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  • Rabbi Kahane addressed the pressing issue of Arab demography which the politicians were unable/unwilling to answer. The high Arab birthrate  threatens the survival of the Jewish State not merely by being a majority overall, but by being a majority  in regions of the country. Prime Example: the Galilee has been an Arab majority for years. A hotbed of hate, and in our times, a dangerous region at times for many Jewish travelers.


  • Rabbi Kahane understood that the Arabs hate Israel and view us as thieves. He understood that Israeli-Arabs with “citizenship” are far more dangerous that those in the liberated regions because they can vote, and thus undo the Jewish state from within.


  • As a student of history, Rabbi Kahane understood that Israel faces a hostile fifth column who will mirror what the fifth column Germans did to their respective countriesduring World War II. And he predicted that the left understood it as well, and thus would come to the same solution, albeit turned on its head in a grotesque parody of sanity. Instead of transferring hostile Arabs, they chose suicidal territorial concession to the PLO, and the expulsion of Jews from their homes.


Rabbi Kahane spoke of transfer, because it was what the Torah spoke of. It was also necessary. Unlike RehavamZeevi (Hy’d) of Moledet, whose notion of “voluntary transfer” lacked teeth, Rabbi Kahane had a concrete plan. He wasn’t asking them. He was telling them what he would do as Prime Minister. In the early years, the other parties and the press viewed him as a lunatic fringe with no power base. As his popularity surged in the 1980’s and he received a Knesset seat, they became terrified. And the future was his. Polls showed it to be so. So he had to be silenced, and in a tragic marriage, Labor and Likud did away with him, politically. Rabbi Kahane maintained that the choice was ultimately Kahane or Arafat. As his voice was muted, the seeds were planted for Oslo. The politicians chose Arafat.

And that is why rockets are raining down across the entire length and breadth of the country. Because our leaders adopted the one policy that has historically doomed countries. Appeasement. They jammed the lie that Fatah was different than Hamas down the public throat, and we now have to deal with both of them on different fronts. Military experts arrogantly insisted  that there was no danger of missiles reaching Israel. And even when the reality of rockets rose, they embarked on sterile, mini operations that were mere band-aids on a rotting limb. And that is why our soldiers are now on the ground in Gaza , seeking to identify and destroy a complex nightmare network of terror tunnels. Because our leaders twiddled their thumbs and left the impending nightmare for a future generation to deal with. And while Jewish soldiers return home in caskets, the ever present threat of a ceasefire looms. An assurance of future wars which will make this current bloodbath look like a skirmish.


Get Your Head Right!


I don’t want to hear any more of the following grotesque statements, which are cliche in our times. The stuff of Facebook and twitter.  They are undignified, because they deny us the full reach of our arm, which is a moral right.


  • Israel has the right to protect itself. One either understands this, or one hates Jews and denies us this most human of rights. We get it. The U.N. Is a conglomerate of European and Middle Eastern anti-semites. This is hardly a revelation. “Moderate” Turkey, Jordan, Morocco, and Egypt are  myths.


  • No other country in the world.… or Israel goes out of its way and endangers….(lo aleinu) Nothing to be proud of here. There is nothing moral about warning a hostile populace that elected a terrorist entity as its representative.  Nothing moral in the slightest about endangering a Jewish soldier to prevent future terrorists from reaping what the society has sown.


  • Any statement from the late Golda Meir about how peace will come when the Arabs love their children…. What a revelation! They are savages. They’ve adopted the path of Amalek. They murder their own in order to murder Jews. Golda’s statement weakens our resolve. It portrays a false human image dealing in fantastical sentiment which has no basis in reality. And with such a false construct in our minds, we cannot possibly generate the resolve to deal with the Arabs.

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Donny Fuchs made aliyah in 2006 from Long Island to the Negev, where he resides with his family. He has a keen passion for the flora and fauna of Israel and enjoys hiking the Negev desert. His religious perspective is deeply grounded in the Rambam's rational approach to Judaism.