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The arrest of the couple who tried to rip off the face masks of three Jews in Williamsburg.

The NYPD arrested Paulo and Clelia Pinho, 35 and 46 respectively, of Queens, at 8:30 PM, Sunday, for trying to rip off the face masks of three Chassidic men in Williamsburg, NYC. The couple was shouting anti-Semitic slurs and accused the Jews of spreading the coronavirus. The incident took place at the corner of Bedford Avenue and Ross Street.

According to Police, Paulo and Clelia got out of their cars, started shouting anti-Semitic curses as well as, “You’re the reason why we’re getting sick,” and attacked the three men, trying to grab their face masks.


Police arrived at the scene in response to an emergency 911 call made by the couple, who reported being surrounded by a large crowd. According to the NYPD, a patrol of the Shomrim volunteer watch group detained the couple and handed them over to Police.

The couple were treated for injuries they sustained while being subdued by the Shomrim, the NYPD said.

According to the Brooklyn district attorney’s office, the couple were not arraigned on Monday morning.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said the attack on the Jewish pedestrians was unacceptable: “We don’t accept bias in New York City,” he said in his Tuesday morning tweet. “Any act of hate crime, we pursue it.” He also tweeted: “We take hate crimes extremely seriously, and we will bring all perpetrators to justice.”

But, of course, it was the Mayor who led the anti-Semitic charge back on April 29, when he attacked Williamsburg Jews who participated in a Police-approved funeral, and ignored the thousands of New Yorkers who crowded together that same day to watch the Air Force flyover. So, thank you, Mr. Mayor, for the heartfelt words.



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