Photo Credit: Screenshot from Kings5 TV
Seattle police investigating after man makes anti-semitic gestures, threats outside Jewish woman's home.

Seattle police are investigating the complaint of a Fremont Jewish homeowner who said her doorbell security camera had caught a man making anti-Semitic gestures and death threats in the middle of the night, NBC affiliate K5 TV reported on Monday.

“My entire life is affected by what anti-Semitism can do, and this is the most overt incident I’ve ever experienced, and I’m scared,” the homeowner said.


After the man first appeared on the woman’s security camera, he came back wearing a mask and stood outside the window of the woman’s daughter, where he told her he was going to kill her parents and kidnap her.

“There has been in the past artwork up in my daughter’s window, girl scouts things up,” the woman said. “There wasn’t that night, which means he had seen our home before and was revisiting it, which is terrifying.”


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