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October 28, 2016 / 26 Tishri, 5777
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Ukrainian Synagogue Firebombed (Video)

As JewishPress.com warned, it's not going to stop with flyers and threatening letters.

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The synagogue in Nikolayev, Ukraine was firebombed at 2 am this past Sabbath morning.

The synagogue in Nikolayev, Ukraine was firebombed at 2 am this past Sabbath morning.
Photo Credit: Yisrolik Gottlib

The debate as to whether or not the flyer passed out to the Jewish community in Ukraine was an “official” document or not, and whether it was sent by the Russians or the Ukrainians, is abhorrent.

The fact is, someone deigned it appropriate to bring overt anti-Semitism into the fight between the Russians and Ukrainians, and that is all there is to it.

As JewishPress.com pointed out, it’s not going to stop at threatening letters. At 2 AM, Saturday morning, the Nikolayev synagogue in Ukraine was firebombed multiple times, as the anti-Semitism escalates.

The attack was caught on the shul’s CCTV system, and posted online by Yisroel Gottlib, the son of the city’s Chief Rabbi Sholom Gotlieb.

You can watch the entire attack on the video below.

In February, the Giymat Rosa Synagogue in Zaporizhia, southeast of Kiev was firebombed for the first time.


Daytime photos of the synagogue after the attack (photos by Yisrolik Gottlib, using a normal camera):

Nikolayev Synagogue Daylight 2

Nikolayev Synagogue Daylight

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  1. the problem of jews is that they always live abroad while your home israel is less populated.go home and live with your brothers and help them to fight against islam,your deadliest enemy.i thought winston churchil made home for u again in 1947 in order to flee from anti semitic bastards?so?go home and live,may your god help u just like he did in the time of egypt and babylon exile.go to jerusalem and live peacefully there.

  2. Animal racists , EU And John Karry ! Watch this ! It started like this in Nazzi Germani , so simple as that

  3. Mindless idiots .:(

  4. Sad new! G’D protect Ukrainian Jewish!

  5. please Jewish people of the Ukraine flee to Israel this is only going to get worse

  6. why is this happening again????? 🙁

  7. Nothnig more than a Russian provocation against the Ukrainian Jews who are great Ukrainian patriots.

  8. It happens because we are light in a world of darkness.

  9. Brett Heyns says:

    Jewish people, get out and get back to the safe haven… Let the towns that forced you out, turn to the dogs.

  10. יש להם ידע מוכח באנטישמיות רצחנית

  11. Deb Hoc says:

    Get all Jews including the survivors of the holocaust to Israel like you did for Jews from Africa.

  12. That is Ukraine….and it’s not the Russians but the Ukrainian locals behind the fierce antisemitims.

  13. well yes, when are our achi in Ukraine gonna learn its time to leave for ISRAEL

  14. Joyce Myers says:

    So sad…a shame

  15. It’s time to pack up n go

  16. Bill Ades says:

    Cossacks, Babi Yar…Ukrainian anti-semitism never gets old. Bunch of filthy animals…I hope Putin takes over the whole place

  17. Ukranians have hated the Jews forever, it seems and those that are there would be smart to get out while the going is good.The Ukranians were pro-nazi in WW2 and aided in the Holocaust willingly and gladly. I know of a Chabad Rabbi in a small Ukranian city through his brother, and he only hopes the Russians take over the country.This tells you something.

  18. The Cossacs were Russians working for the Russian anti-Semitic system, and the genocide killing of Babin Yar was an act of the Nazi Wehrmacht (6. Army). Where do you see an Ukrainian connection which give you the right to blame Ukraine for that?! This attack is nothing more than a Russian provocation against the Ukrainian Jews and the Ukrainian Rabbis, who were and are great Ukrainian patriots. And now Ukraine is ruled by native Jews – Yatsenyuk and Groisman – and this fact Kremlin just can’t stand. Kremlin’s politics was ever anti-Semitic – in the Tzars time of the Empire, in the Communist time of USSR, and after 1990 till now.

  19. Anna Bishop says:

    Get your people out.

  20. BTW, Any crime against Jews in Ukraine was ordered by the Russians or Germans. Here more about the Russian anti-Semitism in the land you know as Ukraine today – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Jewish_pogroms_in_the_Russian_Empire — and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antisemitism_in_the_Russian_Empire — and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antisemitism_in_the_Soviet_Union

  21. How do you know it’s Russian provocation and not Ukrainian?

  22. Don’t understand why Jews didn’t leave that country when most of us left back in 80s and 90s .

  23. Les Martin says:

    Vessela Kulev…as a UKranian you don’t know your own history ,head in sand,Ukranian Nazi party collaborated with Hitlers murderers and enjoyed killing Jews,they had their own ss. Gen up before covering up ,everyone knows this. Except you,without the Russians it would be worse and they are no angels.

