Photo Credit: U.S. Dept. of State
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in transit.

According to a letter from the Inspector General overseeing the investigation of former Secretary of State and now presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s personal email server, several dozen emails on her server were more sensitive than even ones designated “top secret.”

Those emails contained intelligence from what is called the U.S. Special Access Programs (SAP). Former CIA agent Charles Faddis told Fox News that SAP is considered the “crown jewels of the American intelligence community.”


SAP information should only ever be seen by a handful of very top government officials, and those are on a “need to know” basis. That is because exposure of such intelligence would likely reveal the source, putting that human asset at risk.

“If this information’s compromised,” Faddis explained, the U.S. is “going to suffer very serious national security damage. People are going to die, quite frankly.”

Transmitting such information over an unsecured server and maintaining it in a potentially compromised location could create dramatic vulnerabilities for national security. Anyone who would maintain such highly volatile information in a compromised manner could be subject to severe criminal penalties.

People are beginning to murmur about the penalties imposed on former CIA director General David Patreus, who signed an identical non-disclosure statement that Clinton did, and who was prosecuted for sharing classified information with his mistress.

All eyes are now on how the Clinton investigation is being handled, and what if any consequences Clinton will suffer as a result.


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  1. When she and others put a spy into the white house she and others should of been locked up this was treason and she took part in bringing America down from the inside by puting Obama in and you can be sure she and Obama and his Adminastration has been saling top secreat files to the enemy’s so why have no one or at least Obama and clinton and Obama adminastration been arrested and shot for treason yet why has no one stoped them? The American people want answers?

  2. ??dward Snowden another Benedict Arnold or Y'hudah of K'riot are in the same boat. Mrs. Clinton jeopardizes America by revealing secrets about our country. Also, what right does she have in knowing where the bones of King Kamehameha are located? She endangered and caused the life of our Ambassador Stevens in Benghazzi and Mr. Barak HUSSEIN Obama insulted the family and relatives of Ambassador Christopher Stevens as "….a bump in the road." Where is this leftist's scruples? They should take away his Nobel Peace Prize for his action of folly! Amen.

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