Citizens of Israel, here’s a statistic you won’t have heard yet: the severity of the illness you would experience, were you to be infected with Corona, is dependent, quite dramatically, on the volume of infection transmitted.

That is so say, the amount of the virus that infects you and enters your system, at the time of infection. If a high volume of the virus enters your body at the time of infection, it’s likely you will suffer more severely, experience difficulties with your lungs, neurological difficulties, hospitalization, and worse.


On the other hand, if only a small volume of the virus enters your system, at the time of infection, then it is highly likely you will be asymptomatic. You may not feel anything, or just light symptoms, and in due course you will build immunity.

Up until now, we have known that wearing a mask helps reduce the volume of the virus you transmit to others. But it’s not just that. Someone who wears a mask, reduces by 90 percent the volume of infection they catch from others.

And if both sides – both the infected and uninfected – are wearing masks, it transpires that the volume of infection transmitted is reduced by 99 percent.

If 80 percent of Israeli citizens were to wear masks, we would beat Corona in just six weeks. Therefore, the fact is, we have a choice: either we can carry on, with the endless cycles of lockdowns, and another jump in infections, and another lockdown, Or, we can wear masks, all the time in closed spaces with other people.

If you’re at home, or in a closed space alone, you don’t need a mask. Come on, let’s defeat Corona, all of us, wearing masks, and together we will win.


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