Photo Credit: Giorgio Montersino
Hezbollah Flag

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Lebanese Hezbollah militia units on Sunday repositioned their operations in the vicinity of the capital Damascus and the eastern desert of Homs, southwest of Damascus in the vicinity of Kiswah. Hezbollah ordered their weapons to be distributed to several more heavily fortified warehouses.

On November 10, SOHR sources reported that Hezbollah established camouflaged military positions near the Syrian-Lebanese border in Rif Dimashq. On Sunday, military patrols raised the Syrian flag at three Hezbollah positions and checkpoints near Dimas, some 4 km from the border.


Iranian-backed militiamen stationed at those posts and checkpoints also put on Syrian army uniforms and raise the Syrian flag on their cars, with pictures of Bashar Al-Assad.

This comes as part of camouflage attempts by Hezbollah and Iranian proxy militias to escape being targeted by Israel and the Western coalition forces.

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