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February 10, 2016 / 1 Adar I, 5776

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Netanyahu Source: ‘Kerry Is Replaced Soon, Let him Say What He Wants’

Monday, December 7th, 2015

A political source close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Ma’ariv on Sunday night that “Kerry’s scathing speech did not shock the Israeli government because everyone knows that he will be replaced soon. Everyone is busy with a countdown to the election of a different US president, and until then Kerry can say whatever he wants.”

Interestingly, when MK Ahmad Tibi (United Arab List) was asked by Israel Radio about the same Kerry speech Sunday, he described it as “a strong speech by a weak man,” which stands to show that some observations by Israel’s political animals are universal.

Speaking at the Brookings Institute Saban Forum last Friday, Secretary of State John Kerry warned that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is likely to end up in a one-state solution, complete with the collapse of the Palestinian Authority and an Israeli obligation to retake the Arab portion of Judea and Samaria.

Kerry assured his audience that the US is still committed to a two-state solution, but noted that while Prime Minister Netanyahu has been paying lip service to it, a number of Israeli cabinet ministers are on the record in opposition to Palestinian statehood, and so, if things remain the way they have been, the Palestinian Authority is not likely to survive.

Netanyahu retorted in his own speech to the Saban Forum Sunday, delivered via video, saying the blame should be placed where it belonged, namely the Palestinians.

“President Abbas refuses to [go to] his people and say — it’s over. No more claims after a peace deal,” Netanyahu said. “The Palestinians have not been willing to cross the conceptual and emotional bridge of accepting a state next to Israel, not one instead of Israel. Not just Hamas, but also the PA. They refuse to accept a Jewish state for the Jewish people.”

Netanyahu hammered his point in on who is the real culprit in the conflict, saying, “Insofar as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is concerned, I think there is another misunderstanding. People have long said that the core of this conflict is the acquisition of territories by Israel in the 1967 War.

“That’s an issue that needs to be addressed in any peace process, as is the question of settlements, but it’s not the core of the conflict. In Gaza, nothing changed. In fact, instead of getting peace, we gave territory and got 15,000 rockets on our heads. We took out all the settlements; we disinterred people from their graves; and did we get peace? No. We got the worst terror possible.”

He pointed to earlier examples where Israeli concessions did not yield peaceful results:

I think that happened earlier too, when we left Lebanon and people said, ‘Well, if you leave Lebanon, then Hezbollah will make peace with you.’ And in fact, we got 15,000 rockets from there too. And so people are naturally saying, look, if we want a solution vis-à-vis the Palestinians in Judea and Samaria, in the West Bank, how can we ensure that this doesn’t happen again?

Well, in order for us to ensure that it doesn’t happen again, we have to address the root cause of the problem. Why has this conflict not been resolved for a hundred years?

Why has it not been resolved after successive Israeli prime ministers, six in fact after the Oslo Agreement, have offered to make peace, have offered the Palestinians the possibility of building a state next to Israel – it’s because the Palestinians have not yet been willing to cross that conceptual bridge, that emotional bridge, of giving up the dream not of a state next to Israel, but a state instead of Israel.”

Report: Terrorists Tried to Attack Israeli Gas Rig during War in Gaza

Monday, December 7th, 2015

A security official told a Knesset committee the attack during Operation Protective Edge missed its objective of blowing up the rig.

Terrorists in Hamas-controlled Gaza tried to blow up an Israeli oil-shore gas rig during the Protective Edge counter-terror campaign last year, a government official told a Knesset committee.

During the war, as JewishPress.com reported, Hamas claimed to have targeted the Noa offshore gas rig.

Yossi Cohen, who heads the National Security Council, revealed to the Knesset Economics Committee that there have been several attempts to attack offshore rigs, according to Globes.

The Knesset hearing was focused on the controversial gas agreement that Opposition parties are fiercely protesting. Cohen said that Israel must protect the rigs and explained:

We are procuring naval warfare vessels designed for this. The navy is prepared to protect the rigs…. Already during Operation Protective Edge there were attempts to hit our rig but fortunately their weapons are not accurate enough and did not succeed in hitting the rig.

But the weapons in the hands of the terror organizations surrounding us are already more sophisticated and accurate and our vulnerability has increased.

A direct hit on an offshore platform would scare investors away from Israel, sink the shekel, cripple offshore gas supplies and exports and throw the country into a deep recession.

Hezbollah is considered one of the major enemies that would try to wreak havoc with the Israeli economy if war breaks out across the northern border.

Lebanon has claimed rights to Israel’s oil and gas discoveries and has threatened to use force, which practically speaking means using Hezbollah’s advanced weapons and intelligence.

The Jewish Press.com reported here last week that Israel has developed a missile designed to protect offshore rigs not only locally but also for the global energy industry.




