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Bus Driver Brutally Pushes Haredi Passenger to the Curb

An Egged bus driver operating line 1 from the International Convention Center at the entrance to Jerusalem to the Western Wall, brutally attacks a Haredi man, News 0404 reported Wednesday morning. According to the news outlet, the same driver has been involved in several similar incidents and several complaints have already been filed against him over his mistreatment of passengers.


The driver physically prevented the Haredi passenger from getting on the bus through the front door, insisted that he must not get on, and finally pushed him to the curb brutally. The driver only calmed down when he realized he was being recorded.

It makes you wonder how many pogroms could have been prevented if people in 1930s Europe had smartphones.

The bus company issued a press release suggesting the bus was full – lie number one, you can tell from the video it was empty, and later, the driver let a long line of passengers board; they also said the passenger cursed the driver – lie number two. As the video shows, the passenger was angry at being segregated but did not curse.

Egged will conduct an investigation of the incident (phew?). Now, here’s the killer part:

“Of course, if it becomes clear to us that the driver was not accurate in his version of events or, alternatively, acted contrary to what was expected and required of him as a public vehicle driver who is entrusted with providing efficient and optimal service to his passengers, we will take all the measures at our disposal against the driver, to root out such behavioral phenomena in Egged services.”

As you probably should have done when the first complaint was filed against him.


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