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August 30, 2016 / 26 Av, 5776
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Netanyahu’s Son Dating Norwegian Gentile

The caption under the image reads: Sandra (25) from Grimstad is romantic partner with the son of one of the world's foremost terror targets (Thank you, Paul Goldstein, for the correction).

The caption under the image reads: Sandra (25) from Grimstad is romantic partner with the son of one of the world's foremost terror targets (Thank you, Paul Goldstein, for the correction).

Yair Netanyahu, son of the Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, is dating a non-Jewish girl from Norway, media in Sweden reported after the Prime Minister informed Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg of the relationship at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Yair and Leikanger met at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, where both of them are studying. Her family is from an evangelical Christian community, and Sandra’s sister lives in Israel.

After the Norwegian press had picked up the scoop, Leikanger removed the couple’s pictures from her Facebook page. The press also couldn’t find out whether there had been special security arrangement in place while Netanyahu Jr. was visiting her in Norway.

The newspaper Grimstad Adressetidende asked Conrad Myrland, head of the With Israel for Peace (MIFF) organization what he thought about the young couple’s relationship, and he said, “This is good news and it’s nice that Netanyahu could tell Norwegian journalists about it” during his visit.

Myrland also said he did not think this would have any political significance.

Wanna’ bet?

If Prime Minister Netanyahu really wants Israel to be recognized as a Jewish state, and if Yair and his blonde girlfriend Sandra Leikanger become husband and wife one day, she may have to go through an Orthodox Jewish conversion.

Also, it’s the Norwegian parliament that decides who gets the Nobel prizes; if Netanyahu now has the inside track in Norway, he could actually arrange for the peace prize to go to John Kerry, provided he walks away and doesn’t come back.

So, as always, crisis creates opportunity.

Gratulerer. Google says it means Mazal Tov in Norwegian.

Tibbi Singer

About the Author: Tibbi Singer is a veteran contributor to publications such as Israel Shelanu and the US supplement of Yedioth, and Jewish Business News.

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104 Responses to “Netanyahu’s Son Dating Norwegian Gentile”

  1. David Brooks says:

    She's about as likely to go through an orthodox conversion as Bibi is likely to stand up to the Americans…

  2. Het wordt vast een mooi koppel. Wonen veel mooie mensen in Noorwegen dus ik kan zijn smaak wel waarderen. Hopelijk krijgen ze geen problemen door het geloof.

  3. Just dating not married right?

  4. Deane Gross says:

    At least she’s studying is Israel and comes from an evangelical family; they tend to be better Zionists than most American Jews!

  5. Ain’t love grand….sigh….

  6. Who gives a , Netanyahu was a temple wasn’t he

  7. Dan Silagi says:

    OMG! Time to render clothing and sit shiva! The horrors!

  8. Max Aaron says:

    The only reason why they support Israel is that they want all the Jews gathered in Israel and when that happens they think their messiah will come and either kill or convert the jews to xtianity. Definitely prefer most Western Jews.

  9. Pedro Acosta says:

    Love, is love. She shall convert.

  10. Deane Gross says:

    I know that, Max, but I’m willing to risk it. It will be millennia before all the Jews gather in Israel at once! That is, if there are Jews left, and, without Israel, there won’t be. So it’s a toss up: Jews wiped out within decades or maybe as much as a century, or Jews “saved” in the Rapture. Not a happy choice, but I’ll take the evangelicals loving us.

  11. Sandra (25) is an IDIOT. As for the couple….. WOW, he got the best part of that deal! She is very pretty. Their relationship beyond that is NO ONE'S business. Especially that Jew Hating, pro-Moslem-terrorist Translator, Sandra(25).

  12. Good for that couple… The translator is an idiot though.

  13. Isra’elites have been taking non-Isra’elites for brides/husbands thousands of years :/

  14. Sandra is the name of the girlfriend not the translator which was the Google Translate website.

  15. Anonymous says:

    There aren't enough nice Jewish girls for him that he needs to date a goy? really?

  16. Tracy Matthews sorry: I misunderstood. Thank you Tracy

  17. Alan Kardon says:

    I do not know about this person. Why is she an idiot? Please explain?

  18. Enda Gilmore says:

    She is probably a very nice girl.

  19. Enda Gilmore says:

    Dan I could be looking in the mirror at your photo.

  20. Oh, dear. My condolences! LOL 😀

  21. Tim Knutsen says:

    Every year on Shavout, we read the story of Ruth.her steadfast love and obedience to G-d was rewarded. Before she became an Israelite, she wasn’t just a gentile, she was a Moabite. From Ruth came the Kingdom of David.

