Photo Credit: Twitter @JoeTruzman / Hezbollah
Alleged IDF drone, Hezbollah claims to have shot down. Sept. 30, 2021

The Hezbollah terrorist organization said its operatives downed an Israel Defense Forces’ drone on the Lebanese-Israeli border on Thursday.

According to a statement by the organizations, “fighters from the Islamic resistance succeeded in bringing down an IDF drone in Wadi Marimin by attacking it,” reported Kan news.


The incident occurred in the western sector of the border. The IDF said it was investigating the circumstances of the incident.

On Aug. 11, the IDF downed a drone likely operated by Hezbollah as it infiltrated Israeli airspace.

The IDF said a day after the incident that the drone “was monitored” by the military “throughout the incident.”

Hezbollah possesses a fleet of Iranian-made military drones that it received from smuggling efforts in recent years, according to multiple assessments.

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