Russian News Agency: US Pushing Middle East Militarization

The Pentagon is fielding more than 35,000 troops in the Persian Gulf as a “bulwark against aggression.”

Bahrain Court Sentences Rioter to Prison for Burning Israeli Flag

The prosecution noted the accused was deliberately disrupting the peace in a public place, and used violence to achieve his aim.

Bahrain Officially Appoints the First-Ever Ambassador to Israel

Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa issued a royal decree appointing Khalid Al Jalahma to head the Gulf country’s diplomatic mission to Israel.

Official: US to Move Ahead with Sale of F-35s to UAE

“We continue consulting with Emirati officials to ensure unmistakable understanding with respect to obligations before, during and after delivery,” said Mira Resnick, a deputy U.S. assistant secretary of state.

UAE’s ‘Probe of Hope’ Takes Honor and Reputation to Mars

“The arrival of the Probe of Hope marks the beginning of the celebrations of the UAE in its fiftieth year, its golden jubilee.”

Israel, UAE Ink Healthcare Agreement

The two countries agreed to promote cooperation on health issues, including a common fight against global epidemics, cybersecurity and data protection, medical education, digital health, artificial intelligence, innovation, technology integration, and personalized medicine.

Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital Holds Medical Conference with Abu Dhabi Medical Center

Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital made history when it held a medical conference in collaboration with an Abu Dhabi Medical Center, the first medical collaboration between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

US Betrayal Opens Great Opportunity for Israeli Saudi Alliance

Ask yourself, what would happen if Saudi Arabia were to change its buying habits?

Hamas Chief Trying Desperately to Get Arab Rulers’ Attention to His Plight

Haniyeh's choice for his plea for is interesting, since the Kuwaiti and Moroccan leaders are among the least sympathetic to the plight of his people in the Arab world.

Death Toll Rising, Hundreds Injured in Iran-Iraq Earthquake

It's not clear whether any foreign nationals were casualties in the earthquake.

‘Supersize’ Ambulance for Dubai Obese

A supersize ambulance to cope with the growing number of obese patients in the emirate has been unveiled by the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance...
Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, right, meeting Hamas Gaza Prime Minister , Ismail Haniyeh in Cairo.

Fatwa Council of UAE Declares Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization

The UAE Fatwa Council joins Saudi Arabia’s decision to classify the organization as a terrorist group.

BDS Movement Irate: PA Participating in Dubai Expo Alongside Israel

Hamas suggested that the Expo "promotes the weapons of the Occupation which it uses to kill the Palestinian nation."

UAE Names CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood as Terror Groups

The UAE names two top US Islamic groups and the Muslim Brotherhood as terror groups.

Israel, EU Discuss Rail Link Between Mediterranean and Gulf States

Such a link would be “shorter, faster, cheaper and safer” than currently used trade routes, says the Bank of Israel.

First-ever UAE Ambassador to Israel, Mohamed al Khaja Presents Credentials to President Rivlin

"We have a historic opportunity to present a model of warm and comprehensive peace between countries and peoples."

PA Threatening to Leave the Arab League as UAE, Israel, Groom Mohammed Dahlan to...

And that may be the true benefit of the Abraham Accord, and why President Donald Trump who pushed for it may deserve the Nobel Peace prize for real.

Israel-UAE Bilateral Trade Expected to Surpass Billion Dollars by End of 2021

Bilateral trade reached roughly $610 million between January and July 2021, while imports from the UAE to Israel totaled $400 million.

IAI Signs Deal to Convert Passenger Aircraft to Cargo Planes for Emirates Airline

The aircraft will be converted at a new site established at the Etihad Engineering’s Maintenance, Repair and Operations center in Abu Dhabi.

Emirati Planes to Participate in Israel’s 2022 Independence Day Air Show

The "regional peace flight" will begin at the end of the traditional Israeli Air Force flight.

‘The UAE Can Work with Israel, Despite Disagreements’

The message seems to be that while Abu Dhabi disagrees with Jerusalem on Israeli sovereignty, it won't be a roadblock to building relations with Israel.

Kuwaiti Bomber was a Saudi

Kuwaiti officials have identified the suicide bomber in Friday's deadly attack in Kuwait City as a Saudi national, Fahad Suleiman Abdulmohsen al-Qabaa, who flew...

El Al to Fly First Commercial Run from Israel to UAE, No Security Officials...

Monday flight on a Boeing 737-800 numbered #LY971• Return flight to Ben-Gurion Airport on Tuesday numbered #LY972.

Iranian Oil Production Rises in July

Iranian crude oil production rose in July to its highest level in two years.

Herzog, bin-Zayed Agree to Advance Security, Economic Coordination

Isaac Herzog: “Sons and daughters of Abraham can reside together in peaceful coexistence.”

Kuwait Says Lebanon, Turkey ‘Better Suited’ for Syrian Refugees

A Kuwait official says Syrian refugees should never be allowed to enter his country. Lebanon and Turkey are "better suited" to them.

Muslim Clerics Finally Forbid Suicide Missions but Only on Mars

Islamic law forbids a one-way trip to Mars, a “fatwa” Muslim religious committee has ruled in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), the Khaleej Times...

Survey: More UAE Citizens (55%) Like Israel than Do Americans (53%)

As a rule, in all the countries surveyed, the more the respondents knew about Israel, the higher was their level of sympathy.

PM Bennett Departing on Official Visit to UAE

This is the first official visit by an Israeli prime minister to the UAE.


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