  22. AC Stubbs says:

    shut up bigot

  23. AC Stubbs says:

    This is no one's business. The kid is not in politics, leave him alone

  24. irwin says:

    Just wonder what both parents on both sides think.Net probably a bit embarrassed unless she converts.

  25. Chaiya Eitan says:

    AC Stubbs He isn't being a 'bigot.' We have lost so many of our people through inter-marriage. Anyway, this is our business. If she were a black Jewish woman, we'd have no problem with it.

  26. AC Stubbs says:

    Chaiya Eitan Yes he IS being a bigot So are you. YOU are saying someone is not good enough to love a Jew because of their heritage Shame on you

  27. Anonymous says:

    Dear AC Stubbs – are you Jewish? if so – I feel sorry for you because you do not feel that you are part of the Chosen People. I, as a Jewess (by the way I am a female), feel that my religion and heritage is special and do not want to mix the pot and come out with diluted results. As Ms. Eitan mentioned, I would not care what her color is, only her religion. By the way AC Stubbs – I do have the right to voice my opinion, do I not? am I a bigot if my opinion is contrary to yours? Marry who ever you want and do not worry about consequences, but do not tell me that I am a bigot because I care about the preservation of my religion

  28. Laura-Leah Schnur-Hauser says:

    Theres something wrong in the family dynamics if Bibis son has the chutzpah to date a shiksa. The prime minister of Israels son cant find a Jewish girl? Something is not kosher here!! He should be ashamed of himself!!

  29. Theo Nuke says:

    Though she be a shicksa (sp) she just might be a wonderful young lady! Remember the story of Ruth!

  30. John Newman says:

    Life is difficult. We have to obey the rules.

  31. AC Stubbs says:

    No you are only a step up from the klan. You must feel the Palestinians are ok for attacking worshipers at the Wall because they are Jewish You are not a good Jews because nothing from G*d allows this. Oh wait, you don't like being told you are not a "good Jews' well guess what NO ONE ELSE DOES EITHER Again shut up bigot

  32. AC Stubbs says:

    So I guess you got dumped for a gentile? No surprising giving your bigotry Who would want you?

  33. A C Stubbs: A bigot is someone intolerant of views other than his or her own. Those of us opposed to inter-marriage are perfectly willing to tolerate other views. We simply disagree with them. And we disagree with them not because we regard non-Jews as in any way inferior to Jews but simply and solely because we want to ensure the future of the Jewish people and fear, not unreasonably, that inter-marriage will make this less likely

  34. Anonymous says:

    David Brooks – sadly you are absolutely correct.

  35. Michael Dar says:

    There goes the little credit I still had left over for Bibi…If he was unable to educate and instill a sense of belonging into his own son he might also be flexible with our historical heritage.

  36. Mark Bernstein says:

    AC Stubbs, I guess it's easy not to be called "bigot" by non-thinking sheep like you when one has already thrown away all their religious values and pride in their heritage years ago. Personally, I'd always prefer to be called bigot by idiots who have no meaningful identity than give up my identity.

  37. Mark Bernstein says:

    Netanyahu's own second wife wasn't Jewish. On the other hand, his daughter abandoned his outlook and is frum; she supports United Torah Judaism!

  38. Ronny Mol says:

    To the lefttist Jews or goyim who have NO clue. The 5 books of Moses, the Chumash says that Jews are FORBIDDEN to marry Goyim, period. By the way, the Torah is divine instructions from G-d. So take your racist nonsense and any other nonsense to the zoo. What do you think would happen to a PM who does not even honor the Shabbat. If he dies without doing tshevua he will be in Hell. Think Europe 70 years ago and that is considered nothing compared what awaits Jews who do NOT follow G-d's will.

  39. Anonymous says:

    I can definitely state without any doubts that AC Stubbs is a bona fide idiot and a Jew hater. Go back from under the rock that you came from. Go live with the Palestineans since you seem to agree with their politics. We need Moshiach now to protect us from idiots like this person.

  40. Maybe this could develop into a good political process. If this lovely girl does marry Yair, and converts to Orthodox Jew, then she may be able to convince Norway that Netyanyahu is the most respected polutician in the world, with no baggage. That he is the real peace maker, but that the Arabs have to stop their lies about Israel.
    That Israel is the only REAL democracy in the world, where Jew, Muslim , Christian and Bahai, all live in peace and total religious freedom.

    Maybe Norway may wake up to the reality and support Israel.

    One never knows what the future holds.

  41. Maybe you should follow the real news. Bibi has stood up against Obama and now, the idiot Kerry.
    We must all be thankful for Bibi's stamce against those Amewricans.

  42. Ben II says:

    what do you expect.