  24. racism and antisemitism will fall…G-d save d jews……

  25. Exactly, Les.In the village where my grandfather,cousins,uncles and aunts lived, a few survivors said the Ukranians killed the Jews there and brutally as well-they were worse than the Germans according to the witnesses. They wiped out every relative of mine that was there.

  26. Bill Ades says:

    Speaking of heads in the sand, Why hasn’t the Ukrainian government issues any kind of public statement?

  27. This is very sad to me. What’s wrong with people?

  28. Stepan Bandera Nazi whose monuments Ukrainians erect today – that’s Ukrainian – Holocaust connection for you . And a BIG one.

  29. Al Wright says:

    it’s the 30’s & 40’s all over again

  30. Why are people so stupid

  31. Gene Strong says:

    Deport palestinians and Muslims from Jerusalem Gaza and west bank. Resettle.with Ukrainian. And eastern European / Russian jews.

  32. Vessela, My father left the Ukraine in the late 20’s. There was terrible anti-semitism…

  33. Borzastó ez az esemény.

  34. Borzastó ez az esemény.

  35. Gina Lacera says:

    No merecen tener gente valiosa cerca de canallas y cobardes terroristas acomplejados…ojalá y emigren a Israel pronto!!!

  36. Julia Bayless says:

    Deja Vu anyone.

  37. Horrible and Obama is playing Golf .

  38. Aryeh Sax says:

    The Ukrainians made good Nazis in the 1940's and the Russians not any better. Two devils fighting each other, why get involved.

  39. Passover is the holiday of national liberation from Egyptian bondage.

    Jews had a hard time accepting the grand idea of liberty when the opportunity presented itself. According to lore, many Jews chose to stay behind in Egypt precisely because they weren’t ready to leave. Weaning the Jews off of a slave mentality which was drilled into them over time.

    Israel does the same… they try hard to appease the very people who claim to want peace but call for the death of Jews( not Israelis but Jews) every day in their media and in their schools….

    Jews had better understand that the state of Israel had it existed in 1938 would have saved Millions of Jews from the very people who fire bombed this synagogue.

  40. These people are cowards just like the terrorist.

  41. Bonnie Denton says:


  42. Because in this area the Ukrainian Jews are pro-Ukrainian and even the patriotic movement in Ukraine is ruled by Jews. Kremlin talks about “the paid by Jews Maydan” or “paid by Israel and USA Maydan”, the whole time since last October till now. It’s the typical KGB style. May be you never lived in a land with such horrible propaganda methods and such brutality like the Russian Empire or the Bolshevik USSR and its whole Communist Pact in Eastern Europe, but we did. Today, in many European newspapers you can read about how some ex-KGBsts try to recruite common people in many countries in EU or East Europe – to spy their democratic governments for Kremlin or to do criminal acts in ex-Eastern European countries – like terror acts, sabotages, incl. against the Jewish communities – of course with the intention to blame the democratic governments for those acts and to make Putin’s crazy system looking good. It was Russia’s politics, it stays Russia’s politics – nothing changes. Look at Katyn – over 50 years Kremlin stood on his version (with academic! stidies and false documents!) that Katyn was not the cirme of the Russians – propaganda with lies and brain washing is the most productive method of a totalitarian regime, and Russia was and is such one, a system of autocracy. The Jewish citizens in Ukraine always were and are great Ukrainian patriots, they don’t trust the Russian state after all the pogroms and killings (over 9 million Jews were killed in the Russian Empire and in the USSR, and over 8 millions deported, deportations were even in the 1980s!) Now with such acts, Kremlin trys to destroy the good relashionships between non-Jewsh Ukrainians and Ukrainian Jews, and this in a time when Ukriane is ruled by two Jews, great politicians, BTW – Yatsenyuk and Groisman.

  43. Alema Gebreb says:


  44. AC Stubbs says:

    Tell your Congressmen to recall Kerry.

  45. Rena Avadi says:

    God is watching and they should be scared. Their hell is coming!

