The changes proposed now by the Obama administration and Secretary Lew will render all of those reassuring prohibitions true but irrelevant. That is because Treasury will create administrative work-arounds that enable Iranian banks to achieve the same effects as all of these direct relationships with U.S. financial institutions without Iran actually having any such direct relationships. Isn’t that special?

They’ll just be indirect relationships. No doubt the indirectness of the relationship will be a great comfort to people around the world who are blown up by bombs purchased with U.S. dollars provided by Iran. After all, it’s so much more comforting to be murdered by bombs purchased indirectly.


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  1. You talk as if US is paying Iran from its own pocket. No, it's Iran's own money and under the nuclear deal which has had many setbacks for Iran's progress towards a peaceful nuclear programme, Iran is entitled to receive its own money illegaly blocked for many years.

    Also Iran – which has not attacked any country in 200 years but has been subject to attacks from the likes of Saddam – cannot make missiles to protect itself, but Israel which threatens to attack Iran on a daily basis is entitled to have the largest nuclear weapons arsenal in the world? That's what I call April Fool's day joke.

  2. What stupid muslim!!! Iran is attacking every country with it's proxy terrorists! But to a stupid loser muslim, who cuts their daughters' clitorisis off, what would you expect them to say! Especillay, when their most hated people(they hate everyone) but their most hated, the Jews, who have one tiny country, are more powerful and successful that the entire muslim world! In short stupid muslim, why are you living in a free western counry and not wallowing in feces in one of your useless backward muslim countries! Go post on a jihad site!!

  3. Between 1804 and 1813, Iran and Russia fought a bloody conflict in the Caucasus which ended with the 1813 Treaty of Gulistan. Iran’s Qajar dynasty leader, Fath Ali Shah, admittedly at the goading of the British and tempted by promised aid, broke the treaty and re-invaded the territory 13 years later. It was a disastrous move; Russia pushed back Iranian forces and ended up taking what now is Armenia and the southern portion of independent Azerbaijan.

    Then there was the Anglo-Persian War of 1856-1857. Persian forces invaded western Afghanistan to press their claim to Herat. British-Indian forces invaded Iran at Bushehr to compel the withdrawal of Persian forces, which they successfully did. (One of the what-if’s of history is what might have happened if the India Mutiny had occurred a year earlier; after all, the British utilized forces which had been in Persia the previous year and cannons seized during the campaign to put down the 1858 revolt in their prize colony). In addition, border skirmishes at the southern tip of the Shatt al-Arab were common in the first decade of the twentieth century as Iranian forces sought both to consolidate control over their territory and, at times, push into Basra, southern Iraq’s major city.

    But that’s ancient history, right? After all, isn’t it quibbling to say that Iran actually hasn’t waged aggressive war in 150 years rather 250 years?

  4. That would be a hoot. Russia world power. At least they aren't Muslim and they aren't concerned with political correctness. Putin is many tes over the man Obama is. Obama is a waste. He needs to crawl back into the garbage can he crawled out of. I certainly trust Putin much more than Obama.

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