IDF Bombs One Hamas Outpost in Response to Near-Murder of Soldiers

Monday, December 7th, 2015

The IDF overnight bombed one Hamas military post in a belated and tepid response to at least three shooting attacks on soldiers patrolling at the security fence.

The latest shooting occurred on Sunday when several bullet holes smashed through the windshield of an Engineer Corps vehicle in southern Gaza. The soldiers were inside the car but miraculously were not wounded. On Friday, terrorists fired at an army vehicle securing the border.

The military finally decided to retaliate in the middle of the night early Monday morning and, according to the IDF, “launched an airstrike against a terrorist infrastructure belonging to Hamas in northern Gaza.”

The “retaliation” appears to be a message to Hamas that, in the words of the military, “The IDF will not tolerate any attempt to harm the security of IDF soldiers and the security of the citizens of Israel.”

As noted here on Sunday, it is easier to stage a tit-for-tat response against rocket attacks. The Air Force’s intelligence surveillance usually identifies the source of the launch and can quickly hit the area.

Shootings are a different matter, unless soldiers and return fire immediately. Since yesterday’s attack was in southern Gaza and the bombing of a solitary Hamas outpost was in northern Gaza, it is clear that the “retaliation” was a message and not a “proportional response.”

Gaza Terrorists Shoot Bullet Holes in IDF Jeep

Sunday, December 6th, 2015

Terrorists from Hamas-controlled Gaza tried to murder Israeli soldiers Sunday afternoon in a rifle attack on their jeep.

The jeep sustained bullet holes in the windshield. The soldiers miraculously escaped injury.

It was the third shooting at the Gaza border in three days. Unlike rockets and missiles that explode in open areas and draw a “proportional response” from the IDF, there is no way to respond to rifle fire unless the attackers are shot on the spot.

The stated shortly after 1 p.m. (6 a.m. EST):

A short while ago, shots were fired at a military vehicle adjacent to the security fence in the southern Gaza Strip.

Multiple bullet holes were identified on the windshield of the vehicle.

Forces are searching the area.

Hamas Chief’s Daughter Returns to Gaza Parents After Domestic Violence

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

The daughter of Gaza’s de facto Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh has returned to the home of her parents following an ugly scene with her husband, according to a report by The Jerusalem Post.

The report quoted a “diplomat well established in Gaza” who told the newspaper there is major friction between the Hamas leader and his son-in-law, Muhammad.

Haniyeh’s daughter Sana’a was hospitalized after being punched in the face and body by her husband, Muhammad, according to the report.

The source alleged there were rumors that Sana’a had been subjected to brutality by her husband, and had an adulterous relationship with a Hamas terrorist from Al-Shati. She currently lives with her parents and has maintained a distance from her estranged husband, the source said.

Excessive Hamas Taxes Cause Gaza Farmers to Boycott Goods

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

Okay, how do we wrap our minds around this one?

The Palestinian Arab Ma’an news outlet reported on Tuesday, Dec. 1, that several Gazan wholesalers refused to import fruits and livestock coming from Israel.

Why? Is it because of the so-called Israeli “Occupation?” No. Is it because Israel cranks up the charges so that the Gazans cannot afford to purchase the goods coming from Israel? No.

The Gazans are refusing to make the purchases because of new and excessive taxes imposed by Hamas. That’s right. The murderous terrorist group Gazans voted into office are starving their own people by pricing goods beyond the financial ability of their people.

Hamas is imposing a hunger strike on their own citizens in Gaza.

In addition to the already existing 100 shekel import tax already imposed by Hamas’s Ministry of Finance, there was a new extra importation tax of 200 shekels to import calves, and 100 shekels to import sheep, according to a Gazan wholesaler interviewed by Ma’an.

The wholesaler, Abu Samra, said Gazan wholesalers would refuse to import the goods until the newly-levied taxes are rescinded.

These latest taxes follow an increase in taxes imposed in April, which were called a “Joint Responsibility” tax.

Rocket Fire Hits Southern Israel in New Attack by Gaza Terrorists

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

Gaza terrorists struck southern Israel in a new rocket attack Monday morning, just as Israeli school children were setting out for school.

The Color Red incoming rocket alert warning system did not activate, apparently because it was determined that the missile would miss populated areas.

The rocket did indeed land in an open area, authorities reported, and security personnel are searching for the impact site, which radar tracked to the Eshkol Regional Council district.

There were no reports of physical injuries or property damage anywhere in the district.

Al Qaeda and Da’esh (ISIS)-linked Salafi Muslim terror groups have been responsible for most of the recent rocket fire that has been launched recently at Israel from Gaza. These global jihad groups have spent the past several years locked in a power struggle with Hamas, hoping to win control over the enclave.

Nevertheless, Israel holds the ruling Hamas terrorist organization responsible for any attacks emanating from the region. The IDF retaliates “proportionally’ for rocket and mortar fire that crosses the border into Israel.

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