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Rivlin to Merkel: We Must Starve the Iranian Monster, Not Feed It

Merkel said, “Germany has an uncompromising commitment to Israel, both because of our pasts but also because Israel is the only and strongest democracy in the region."

Shin Bet Foils Terror Plot, Announces Indictments of Hamas Recruits from Judea, Samaria

“Recently another attempt by the terrorist infrastructure in the Gaza Strip to intensify terrorist operations in Judea and Samaria was revealed and thwarted." Three terror cell members were arrested and indicted.

Tel Aviv Appeals to High Court Over Halt on Shabbat Bridge Construction

MK Uri Maklev argued that "just as you know how to close the streets for marathons and bicycle races and other such events, the same approach must be used in building such complex engineering infrastructures."

US Wants IAEA to Investigate Netanyahu’s Accusations of Secret Iranian Nuclear Sites

The Trump administration urges the international nuclear inspectors to investigate evidence provided at the UN General Assembly by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu that Iran...

Erdan Calls for Jibril Rajoub’s Suspension from International Olympic Committee

Rajoub has been suspended and fined by FIFA for inciting violence against players and families of the Argentinian national football team. As a result of Rajoub's incitement, a planned friendly match between Israel and Argentina was canceled several months ago.

Israel-Egypt Pipeline to Bring Big Money to Both Countries

The deal, worth $518 million, provides a 39 percent stake and gives the partners exclusive rights to use and lease the pipeline that connects Israel with Egypt.

Israel to IAEA: ‘Netanyahu’s Words Will Be Seen as Verifiably True’ After Tehran Inspection

“There is no reason to wait," the Prime Minister's Office said. "The IAEA must inspect the site and immediately dispatch monitors with Geiger counters."

IAEA Ignores Netanyahu Call to Inspect Tehran Atomic Warehouse

“The IAEA still has not taken any action. It has not posed a single question of Iran. “It has not demanded to inspect a single new site discovered in that secret archive."

Bennett – Liberman Feud Resumed On Schedule After the Holidays

All Liberman has to offer in response to Bennett's jabs is scorn and sarcasm, which reveals an echo chamber mentality that could come back to hurt him in the next elections.

US Confirms Obama’s Ten-Year Memorandum of Understanding with Israel

In his signing statement, back in September 2016, President Obama did not declare strategic cooperation with Israel to be an end in itself, as did Monday's statement from the Trump administration.

Bibi to Lebanese FM: Who You Kidding?

"Hezbollah is brazenly lying to the international community by means of the fraudulent propaganda tour of the Lebanese Foreign Minister."

Lebanese FM: Netanyahu Allegations Meant to Justify More Israeli Attacks

Speaking to ambassadors gathered at the Foreign Ministry, the FM extended an invitation to them to visit a site near Beirut's airport and another at a soccer Stadium, and see there's nothing there.

Bennett: Liberman-Hamas Agreements Failed

"In the past few days, we have witnessed the dangerous results of the defense minister's policy of restraint and weakness in the Gaza Strip – more restraint, more terrorism," Bennett said.

Iranian FM: Netanyahu’s Claims Are ‘Nonsense’

Speaking to CBS Face the Nation Saturday night, FM Zarif responded to the Israeli PM's allegations, saying, "Well, he's been making allegations about Iran since 1992."

Netanyahu to Guterres: UN Must Do More to Free Israeli Captives Held by Hamas...

Netanyahu said the UN must act on the issue, given that it was the UN that mediated the ceasefire within the framework of which Hadar Goldin was abducted.

Netanyahu Thanks Haley for Clearing ‘Bad Air’ from United Nations (video)

"I said yesterday that the hall is still full of the stench of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic decisions - which are the same thing. I want to thank you for cleansing the bad air from this hall," Netanyahu said.

The Bibi Syndrome: Iranians Take Selfies with Exposed Nuclear Facility

Iranians who had watched his speech have been flocking to the site in the Iranian capital, to take selfies.

Shin Bet: We Did Not Exceed our Authority in Interrogating Peter Beinart, BDS Activists

The Shin Bet also noted that the scope of the investigations is minimal in relation to the volume of those entering Israel.

IDF Reveals Satellite Images of Hezbollah Missile Sites in the Heart of Beirut

"The accuracy project is carried out using Iranian knowledge, technology, funding and guidance," the IDF spokesperson said.

Netanyahu at UNGA: Exposes Secret Iranian Atomic Warehouse in Tehran, Missile Factory in Beirut...

"The endangered residents of Tehran may want to know that they can get a Geiger Counter on Amazon for only $29.99," he said.

WATCH: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Address to 73rd UN General Assembly

Prime Minister Netanyahu met Wednesday with U.S. President Donald Trump, and separately with Egypt's President Abed Fattah al-Sisi.

Netanyahu, Al Sisi, Discuss Long-Term Truce with Hamas the US Rejected

“Cairo tried to convince Washington but it didn’t work."

More Condolences to Russia from Israel, But Attacks on Iran in Syria to Continue,...

"We will continue to take action to prevent the establishment of an Iranian military presence in Syria and we will continue the security coordination between the IDF and the Russian military.”

Report: Netanyahu, al-Sisi to Meet in New York on Sidelines of UNGA

Al-Sisi maintains that a “two-state solution” should remain part of any U.S. peace plan proposed to Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

US, Israel Warn: Russian S-300 Missiles for Syria Will ‘Magnify Dangers’ in Region

“Bringing more anti-aircraft missiles into Syria won’t solve the Syrian army’s unprofessional and indiscriminate firing of missiles."


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