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December 5, 2016 / 5 Kislev, 5777

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New Netanyahu-Supertanker Corruption Scandal Brewing [Satire]

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

Raviv Drucker of Channel 10 reported a new scandal this evening involving Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Drucker claims the Supertanker sent from the US to Israel, to fight the inexplicable fires burning down the country, was seen diverting from its flight path multiple times during the day and circling over the Prime Minister’s official residence at least three times.

Unnamed witnesses claim they saw the supertanker emptying its water tanks on the Prime Minister’s vehicles parked outside his homes in Caesarea, Jerusalem, the official government residence, and at the cabinet meeting in Haifa, thoroughly washing all the Prime Minister’s vehicles — completely at the taxpayers’ expense. One witness claimed the Prime Minister’s pool in Caesarea was also filled up by the Supertanker.

Drucker claimed that Sara Netanyahu had the plane fly over the vehicles at the official residence three times, as she wasn’t happy with the cleaning job the first two.

Peace Now co-founder Professor Amiram Goldblum claimed that Netanyahu was the main benefactor of bringing in the Supertanker, and that Netanyahu started the arson spree to get the free car washes.

The pilot denies any wrongdoing, and says he only opened the water valves in locations where he was told there were threats to human life and property. He could not recall who gave him the list of locations to fly over or why he circled over one location in Jerusalem so many times.

Minister Naftali Bennett said even if the Prime Minister’s cars were washed then it was for the good of Israel’s security, as that is the Prime Minister’s only concern.

Bennett added, if there really was corruption involved, then obviously the cars would have been waxed and polished too, which he points out they weren’t.

On that point, Raviv Drucker noted the unusual conversation between PM Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas, where Netanyahu thanked Abbas were sending over a few crews to help in Haifa, Caesarea and Jerusalem.

Netanyahu’s spokesperson said the phone call was to thank Abbas for his humanitarian gesture, and that the Arab crews sent over did not wax and polish the Prime Minister’s cars as Drucker was implying. Sara could just as easily had some cabinet members or MKs do that for her if she needed it.

There’s also a rumor that a former cleaning lady now in rehab who once interviewed for a job at the PM’s house saw Sara Netanyahu pass to a foreign diplomat a blank envelope with a free carwash coupon inside. This is still unconfirmed.

Technically, Raviv Drucker’s latest report became connected to the submarine scandal once the Prime Minister’s cars were submerged under the thousands of gallons of water that were dumped on them.

Netanyahu’s personal attorney, David Shimron who reportedly brokered the Supertanker deal, was unavailable for comment.

[Reminder: This is satire]


Jewish Communities Enlist in Supporting Israel through the Blazes

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

Jewish communities around the world, most notably in north America, have been engaged in emergency fundraising to help rehabilitate the numerous areas in Israel that have been damaged or destroyed in the fires of the past six days. So far, security forces have noted more than 600 fires, some of which were suspicious, from up north in Galilee all the way down to Negev communities.

The Jewish National Fund (JNF) has launched a Thanksgiving themed fundraiser: “On this Thanksgiving Eve we ask you to turn your attention to homes and forests that are in immediate danger across Israel. A series of wildfires are raging across Northern and Central Israel. Many homes have already been destroyed, families displaced, and more residents are being evacuated. Israel’s firefighting capacity is being stressed to its limits.”

“In light of this emergency situation we are beginning the Giving Tuesday match ahead of time,” the JNF declared, stating: “All donations toward this effort will be matched dollar for dollar. Donate now.”

The UJA Federation of New York has launched its own Israel Fire Relief Fund. The fundraising page states: “Many community institutions that provide vital programs and services—including those of our partners—have been hit hard. They will be struggling to rebuild just when they are needed most. The impact on Israelis will be long-lasting and your help is urgently needed.”

The Israeli-American Council (IAC), whose mission is to “build an engaged and united Israeli-American community that strengthens the Israeli and Jewish identity of our next generations,” has been running a busy Support the Firefighters campaign.

“Tens of thousands have been evacuated, many have been hospitalized, and countless homes and trees have been destroyed. Hundreds of thousands more are now threatened, as the fires continue to spread,” the IAC tells its followers, adding: “At this critical moment, we must unite to lend a hand to our brothers and sisters in Israel. All contributions made to the IAC over the next 72 hours will go directly to support the firefighters working around the clock to save lives and property.”

A group called Israel’s voice has launched a project called Life After Terror, telling its followers it’s “time to show we care. Israel needs you. We saw hospitals, synagogues, Yeshivas, schools, kindergartens, and our land burning. We saw devastation and frustration but also we felt unity and hope.”

