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Dr. Omer Salem.

The Egyptian researcher spoke to psychology students at Haifa University on co-existence. One Arab student shouted, “You are dancing on the blood of martyrs.”

Arab students at the University of Haifa face a disciplinary hearing for calling a world-renowned Egyptian religious researcher a “Zionist collaborator.”


Yale University’s Dr. Omer Salem, who also operates peace organization started by California Muslims, Jews and Christians, began to speak to psychology students about coexistence when he was verbally attacked, Yediot Acharonot reported.

One heckler yelled, “Talk to the Dawabsheh family about coexistence,” referring to the arson-murder of  Arab parents and their baby three months ago in a Palestinian Authority village.

Arab students, including from the anti-Zionist Balad party and who are known to the University for their Radical Views, shouted:

The blood of martyrs is spilled and in the end you get a middle finger. They should stop the colonization in Palestine, they are silencing us.

You should be ashamed of yourself, the Zionists are protecting you. You came here to support colonization. You are dancing on the blood of martyrs.

Why do you come here? You have no respect. Go fix the situation in Egypt.

The lecturer who brought Dr. Salem to speak filed a complaint with the university’s disciplinary committee, and the university commented that it “deems this matter to be very serious and the students will be sent to a disciplinary hearing. We will not tolerate such behavior which affects the normal process of study and research.”



  1. Islam is a religion of peace love and acceptance. If you try to disagree, you will disrupted from speaking, If you dont accept the statement about Islamic peacefulness you are in danger of being attacked by the peaceful . If you don't accept the behavior that occured during that lecture you are labled as a zionist colaborator. If a film crew shows the truth that Mohammed took a child for a bride and labled it pedophilia, the entire film crew had to hide to save thier lives. If you claim you are afraid because of this kind of behavior,you are labled as Islamophobic. Only Jihad is accepted as normal.

  2. They prefer to follow Orthodox Islam, thank you. If they do what you suggest, they won't be able to eventually fulfill the highest level of Jihad, murder as many Israelis as possible.
    The only people who could make it happen that they are sent away are the Israeli people. They should demand by the millions that the overwhelmingly genocidal so-called Palestinians be repatriated to Jordan, those in Gaza to Egypt.
    Then Jews & others who live peacefully in Israel, including the minority heterodox Muslims, would be free of THEM.

  3. Israel's governments since 1948 have refused to win their war of independence against Israel's genocidal enemies. Even after they won the war in six days in 1967, rather than repatriate the extremely hostile populations back over the borders with Jordan & Egypty, they then & until today committed to allowing millions of overwhelmingly genocidal so-called Palestinians to incubate in Orthodox Islam. Look at many of the Muslim countries in Africa that once had small minorities of Muslims to see how it ALWAYS eventually ends.

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