Photo Credit: Justice for Jonathan Pollard
Jonathan Pollard's first photograph as a free man (with wife Esther).

( Jonathan Pollard and his family posted a notice on the Justice for Pollard website, asking his supporters to refrain from public activities regarding his release (from US parole), saying it may be harmful to his cause.

In keeping with this request, Pollard’s close circle has decided to find a way in which “the dear public who acted, prayed and fought for Jonathan’s release through the years, could send him directly a huge hug which would empower him and Esther to face the complicated challenges that still remain in their path.”


To this end, they established an mail account:, intended to receive letters (in Hebrew, too), which will be printed in the US by the staff and be personally delivered to Jonathan as soon as possible. “You are welcome to send Jonathan all that’s in your heart, tell him about your activities and your prayers for him over the years, and it is also possible to attach a photo.”

The group has also asked people to pray for his complete recovery using his Hebrew name: Yehonatan ben Malka.


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  1. As the Jewish expression goes. "Az men lebt derlebt men."
    If ou live you can live what you are hoping or hoped for.
    Mr. Pollard's coming out of prison is a dream come true for him, his wife and family and all the people that fought for his realease from prison all these years. B"H he made it out alive. That in it'self is a nes. Hashem wanted him to have faith and live. Everyones prayers certainly helped. May all his troubles that still face him be realized for the best for him and his wife.
    I'm sure they are happy to be able to have the privilege to celebrate Shabbos as a free man. B"H. Free from prison. No more sparse then his cell in prison was. I think his residence looks very nice. His health and well being is more important.
    May Hashem help him.

  2. After years of davening on your behalf, Jonathan, it is with great waves of joy that I read of your release earlier this morning. From Israel to the US, back and forth, writing letters, attending demonstrations on your behalf, and praying…now I continue to encourage your release from undue parole restrictions, and a free return to Eretz Yisrael!!! Much joyk, great peace, to you and Esther.

  3. At last, Jonathan Pollard out of prison!!!!!! Hooray!!!!!!!, Rejoice!!!!!! May peace and tranquility follow you always, Jonathan Pollard, Defender of The Jewish People. The jail sentence brought against Jonathan Pollard will forever be a stain on the American legal system. Shame on America. Now allow him to move to Israel as he has requested.

  4. Thank G-d! It comes far too late, but he is at last a free man. Sort of. Now the effort has to be made to get him to Israel, should he choose to go there, to live out his life in comfortable anonimity. But as he and his family have requested, we should do nothing about this, and let them work on it through back channels.

  5. For providing the names of documents to an ally, documents that his immediate supervisor (Bobby Ray Inman) was obligated by treaty to turn over in complete form yet refused to? Bobby Ray Inman was the traitor who refused to comply with a treaty and thus undercut his own boss, President Reagan.

  6. My late husband can now rest in peace – he wrote to Jonathan every month, through a "go-between" and the last letter he received was from myself telling Jonathan that his pen-friend had died. – I wish Jonathan much belated joy and peace with his family.

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