Their response is as unique as it is original: “We organized a successful and humble campaign and we were able to deliver hundreds of pizzas to firefighters, security forces, and volunteers who non-stop have been working to control the fires.”

Next, the group plans “to take a second step. Our team will continue going to multiple locations, specially to Haifa which was the most affected city, in order to see what else is needed in order to rebuild. We need your help in order to continue with our mission.”


Air Supply Gives Away 200 Free Concert Tickets to Firemen’s Wives

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

After being forced to postpone their Haifa concert from Friday to Sunday due to the fires, the band Air Supply is giving away 200 tickets to the wives’ of firemen fighting the Haifa pyroterrorism fires.

They band is performing 3 concerts in Israel, in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Be’er Sheva.

This is their 4th visit to Israel in 8 years.


Jewish Press News Briefs

ISIS Affiliated Syrians Fire on IDF Patrol on Golan Heights

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

By Andrew Friedman/TPS

A group of four armed men, reportedly connected to the Islamic State, opened fire across the Syrian border at an IDF patrol in the southern Golan Heights early Sunday.

Soldiers returned fire and killed the attackers, and Israeli fighter jets attacked targets inside Syria.

No injuries to Israeli forces were reported.

In addition, a mortar hit the area, but it is not clear if the shell landed on the Israeli or Syrian side of the border. IDF officials said they believe the incidents were part of the Syrian civil war and hit Israel in error.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in a statement that “the IDF will not tolerate any violation of Israel’s sovereignty and will respond harshly to any attempt to violate it.”

TPS / Tazpit News Agency

They Are Trying to Burn Jews and the World is Silent, AGAIN!

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

They are trying to burn Jews and the world is silent, AGAIN! If you don’t like the connotations, too bad!

Social media channels are over flowing with hashtags like BurnIsrael Or JewsBurnWell and no gives a ****!

No reports on CNN, none on NBC, nothing on SKY News and even Fox has been holding their tongue.

Do you know why? Because no one cares!

It’s Jews in danger, that is not news. Jews burning? No story

The New York Times is silent and even the Israeli left wing press is keeping the obvious torching terrorists on a low flame. Where are the loads of articles from the The Times of Israel? When there was only a suspicion of Jewish arsonists, their editors and blog authors did not stop with the generalizations and baseless charges! Where are all the human rights activists? Are they burning in their own sickening hypocrisy? Haaretz הארץ? Please do not make me spill my Saturday night coffee.

Israel is always guilty until proven innocent and our enemies are innocent even after being proved guilty.

They attack with missiles and how dare Israel react!

Disproportionate force?

Oh, you mean how dare Jews win a war?

They blow up buses & Israel has to give up land?

Abbas praises Jewish blood spilt in jerusalem and the settlements are the problem?

They start fires to burn Jews and the land that they claim they love and fight for and no one says a word!


Wait till Israel takes out one of these radical Islamic terrorists. Wait for the headlines then!

There was more noise coming for the world and the left wing Israeli press about an IDF soldier that took out a terrorist than there is about the ongoing fire terrorist attacks.

If it was even suspected that Jews were causing these fires, the press would all over it. The New York Times would be running article after article how dangerous Jewish settlers are even before they had any evidence what’s so ever that a Jew or a settler was responsible.
But Islamic arsonists? We wouldn’t want to offend anyone!

Same story over and over! I am sick of it!

Do not misunderstand my anger for despair.

Israel will be fine. The fires will be put out and we will rebuild and come together to help each other. In that sense I am not worried even in the slightest.

These attacks will only make us stronger.


I simply cannot stand the way we take the world into account when our safety and lives are on the line. Imagine an Israeli telling the US administration that 9/11 was horrible but it is human nature of the Islamic regimes to react to America’s involvement in their region. Imagine if we said to Paris that we understand their pain but they must understand why the terrorists are shooting up people in their streets!

Perhaps we should tell France to split Paris or tell the US we will no longer recognize Washington D.C as their capital! After all those Redskin jerseys are a sign of occupation!

(Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it!)

Don’t tell the situation is different. The only difference is the fact that in our case it is JEWS who are dying!

Don’t ask me what the solution is! I might not have one, (I do) but for God’s sake! The solution is not making deals with those who call for our destruction or murder! The solution is not giving over land that is historically, nationally and religiously ours to those who threaten us that if we do not give in they will continue to murder us! Do not accept the false national narrative of Arabs who seek our destruction. Do not tell me they have just as much right to this land as we do as they burn it down! ENOUGH!

If you don’t have enough historical integrity to admit that we, Israel, are the good guys here, get out!

You don’t make peace with terrorists and you don’t give in! You fight them and yes, you kill them.

We don’t fight or kill because we desire to do so, we do so because our enemies worship death; ours and their own!

