Photo Credit: Courtesy: Zomet Institute
A thermometer that is approved for use on Shabbat.

The Zomet Institure, which finds and invents halachically (Jewish law) acceptable solutions for using certain modern technical (and non-technical) devices on Shabbat, has introduced a thermometer that can be used in synagogues and hospitals on Shabbat.

In response to the health requirement to check the temperatures of individuals entering public buildings to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, Zomet introduced an infrared thermometer that is permissible for use on Shabbat. The thermometer can be used as a handheld device, or mounted at the entrance to the building.


The thermometer operates automatically, without the need to press any buttons.

The device could be a game-changer for synagogues in Israel and around the world, allowing them to fully comply with the same regulations that apply to supermarkets and other public spaces, without the violation of any Shabbat laws.

The Israeli government is also considering requiring a Coronavirus gabai (sexton) who will make sure everyone is properly social distancing, wearing masks, and following all the other health requirements while within the shul building.



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