  43. Very Good!! Baruch Hashem!!!

  44. Sam Gilon says:

    Aparently the boy couldn't find a nice Kosher JIP (Jewish Israeli Princess) or JAP (Jewish American Princess). With the JIPs and the JAPs around I myself would prefer a Shikse, although I am too old for that…

  45. Tany Berman says:

    Why do Jewish men avoid marrying Jewish Woman that is the QUESTION and no one can answer it

  46. Berell Kohn says:

    That is shame. He not is keep shabbos and not teach the kids Jewish way

  47. She can always convert to Judasim if that is important to them.

  48. Laura-Leah Schnur-Hauser says:

    Sam Gilon ,As a child of Survivors who went through hell because they were Jews, I find it highly insulting to their memory and 6 million others that any Jew would marry out of faith. We lost generations of Jews in the gas-chambers, innocent men women and children whos only crime was being Jewish. Isnt it our duty to continue what was taken away,to perpetuate the Jewish people? 6 Million is alot of people , Mr. Gilon. We owe it to them,otherwise, hitler may of succeeded in his final solution,yimach shmo!!!

  49. Philip Moran says:

    Bibi must be so proud that his son could only find a shikser. Is he a racist?

  50. Zipora Marom says:

    בס"ד מאחלת לנתניהו הצעיר ולמשפחתו המון אהבה ואושר, ומקווה שהגב' הנורווגית היפה תצטרף לעם היהודי בשמחה! דודה ציפה


    I am a Jew who lives in Norway.
    The proper translation of the Norwegian headline is:

    Sandra (25) from Grimstad is romantic partner with the son of one of the world's foremost terror targets

    "Terrormål" means "terror target(s)", not "terrorist". "Mål" in Norwegian means a target. The word "terrorist" in Norwegian is the same as in English.

  52. AC Stubbs says:

    Mark Bernstein I have done more for Israel than your fat ugly butt ever will YOU are a bigot So he is not dating a Jewish girl IT IS NONE oOFYOUR BUSINESS. Israel is a democracy even though dips like you may not like it If you wonder why you are not respected, go look in the mirror and see all the prosecution Jews have faced over the millenium and YOU ARE IT

  53. AC Stubbs says:

    Tough luck klan boy You don't like being shown as a bigot…don't be one

  54. AC Stubbs says:

    millions of Jews are married to Jews You are wrong

  55. AC Stubbs says:

    probably not, but you are

  56. AC Stubbs says:

    Best post of the day

  57. AC Stubbs says:

    As were my grandparents YOU would pull the gas switch on this kid for dating a non-Jew and you think you are a good person You are not You are a bigot and I find that more disgusting in the face of 6 million of us killed

  58. Anonymous says:

    AC Stubbs why do you have to constantly resort to ugly name calling to prove your point. You have no idea what each and every one of us have done for Israel so don't brag about what you have done for the country. By the way dating a shiksa has nothing to do with Israel, the same would be true if it happened anywhere in the diaspora. I don't know what your beef is, maybe you are a jew that loved a shiksa but she rejected you. Stop calling people a bigot when we have an opposing view. You are very closed minded.

  59. AC Stubbs says:

    Look at the bigots here. Yet would be the first to complain is someone did not want them for being Jewish Pity them

  60. Ursula Duba says:

    dating, shmating – relax! is that all there’s to report?

  61. Roman Shanz says:

    I agree jews marry jews whites marry whites but we live in a time where diversity is most important even more than reason.

  62. Absalon Romero says:

    The Torah teaches us to love our Neighbor and the Talmud about LASHON HARA. We must remember what happened to Myriam to talk about Moses' wife. Remember that Netanyahu is Israel Prime Minister.

  63. Olve Utne says:

    Ah — "shikse". Such refined language…. What do you know of her intentions?

  64. It is tough TO RESIST SUCH A PRETTY GIRL. let's see if it lasts. The young don/t see beyond the tip of their nose.

  65. Olve Utne says:

    Megillat Rut. Just sayin'….

  66. AC Stubbs : I bet you or someone in your family is in that situation.

  67. AC Stubbs says:

    rh289621 I acted in refelction to your ugliness and bigotry You don't see you are no different than the white who attacked blackes for liking white girls

  68. There's really no need for the language.

  69. Considering the sheer classlessness and nastiness of many of the comments below, I can well understand why he'd want to date outside your cohort.

  70. Anonymous says:

    @Laura-Leah Schnur-Hauser ·I find it quite deplorable someone who lives in a Western city like New York and uses racial epithets against someone of my race. I don't want someone from my race marrying outside of it either, but had it been the other way round, you'd be calling me anti Semitic (TM.) And then if you said that I would just call you anti Gentile!

    Too often Jews in forums hide behind anti discrimination banners in public, but privately, they constantly use words like "shiksa" (meaning Gentile slut) or Goyim (meaning cattle towards non-Jews.