Are there peaceful Muslim and peaceful Arabs? OF COURSE!

They are not our problem and it is not for them that we seek a solution. The left is not trying to make peace with those who want to live peacefully, the left is trying to surrender to those who vocally support and actively continue to murder us! There would be no problem if the radical Muslims and the nationalistic Arabs did not exist.

I am waiting for the Arab “Palestinian” to condemn these fires! Don’t show me 4 firefighters from the PA, let me hear Abbas say that he does NOT praise Jewish blood that is spilled! Are people actually buying this stuff?!

For God’s sake! Even the Israeli Arab MKs condemned Israel for blaming the arsonists and called it racism. KICK THEM OUT OF THE KNESSET! They are an enemy to Israel and Israelis! (Jews, Christians and Muslims alike) It’s like we have a national Stockholm syndrome. It’s time to get cured!

The way I see it, there are 3 choices for our enemies:
1. ACCEPT – Accept Israel as the Jewish country and live here with more freedoms and rights than any of their brothers or sisters receive anywhere else in the Middle East.

Prime Minister will always be Jewish as will the President.

Everything else is open to you!


2. LEAVE – Choose any of your Arab or Muslim countries to immigrate to. You want to go to any other country, we will be happy to help with whatever we can.

3. FIGHT – Meet the IDF (No more pity for those who seek our destruction.)
For those of you who will tell me that is unrealistic, Yasser Arafat received the Nobel Peace Prize, you have lost your right to define reality!

Leftists and progressive liberals have dug themselves such a deep rabbit hole that they cannot even grasp reality any longer. They will hold on to their wonderland, utopian, ‘make believe’ world at the expense of others.

Once again, our enemies are trying to burn Jews.

I do hope we, Israel, will not make the same mistake that so many countries made years ago when they put diplomacy ahead of morality and our safety. Fires can be put out but if we ignore the ideology that started them, they will be lit again and again and again and we promised NEVER AGAIN!

Sending prayers for the firefighters who have been on the job for almost a week now. Praying for rain and praying for a quick downfall of our enemies!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

(Pic “I have no other country even if my land is burning”)

Ari Fuld

A Soldier’s Mother: Israel in a Picture

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

Do you want to understand Israel at this moment? It’s here in this picture. We are rushing to save all that is precious to us. We are under attack. Hundreds of fires have been started. More than 50%, over 200 fires, have already been confirmed as arson. They are calling it the Fire Intifada.

Fire fighters are going door to door in apartment buildings to make sure no one is inside. Someone runs up to them and tells them there is a woman in an apartment – and the camera shows them running to the apartment.

Now look at this picture. They are saving people, trying to save homes…and something more. The essence of what we are will not be burned in these fires of hate.

And so, in addition to saving what homes we can, what lives we must, here’s a picture of firefighters who went into a synagogue and saved the Torah scrolls.

If you want to understand Israel – look at this picture. For thousands of years, we have survived because we are grounded, centered, sheltered and loved by our God and by our land. And because we love our God and we love our land.

Years ago, a silly song attempted to suggest that the people of Gaza were fighting against an unjust war that was waged against them…after they fired hundreds of rockets at us within a few days…but never mind the facts.

I remember one line in that song: “You can burn all our homes and our schools and our mosques, we will not go down in Gaza tonight.” Well, they did go down, of course. They went down because the war they started was one of aggression and hate. The schools and mosques were filled with weapons; the homes used to shelter terrorists.

But tonight I can tell them – you can burn all our homes and our schools and our synagogues, but we will not go down in Israel tonight, or tomorrow, or next week, or next year, or next century and beyond.

We won’t go down because the war you started will fall before the love and kindness happening in this country at this moment. Our schools are opening to welcome evacuees, our homes will open as well. Our heroes will fight to stop the fires and you know what, they’ll take the time to rescue the Torah scrolls that contain our faith, our dedication, the promise God made to us to give us this land. It’s all written there, all protected.

This is Israel. On the news, the firefighters look exhausted. More volunteers are pouring into the area. The fires are under control; security forces are on alert and have caught some of the terrorists.

Israel in a picture? One of our heroes saving a part of our heritage.

Paula R. Stern

Haifa Hesder Students Rescue Nursury School Children From Fire as Yeshiva Burns Down

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

Students from the Hesder Yeshiva Mevaser Shalom in Haifa ran out to evacuate the nursery school located in the first floor of their building, as the pyroterrorism fire got closer to their building.

Having saved the children, the students tried to return to the yeshiva to save the holy books, but it was too late, the building was on fire, and everything was lost.

All the teachers and students are alive and well.

The Hesder Yeshiva combines Torah study and IDF army service in a five year program.



Jewish Press News Briefs

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