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ZIM New York ship (archive)

A ship that was leased by the Israeli Zim Integrated Shipping Services (formerly ZIM Israel Navigation Company and Zim American Israeli Shipping) last week was forced to change course as it was attempting to dock at the Rades Port in Tunisia, on its way to Spain.

The was ship turned around at the entrance to the port after anti-Israel boycott activists threatened to block the port, and port workers said they would not handle the ship’s cargo if it docked. In response, the crew decided to continue directly to Spain.


Information on the ship’s arrival was publicized by the General Workers Union in Tunisia and the TACBI Organization that works to promote an academic and cultural boycotts of Israel. TACBI Activists in Tunisia claimed that the ship’s attempt to dock at the Tunisian port was “part of an undercover network of Israeli business that attempts to work around the boycott of the State of Israel.”

Attorney Nati Rom, founder of the Lev HaOlam Organization that fights against the global boycott, commented: “Unfortunately I am not surprised to hear this news. Zim, like many Israeli companies, continues to suffer from boycott groups that spread lies about Israel.”

“The boycott groups in Tunisia have sabotaged cooperation between our two countries,” Rom continued. “In the end, this will only hurt Tunisia’s citizens. This incident also follows Tunisia’s refusal to host Israel in the international chess championship following pressure from the same groups.”

“My organization and I will continue to expand our relationships with citizens throughout Africa who recognize the lies of the BDS and want to know the truth about what is happening in Israel. We have no choice but to continue strengthening our connections to this important region. I am optimistic that a change in views on Israel will yet come.”


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