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Daf Yomi

Incurring Lashes? ‘On That Day Rabbi Akiva Expounded’ (Sotah 27b)

Time Out: The Korban Minchah (Sotah 14a)

Today, in the absence of the Temple, our prayers are a substitute for the korbanot.

Daf Yomi

A Special Syllabus ‘As One Who Is Exempt, But Nevertheless Does’ (Sotah 21a)

Partners Disbanding

"I'm not interested in doing anything with the apartment," said Reuven. "If you're my partner in the apartment, you're welcome to use it with me."

Bike Bash

24 Heshvan 5776 – November 5, 2015
"Maybe," acknowledged Benny. "But I didn't do anything wrong. I rode the bike in the normal manner, and this accident occurred."

Daf Yomi

The Stepfather in a Kesuba ‘He Was the Stepson of Kenaz’ (Sotah 11b)


17 Heshvan 5776 – October 29, 2015
When David returned, he apologized to Moshe and offered to pay for replacement of the fender.

Daf Yomi

A Hot Air Blower ‘Whoever Eats Bread Without Wiping His Hands…’ (Sotah 4b)

Friend Turned Foe

10 Heshvan 5776 – October 22, 2015
"I stated from the beginning, 'For a friend like you – we're willing to rent.' If he's no longer a friend, the agreement is no longer binding!"

Daf Yomi

Reburial In Eretz Yisrael ‘If One Finds Three [Corpses]…This Is A Graveyard’? (Nazir 64b-65a)

Daf Yomi

A Matter Of Health ‘He Who Rounds The Corners…’ (Nazir 57b)

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"What do you expect?" asked Mr. Strauss. "That I should work for free?"

My Father’s Chin (Nazir 40b)

As a child, I always wanted to know what my father’s chin looked like. But I never got to see it. From the time...

Daf Yomi

Delaying A Funeral To Honor A Deceased A Nazir may Defile Himself For A Mes Mitzvah (Nazir 47a)


Aryeh complained to Josh for handing the work over to Manny. Josh insisted, though, that he trusted Manny and that the job was done according to standard and approved by him.

A Lulav For Levi

20 Tishri 5776 – October 2, 2015
"But my rebbe taught me that on the first day of Sukkos you have to own the lulav and esrog," said Levi. "If I borrow yours, how can I fulfill the mitzvah?"

Daf Yomi

Curling Pei’os ‘Hair Of A Nazir’ (Nazir 42a)

The Broken Stem

12 Tishri 5776 – September 24, 2015
The lulav also symbolizes the scepter of victory with which we emerge after vanquishing the Yom Kippur prosecutor.

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"If there were only two possibilities, I understand following the higher amount," said Mr. Meyer. "However, here the pledge could have been any amount from $100 to $360!"

Daf Yomi

Normal Consumption ‘Leave Aside Babylonian Kutach’ (Nazir 36b)

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