Magical Artifacts Unearthed in Eilat Mountains

On the road to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, one could stop to consult a professional sorcerer.

Judean Desert Sensation: Cache of Weapons from Roman Period Stashed in a Cave

"This time, thanks to the national project initiated by the IAA, we managed to beat the looters and preserve these fascinating finds."

Archaeologists Stymied by King Jehoash and Amaziah’s Mysterious Jerusalem Canals

"The mystery only thickened when we found the second facility to the south."

Longest Section of Jerusalem’s Upper Aqueduct Revealed at Givat HaMatos

The length of the section is about 300 meters, and it was uncovered in the excavations ahead of the neighborhood’s expansion.

Intact 3,800-Year-Old Mudbrick Passageway with Supported Vault Discovered in Jezreel Valley

“Tel Shimron National Park is a time capsule capturing 5,000 years of captivating history in the heart of the Jezreel Valley."

5,500-Year-Old Gate Uncovered in Kiryat Gat

The earliest gate that was known to date was found in Tel Arad, an estimated 300 years later than the Tel Erani gate.

Incense from Sheba for Solomon’s Temple: JJAR Posts 4 Fascinating Articles on Judean Kingdom’s...

The Jerusalem Journal of Archaeology has published Volume 4 on the archaeology of Jerusalem.

Haifa U Study Identifies Large Scarlet Production Center that Likely Supplied Solomon’s Sanctuary

Tel Shiqmona is the Largest known factory producing purple dye in the Iron Age.

Israeli Hands IAA 1700-Year-Old Anchor as Part of Amnesty Operation

One of the most important rules when it comes to discoveries at sea is to leave the find in place.

Hebrew U Archaeologists Discover Ancient Tiny Flutes that Imitate Predatory Bird Calls

“If the flutes were used for hunting, then this is the earliest evidence of the use of sound in hunting."

Jerusalem Police Uncover Stolen Stamped Roman Legion Bricks in the Trunk of a Car

The 10th Legion participated in the suppression of the Bar Kochba rebellion between the years 132-135, and suffered heavy losses.

Bar Kochba Era Sarcophagi Uncovered in Vandalized Galilee Cave

Damaging antiquities is a criminal offense in Israel, punishable by five years in prison.

2,000-Year-Old Receipt Uncovered in the City of David

The researchers believe "the everyday life of the inhabitants of Jerusalem who resided here 2,000 years ago is expressed in this simple object."

Shipwrecked 1,800 Years Ago, Enormous Cargo of Marble Artifacts Uncovered North of Netanya

The ship was wrecked in a storm in the shallow waters, and dropped anchor in a desperate effort to prevent the ship from grounding.

6,000-Year-Old Fishing Hook Discovered in Ashkelon

The fish hook was discovered in an excavation that was done the construction of the Agamim neighborhood in Ashkelon.

Ancient Mosaic Floor with Colorful Floral Designs Re-Uncovered after 40 Years

"Working surrounded by the blooming flowers of the region, one can imagine the artist of the floral mosaic being inspired by this view.”

Inscription Bearing Name of King Achashverosh’s Father Discovered in Tel Lachish

The Aramaic inscription reads “Year 24 of Darius,” dating it to 498 BCE.

Family Goes on Shabbat Walk, Discovers 1,500 Year Old Artifact

“The exact context in which the object is found provides valuable information for researchers.”

1,000-Year-Old Rock Moat, Mysterious Hand Imprint Uncovered near Old City Walls

To date, archaeologists have not deciphered the meaning of the hand print carving.

Araba Desert Ancient Cotton and Silk Fabrics Point to Israeli Silk Road to China

The findings are the first evidence of an 'Israeli Silk Road' through the Araba connecting East and West.

4,000-Year-Old Ostrich Eggs Uncovered in the Negev Desert

Prehistoric omelet, anyone? One Ostrich Egg has the nutritional value of 25 chicken eggs. Ostrich is not kosher.

Soon: Ancient Shiloah Pool in Jerusalem Fully Excavated and Open to the Public

The pool has been a focal point for archeologists and scholars for 150 years.

Second Temple Spectacular ‘Salome Burial Cave’ Uncovered in Lachish Forest

Evidence for centuries-long veneration of the site were uncovered indicating a prominent Second Temple-era family was buried there.

Earliest Evidence of Cotton Use in Ancient Near East Discovered in Jordan Valley

"We are still trying to understand why this prosperous settlement ceased to exist in such an important period in human history."

Discovery on Par with Qumran Scrolls: King Hezekiah’s Inscriptions

The discovery presents a breakthrough in the study of the history of Israel in the biblical period.

First Evidence of Maccabees’ Revolt in Judean Desert Unearthed

A refugee probably hid the wooden box in the cave, intending to return to collect his money after the revolt.

2,200-Year-Old Greek Sling Lead Bullet with Magical Inscription Discovered in Yavne

"The inscriptions were part of psychological warfare, the main purpose of which was to terrorize the opponent."

New Section of Imperial Roman Highway from Acre to Tiberias Uncovered

As its need was growing to quickly move military forces, mail, and goods, the Roman Empire started paving roads in and around the Land of Israel.


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