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Hillary Clinton. July 7, 2015

The second in a series.

On May 31, 2010, there was an historic confrontation between the Israeli Navy and six ships sailing from Turkey, seeking to blow up the internationally-recognized legal naval blockade of the Gaza Strip.


Starting the very morning of the incident, Sidney Blumenthal began emailing Hillary Clinton, haranguing her to treat this grave tragedy as a whip with which to lash Israel.

Blumenthal also sent screeds written by his unhinged son Max, who insisted that the entire incident was orchestrated in advance by a bloodthirsty Israel as a means to blow up the peace process.

But this confrontation, known as the Mavi Marmara raid – after the lead Turkish ship  – or as the Gaza Flotilla built to a crescendo when the IHH-terrorists aboard the ship ignored repeated warnings to change course and steer towards the Israeli coastal town of Ashdod, just north of Gaza. When the ships refused to heed the directions, elite IDF naval commandos were lowered from helicopters by ropes, onto the ship’s deck.

As soon as the Israelis landed aboard the Mavi Marmara, they were attacked by demonstrators who used clubs to beat them, as well as knives. Weapons were also stripped from the Israeli soldiers, and used against them. One wounded soldier had to be thrown over the deck to get him to the relative safety of the sea.

By the time the attack ended, seven IDF soldiers were wounded and nine Turkish citizens were killed when off-board soldiers came to their colleagues’ rescue.

Eight out of the nine who died aboard the ship were later identified as members of Turkish Islamist organizations. Half of those killed had written wills or informed others that they sought to die as martyrs. Not a single human rights activist were among the victims on May 31, as they all stayed below deck, choosing not to join in the fracas with the antagonists carrying an array of weapons.

Weapons taken from the Mavi Marmara. May 31, 2010.
Closer view of some weapons removed from the Mavi Marmara. May 31, 2010.

Early that very afternoon, Blumenthal père wrote to Clinton, viciously comparing the Flotilla raid to the 1976 Entebbe raid, in which Benjamin Netanyahu’s brother, Yoni, was tragically killed despite the complete success otherwise.

“The raid on the ship to Gaza resembles the raid on Entebbe, except that there are no hostages, no guns, it’s not in Africa, and it’s a fiasco; otherwise, it’s Entebbe,” Blumenthal wrote to Clinton. He went on, warning Clinton that the international press will want to know how the U.S. is going to respond to Israel’s calamitous actions, and pointed out that the U.S. shouldn’t look as though it was secretly supporting Israel on this.

Finally, Blumenthal pointed out the likelihood of harm to the peace process and to embarrassment to Obama just on the eve of Netanyahu’s visit. Blumenthal then suggestively asks, “Or are the Israelis bone stupid? I don’t think so. Cheers, Sid.” In other words, this is what the Israelis intended.

Clinton forwarded this email to her deputy chief of staff Jake Sullivan, with an “FYI” and “ITYS” notation.

By the next morning, Blumenthal had written a seven-point memo to Clinton suggesting ways in which she and the United States should respond to the flotilla incident. Amongst other points, he told her that “someone in authority needs to read Israel the riot act”; Michael Oren should be given the “full dress Biden treatment”; that the “Gaza embargo is obviously wildly counterproductive,” which “has to end” and that end “should begin now.”


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  1. ………and this female ….. this "Dragon Lady" wants to be president ? ….. and needs advise from Sid Bloomenthal ? This woman with a Staline=ist brain wants to be President ? People say,"God help us". please. I say if this happens, Israel will be saying,"OY VEY" all day.

  2. I feel sorry for the chevrah in the US. What a lousy choice. On the one hand you have Mr. Hillary, who will do what she must to who she wants in order to be elected. But at least she knows who she's doing it to, and why.

    Then you have Donald, who may have an idea about running an economy, but has to go bankrupt every so often to make it all work. Try that in the US government.
    His ideas about immigrants, that stoopid wall, and who knows what else are a load of BS. If people wonder if W ever read, you have to have serious questions about the donald.

  3. Considering her general anti Israel stance as Secretary of State, no one should be surprised by the memos or the fact that she passed them on to the State Department. She should know better. During her husband's administration the hapless Ehud Barak made every consession asked of him by the Clinton administration and Ararfat still said "No!".

  4. Don't focus on them and lose the point: Hillary Clinton hires people who opposes Israel, have asked them to draft ideas according to her agenda. She trusts only Arab and believe Israel should be down because USA could not until now solve the Middle East conflict. She does not believe in Israrl right to exist and itvit ahould exist it has to be undere HER terms. Little fascist.

  5. Alan Kardon
    The witch, Hillary, is a hater of Israel. Every Jew who supports and votes for her, should look in the mirror and ask the mirrow "Iam I sick to support this witch who is going all out to destroy Israel?
    But of course, they are Democ-Rats.
    Before the Muslim in the WH was elected, I phoned friends and relatives in USA NOT to vote for the Muslims
    I was shouted at and told me to mind my own busines as they will vote Dems. I wonder i Htler stood for elections in USA, would they have voted for him?
    If he was a Democ-Rat, they would have.
    One cousin in NY told me never to contact him again, and blocked all my emails,. May Hashem protect Israel from that evil woman.

  6. First about H. Clinton.She is and has never been a friend of Israel. Her interests lie with the Arab world, because she and the Clinton's Foundation receive millions of dollars. She was receiving that money while Secretary of Stae of the US. That's illegal, and based on that fact alone, she should not be allowed to run for President of the USA.
    Now turning to Trump. It seems that the world and a lot of Americans do not understand what's happening in the USA.
    Trump is no dummy and certainly knows exactly what he is doing. Just look at the results. His goal is to shatter the Establishment, punish the good for nothing congress and reevaluate our economy and our world's position. I am not a fan of his, however what we need here in the USA, is what Bernie Sanders always said "A Revolution". Stop being Politically correct and defend the USA . We have been molested and abused by our trading partners, it's about time we turn the tables on them. As far as foreign policy , I am certain he'll name a good Secretary of Sate and surround himself with the proper persons to run our great country.
    Cruz and Rubio are too far to the right, and bad for women's rights. Don't forget this year's election is not only choosing a President,, but even more important selecting not one but probably three Supreme Court Justices.

  7. Just mentioning Blumenthal gives him exposure. In his line of work any exposure, whether good or bad is advertising. Let us accept that he is a traitor to humanity and ignore him. That will hurt him more. Rabid discussions puts him in the news. . The Hillary is an add on disgrace, her running for the presidency is all about money. Politicians like her if allowed into power will eventually bring the country down and value add to the anticipated third world war.

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