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Do Expatriates Still Have the Right to Vote? (Podcast)

Did you know that you still have the right to vote, even if you live overseas?

Goldstein on Gelt: Converting Labor Assets into Financial Assets

Doug believes we should take a big picture holistic approach to family finances, starting with our biggest asset- salary-when making financial plans.

Where In the World Should You Invest?

Today"s discussion: "The effects of current geopolitical situation around the world on investing."

Why Organizing Your Paperwork is So Important

Find out the best ways to organize your information and why storing it in the cloud is not always the best idea.

Goldstein on Gelt: Why Investors Need to Know About Inflation and Unemployment

Do the government’s inflation and unemployment figures really give an accurate picture of the economy? Also find out how to manage your money when you live outside the United States

Why Strategic Planning is Important for Building Your Business

Doug Goldstein meets Alex Genadinik, entrepreneur, software engineer, and business consultant.

What is the Solution to the Energy Crisis?

Are natural sources of energy, such as thorium and molten salt, effective alternatives to oil?

Goldstein on Gelt: Do Your Money Values Clash With Your Conscience?

Find out what “conscious money” is and why doing a value review should be an important step in deciding how you invest.

Doug’s Monologue

Doug Goldstein talking to ... Doug Goldstein

Goldstein on Gelt: Measures You Can Take to Protect Your Investment Portfolio

Should you implement precautionary measures that can help minimize the impact of a market crisis on an investment portfolio?

The Fine Art of Optimism (Podcast)

An interview with Benjamin Zander, conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, and author of The Art of Possibility.

Why Humor is Important In Money Management

Talking about the best ways to give financial advice. Is "storytelling" helpful?

BitLit, E-books, and the Reading Revolution

How can you turn your physical books into E-books?

Goldstein on Gelt: What’s the Best Way to Give Your Children Financial Assistance?

On today’s show, Doug examines generational giving. Learn about the tax considerations involved in gifting money to your children

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Help Your Children Buy a Home or Apartment

What is the greatest present that you can give your children when they get married? In certain communities, the answer is, “an apartment.” Many parents take on second or third mortgages, sell their own homes, or bury themselves in debt to make sure that an apartment comes along with the trousseau.

The Three Worst Pre-Retirement Planning Mistakes

How do you visualize your retirement years? Most people hope that they will finally be able to do the things that they never had time to do during their working years. Very frequently, folks anticipate retirement will be a worry-free time, full of enjoyment, and ample time to spend with family and friends. As a financial adviser, I am often saddened to see retirees facing a different picture.

Goldstein on Gelt: Is Owning Gold “Wealth Insurance?”

Some common worries every investor has regardless of wealth status and what to do about it

Goldstein on Gelt: How to Raise Financially Independent Kids

Pointers on how parents can raise financially independent children and how parents can make themselves financially stable while setting a good example for their children.

The Four Most Common Financial Mistakes

As a financial adviser I notice that certain money mistakes are very commonplace. Are you making these kinds of errors that can destroy a fortune? Instead of learning from your own mistakes, try learning from other people’s mistakes. Here is a list of some of the most common mistakes in financial planning.

What Happens If You Renounce Your U.S. Citizenship?

What is the impact of renouncing US citizenship if you live abroad? Can you visit the US again?

Goldstein on Gelt: Why Globalization is a Mixed Blessing

Doug shares his insight on early retirement and stresses the level of commitment it takes to really reach the goal and maximize your chance of success at early retirement,

The #1 Thing You Should Know About Real Estate Investing in Israel

There is a myth that if you buy a property in Jerusalem then you are assured to make money.

How Incentive Prizes Can Boost Results Out of This World

What should you do when your US brokerage firm tells you they don’t want you as a client anymore?


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