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Instead: Exodus, like Pessach in exotic places, the motto is: – Don’t roam, stay home. Reminiscent of world war II. -That Was .
Except unfortunately some of the Charedi sector, who believe to be immunised by Torah study – and pay the prize.

Israel: Changed its lifestyle into total lockdown. Will today’s babies ever know the warm hugging and kissing Israeli society -That Was.


New York: The city that never sleeps fell into a coma dreaming of -That Was.

Minister Bennett’s: Welcome concentration on our elderly to create their life -That Was may send confusing signals, to the young that they are immune. (Paris lost a 16 year old without underlying problems.)

Hear: A report from ERAN, Israel’s major helpline for emotional and mental problems, — – -That Are, and an interview with their CEO.

Why: The 2020 Tokyo Olympics -That Was, were cancelled.

Also: The embarrassment -That Was of Mossad, our secret service.

Plus: My open letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu and General Gantz as published in the Jerusalem Post this weekend about -That Was and what should be.

Hear: Walter’s political commentary -That Is


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