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Rabbi JJ Hecht obm with the Lubavitcher Rebbe and friends

We are approaching the fifteenth day of the month of Av, the anniversary of the passing of Rabbi JJ Hecht, obm. This year we observe the 32nd year after his passing.

The Hecht family is extending an invitation to friends and community to join them on Thursday evening, אור – לט”ו מנחם אב, August 11th, 2022, in the tent at the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Ohel for the yahrzeit-azkarah gathering and memorial observance in memory of Rabbi Yaakov Yehuda Hecht.


“This year we will be highlighting a very special event, the publication of the biography of Rabbi JJ Hecht, ob”m, which was written by his granddaughter, Esther Leah Tenenbaum in association with his grandson, Rabbi Shimon Sabol,” the family said.

As in years past, a Siyum (completion of a segment of Torah learning) will be broadcast from the gathering, following the Rebbe’s request that there be a public siyum made during the Nine Days and extending through the 15th of [the Hebrew month of] Av in association with Rabbi Hecht’s yahrzeit. Mincha and Maariv (afternoon and evening) services will be held and prayers will be recited both at the Rebbe’s gravesite as well as at Rabbi Hecht’s gravesite. A meal marking the occasion will be served.

By noting and observing the yahrzeit of important leaders of the Jewish people we emphasize the importance of the great work that they accomplished in their lifetime, the family noted.

“In Kabbalistic teachings, when a tzaddik passes away, his influence in the world may be even greater than when he was alive. We recognize that Rabbi Hecht’s influence has truly spread far and wide after his passing, and hope to see you on Thursday evening.”

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