Photo Credit: Americans Against Antisemitism
Jewish man who was attacked on the NYC subway, July 2022.

“This Jewish man was violently attacked for no other reason than being identifiably Jewish, and the perpetrator told him he’d have killed the Jewish man if only he had a gun,” former NY State Assemblyman Dov Hikind tweeted on Wednesday, and followed with this interview with the victim:


The victim was sitting on the E train when a group of Black youths stormed the train car, and one of them did a flip and stepped on the victim’s foot. The victim groaned, and the Black youth told him, “Stop recording me, give me the phone you Jew.” And then he punched the victim in the face without a warning, with the results you can see in the image above: a bleeding lip.

According to the victim, none of the dozen or so passengers in the train car said anything, much less try to defend him. And when he was leaving, the Black assailant informed his victim: “If I had a gun, I would shoot you.”
Hikind noted that “this man was violently attacked yesterday on the NYC subway because he’s Jewish just hours after Americans Against Antisemitism had released its damning report showing that NYC DAs are derelict in their duty to prosecute violent criminals.”

The report followed 118 cases in which Orthodox Jews––who looked the part––were assaulted or taunted with antisemitic slurs, and concluded: “When it comes to anti-Jewish hate crimes in NYC, there are practically no serious consequences to be had or severe punishments to be faced by very violent and hateful criminals who’ve caused significant physical, emotional and psychological damage to their victims.”

86 antisemitic crimes were recorded in the first quarter of 2022, and at this rate, the year is slated for an increase over 2019’s 242 antisemitic crimes. During the Corona, in 2021, antisemitic crimes dropped to 198, presumably because Jews and their Antisemitic assailants tended to stay indoors.

“There must be consequences for violence or it will get worse!” Hikind cried.

Here’s a surefire cure for antisemitic attacks: make Aliyah, folks. Yes, they’ll continue to hate you over in the Land of our Forefathers, but our side gets to do something about it.

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