  46. Alan Kardon says:

    All those who are advising that the Jewish people of the Ukraine just pick up and leave. It is not that simple. Israel will welcome them with open arms. Can they take what is theirs with them? Will Ukraine/Russia allow them to leave? By the way you advisors why are you not in Israel? Easy to sit in your chair and advise others. Solution, find the guilty parties and give them the Nazi justice they practice and deserve. NEVER EVER AGAIN.

  47. Get to Israel and now because it is only going to get worse .

  48. Nothing changes. Anti-semitism remains as a virulent force throughout the world. Blind hatred of the JEW is 3000 years old. Where there is a failure, the JEW is held responsible.
    The Christian world led by the Pope who preaches peace fails to even mention this situation. Why??
    The Jewish world vowed "NEVER AGAIN", but in all honesty can do nothing to prevent this situation of the Shoah again rearing it's ugly face.
    Yes, once again the world will do nothing to prevent the slaughter of the JEW.

  49. The cowardly act of one individual who obviously took care not to throw his "bombs" while cars were passing by could have happened (and does) in the USA or France or anywhere. This is not your drunken, peasant mob of yesteryear. Stop trying to pull the genie out of the bottle. This is a complicated situation for which the EU has to share the blame for deliberately poking their finger in Putin's eye. Bear in mind that former IDF Israeli Ukrainians have been active on both sides of the divide. There will always be anti "something" acts by deranged individuals. Be vigilant, yes, but don't cry "wolf" too often.

  50. Debi Lovell says:

    Lord pls protect teh Jewish people in these times

  51. We Jews need to remember the past and arm ourselves for defense.
    Warriors like Joshua.

  52. Jorge Tabori says:

    Mara Gal Venezuela, Ukrajna, Magyarország lásd aggodalommal a nő az idegengyűlölet, a rasszizmus és a gyűlölet az emberek, akik ihlette a náci, fasiszta eszmék. Ez nem lep meg. Ez a valóság.

  53. somebody needs to get these instigators in prison

  54. Robert Daren says:

    While I believe in Jews returning to Israel and making Aliya, why should we accept being "kicked out" of anywhere that they want to be. Jews are strong, smart, and will never let the Shoa happen again. It's time to stand up for ourselves, depend on ourselves, and not placate to the antisemitic racists. To "run" to Israel because people are trying to wipe us out again is the wrong reason to go. This just allows the racists to round us up into one place. We will not accept anyone any longer telling us where we can or can not exist.

  55. Les Martin says:

    Bill Adds..the president elect has come out and decried both the Jewish registration decree and the burning of a synagogue..

  56. ” One of the worst massacres of European Jews took place in the Ukraine”. The Jews need another great warrior.

  57. M'Lissa Saks says:

    Enough is enough, please escape to Israel all Jews, its not safe in the Ukraine for anybody but especially the Jews……….

  58. I pray for G-d’s protection on these people until they can leave this terrible place. I know it is home to them, now it is time to love the homeland of Israel.

  59. when are the jews leaving and going to israel

  60. Steven Raff says:

    Send an IDF to keep guard … shoot the next firebomber and put his head on a pike.

  61. Hank Lukas says:

    Looks like Nazi Germany on the Night of Broken Glass. i hope Ukaine goes to hell.

  62. Hank Lukas says:

    it going be like Nazi Germany, Let’s never Forget. Let’s not make the same mistake.

  63. ok russia take that less then ordinary country

  64. Phyllis Kosen says:

    And there was snow in the Eastern US this past week.So you point being?

  65. Cherie Lewis says:

    It’s Easter Sunday, a “traditional” day for anti-Semitic attacks in Eastern Europe. So sad that this “tradition” is continuing.

  66. Nazis have to be stopped!

  67. Lloyd Bergner says:

    Hashem will avenge the blood of His People B":H

  68. Ukrainians fire bombing Jewish synagogues is sure to take the spotlight off Putin and refocus it on Ukrainians. This is one smart dog we're dealing with. Putin causing civil strife so he can come in to Ukraine to peace keep under the guise of protecting the Jews and come out smelling sweet. Putin is bored playing chess. Playing with peoples lives is way more of a rush. The guy is a Sociopath who will stop at nothing. He has money, loyal connections to a wide network of mafia and power. We're dealing with evil. Sorry Jews. You're being set up.

  69. Dennis Illig says:

    Horrible and O does nothing.

  70. What is the greater society going to do about the rise of Nazim?

  71. This is not a set up …you are an idiot… This is Antisemitism at its evilest. Who cares about the damn Ukraine. They already have killed most of their Jewish poipulation in the pogroms. Antisemitism has never been used as a ploy. It is real and exists all over the world.Still and sorry to say forever.