    Say all these things as much as you like, but not in countries built by Whites!

  71. Anonymous says:

    I agree, but why do Jews have to refer to us as cattle or the time? Aren't you people looking for trouble.

  72. Anonymous says:

    I agree, I am White and every race should remain in there race. Diversity is really DIEversity.

  73. ice67b While "shiksa" does not mean "slut" and "goy" does not mean "cattle", the terms are, indeed, used in a derogatory manner. And you are completely justified in calling out the hypocrisy.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Well I wish they would! Jews loudly and proudly present themselves as a successful and prosperous community, why would they ruin things by marrying outside their own race!?

  75. Anonymous says:

    Well you are the one using a racist, anti Gentile term yourself hypocrite!

  76. No bolly bukes Israeli. Oy Vey. Oh Jew man. The Moschiah is on the way. May he comes now.

  77. Perhaps she will convert. How does anyone know the conversations that were held between father and son. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

  78. AJ Weberman says:

    I bet she supports Israel more than most leftist American Jewish women

  79. AJ Weberman says:

    I bet she supports Israel more than most leftist American Jewish women

  80. you don't know her and you don't like her…please explain your misguided logic…

  81. If this adult's choice of a mate causes political problems for his dad, the relevant populace is nuts.

  82. Mark Symons says:

    So many are so quick to judge …!

  83. Kini Cosma says:

    She looks like a straight up Amalakite

  84. Rh remember Christ was also a Jew, and He circumcizes our hearts to have a love for Israel and its people, we resent being called a "goy" it is an insult. So since Christ made the Lord G-d known to us gentiles, why do you believe you are more chosen than us, who now are also adopted into spiritual Israel, because religion is of the heart ones heart has to be upright with the Lord G-d. read the Psalms of King David who also believed in the Redeemer of Israel.

  85. Ronny Mol we have news for your Christ Jesus being the Son of the Living God and co-creator at the beginning of creation is "Lord of the Sabbath" He is the lawgiver, but since the Lord G-d of Israel also is known to be a compassionate G-d steadfast in His love for the people, whom He redeemed on Golgotha, then why should Bibi be afraid of hell, as Christ conquered hell and death for us the last enemy to be destroyed. Have you known any other king that suffered for the people. with adam came death with Christ eternal life. And the will of G-d is to acknowledge Him and Christ Jesus whom He sent, our faithfull High priest who intercedes for us since G-d has exalted Him above all and now He sits at the right Hand of the Father God making intercession for all who call upon Him. as it through Christ that the Holy spirit comes upon the people Shalom G-d bless and "to day when you hear His voice do not harden your heart as in the wilderness and 10,000 fell in one day."

  86. Kini Cosma with remarks like that you invite anti semantics

  87. Max Aaron says that we want the Jews to return to Israel so that the Messiah will come and convert everyone to christianity. Not true, we cant convert the heart can we now? Also there is the prophesy that G-d will bring all nations up against Israel, and He Himself will fight for her so that the whole earth will see His glory" are you prepared to meet the Lord?

  88. Good, Yair and Sandra, I hope you two are very happy and don't worry about any publicity your relationship receives in the news papers. And the rest of the world should keep their noses of of these two youngster's life.

  89. In Israel, there may be political concequences. My answer to Dagen was regarind the relationship between Norway and Israel. 🙂

  90. Dave Davey says:

    AC Stubbs, I'm with you – these people are racist bigots, condemning a loving relationship because *gasp* she isn't the right race/religion/ethnicity/heritage! This is the 21st century, the time for racist and sexist hatred like this is over. You haven't LOST your precious Jewish girls – they are adults who made a decision of their own free will. Shame on you for shackling them, shame on you for perpetuating stereotype and hatred. Shame, shame on all of you.

  91. Mia Storvik says:

    Tamar, Rahab and Ruth are among King Davids ancestors, and they were non-jews.

  92. Moti Kiev says:

    Worldwide deception:
    Israel has deceived many people especially that Norwegian girl.

  93. Linda Rusnak says:

    I do not think that is rational thinking. You cant always fall in love with who your supposed to fall in love with. There are plenty of couples who are100 percent jewish who divorce.. if your lucky to find love go for it

  94. Foxywolf says:

    In our Jewish law if they do get married it will never be acknowledged – thus their children will be considered mamzerims and since when they will split up and go to other partners without the required get, see the pretty picture ahead? Always a mess to marry a non Jew.

  95. Imagine the news papers in Norway would title : "a nice christian norvegian girl dates a jew" then some readers would post " there are not enough nice christian boys for her that she needs to date a jew" … No newspaper in the World would dare write that !

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