big Bite Pesek Zman
Cow chocolate
Fruit Mentos
Cream jam candy
Chocolate wafers
Tibetan tea
Click Mix
Roasted peanuts
Osem Apropos
Hyssop snacks
Folded candy
Drams cushions cereal
Bitter chocolate with nuts
Must coffee candy
Storck Walmish Sweets
Osem house cake
New Balance sneakers
Diadora slippers
Oatmeal Snack
Click biscuits
White chocolate
Strawberry and banana sprig nectar
Backgammon and Checkers board
Karma Body Lotion
Jelly rings candies
White family-size Eggo
Oreo Cookies
Mexican Doritos
Fitness cereal
Cereal cookies
Bran Flakes
G-Shock Watch
Cream filled argaliyot cookies
Heart-shaped candy box
Until midnight white biscuits
Taami pretzels
Tapuchips potato chips
Mike’s Cow
Chocolate-filled argaliyot cookies
Quadratini wafer vanilla
Kinder Bueno white snack
Doritos fire spicy
Doritos Grill
Krembo Mocha
Peanut fruit snack
Schogetten milk chocolate
Tara milk delicacy
Milka Cream cocoa cookies
Strawberry cream-filled argaliyot cookies
Crunchos pizza
Delipecan cereal
Goodies cookies
Dark raisins
Small heart-shaped candy box
Smoked salami sausage
Cappuccino vanilla
Cream-filled chocolate
Coconut rollada
Mahrum Halva
Tapuchips Extra potato chips
Roasted pastrami
Rollada memulada
Pistachio baklava


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