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MDA workers evacuate a patient suspected of being infected with coronavirus.

The Haifa Technology Center had joined Israeli Air Force (IAF) Major David Alkahar in developing a computerized automatic respirator and has published the code online for the world’s benefit.

Due to a massive shortage of respirators in Israel and around the world generated by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, Elkahar, who has a Ph.D. in computer science, and his team developed within two weeks of almost continuous work a prototype of the machine.


Elkahar and his team released the information on the machine’s manufacturing specifications to the world over the Internet, using the “open source” format so that any country can produce the machine in accordance with its needs, free of charge.

Major Elkhar’s initiative is a non-profit project that includes dozens of volunteers who managed to develop a prototype costing approximately NIS 2,000 ($550) and ranked first in the world out of 40 similar initiatives.

The initiative also led to the establishment of an international developer’s community with representatives in several countries, whom Elkhar’s team is helping.

The initiative was joined by Israeli entrepreneurs, volunteers, companies, agencies and various sectors including the Air Force, the Israel Aeronautics Industry, MDA, Raphael security industries and several Robotics Groups.

Haifa Technology Center Manager Baruch Bakalow stated that the initiative “was made with a single intention – to help save the lives of anyone in need anywhere in the world.”

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