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Hillel Fuld

The phrase “Bais Yaakov” can mean so many things depending on the context. For starters, every Jew comes from Bais Yaakov, which literally means “the house of Jacob.”

Jacob was our forefather who had 12 sons, the 12 tribes of Israel. Jacob stood for truth. He led a difficult life by any standards and despite all his challenges, with his wives Rachel and Leah he gave birth to our entire nation.


In addition to the literal definition of the word, the schooling system of the Orthodox, specifically the schooling of young girls, is called Bais Yaakov. The Bais Yaakov educational system is well known for its strict laws regarding modesty and other things.

The term Bais Yaakov is also referenced in our prayers, specifically the prayer of Hallel that we say on holidays. The verse reads “B’tzeit Yisrael mimitzrayim, beit Ya’akov meam loez. Haytah Yehudah lekodsho Yisrael mamshelotav,” which translates to: “When Israel came forth out of Egypt, the house of Jacob from a people of strange language; Judah became His sanctuary, Israel His dominion.”

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