  72. Jennifer Moe says:

    If this is confirmed, it is time to help them get out! Time to go to your roots. Time to return to Israel. I’m not Jewish so I can’t possibly know how they are truly feeling right now but don’t wait for the worst to start happening! As Christians and Jews we have got to try to stop this!

  73. Would u like to tell me when they should stand up and how they will stand up against the Ukrainian and Russian Anti Semites. Always has been and always will be. I just don't get why any Jews care to remain and stay there. My grandparents got out in the late 1890,s. Thank G-d .

  74. Obama is just as much of a sociopath as PUTIN

  75. maldors ze hass der yidden.

  76. Stepan Bandera was never a Nazi, he was a prisoner in Sachsenhausen by order by Hitler. In Bandera’s independence movement many people were native Jews, his wife had Jewish grandparents. Bandera was an Ukrainian freedom fighter against the German Nazis and against the Russian Bolsheviks. And I guess, you are a native Russian, if you’re a real person and not a Russian troll.

  77. Ray Watson says:

    We American Jews be next? Let us pray not

  78. Yair Lax says:

    It’s a very interesting video ….

  79. Have to leave, not just from Ukraine. 🙁

  80. Lety Levy says:

    It is not easy after one has work so hard and rase a family to just get up and go, we need to pray for our people and hope they can leave safe but please do not make negative comments, if you do not have something nice to say please keep it to yourself.

  81. Gerri Eisenberg You’re Right Gerry. The most evil is not the person who lights the flame but those who pick up the flame and run with it. Co-dependents, Protectors and Enablers.
    Anti-Semitism is a form of Bullying. Co-dependents, Enablers and protectors are Bully’s accomplices. Ukrainians at one time were guilty of being Bully’s Accomplices. Unfortunately, Anti-Semitism will not be eradicated until we eradicate Bullying in the school ground. Bully’s always target those who they most admire and most want to be. Bullying is also a drug that delivers a feel good high. It’s a form of “projection”. It’s a cheap man’s medication for painful feelings and inadequacy. The only way we will eradicate Anti-Semitism is with the light of knowledge. Having said this, we are only as strong as our weakest link. Jews don’t hold the patent on being Bullied and Mobbed. Bullying goes on everyday in the schoolyard, in the family, the workplace and on a grand scale. Bully’s are drug addicts and drug addicts suffer from Anosognosi. I’m justified in harming you to get what I want. Bully’s like drug addicts are incapable of empathy. We have a long way to go Gerri. I’m more optimistic than you though. My glass is always half full. I’ve got a flashlight and can see in the dark.

  82. Gerri Eisenberg – I just want to add that according to the Torah, anti-semitism will never end. We Jews are destined to have Amalak biting at our heels since the Splitting of the sea of reeds. We are destined to be bullied AND we are destined to survive. Nothing new under the sun, eh?

  83. Arm yourselves and make a statement. All thugs understand fear, show them fear, bring it to their doorsteps, bring it to their homes, invade their dreams with it.

    Stop waiting for the police or some authority to step in, take a step and make it count.

    Dont register and dont turn in your guns.

  84. Gerri Eisenberg How will Jews stand up to Ukrainians and Russians?
    Answer: With the tools you have. Jews pretty much own the movie industry and Jews are very capable, creative and intelligent people.
    Start at the lowest common denominator and work your way up. Solve the problem of why children Bully, teach the world through cinematography. Then solve the problem of why do people use drugs and teach the world through cinematography.
    Then you can solve the problem of why do people become mentally ill, suffer obsessions (like I hate the Jews, I hate the cops, I hate Obama or the Government, I hate my Mother the Whore).
    Obsessions often cause the spark, it doesn’t take long before people of like minds (with similar obsessions) to gather and fan the flame: Bombing of the Federal Building by Timothy McVeigh.
    Once the train is set into motion, it has to ability to become a wild fire which is hard to stop.
    To solve the problem of Anti-Semitism, you might have to look for answers outside of Anti-Semitism. Find the BIG picture and bring it home.

  85. Joseph Sanchez says:

    If you don't know by now, It has always been the American corrupt government that has been behind ever conflict every time, everywhere and what for? FOR FINANCIAL GAIN, PERIOD!!! What better way to involve other countries ESPECIALLY YOUR COUNTRY to fight there battles. Please remember that the GOOD American people and the CORRUPT American Government ARE NOT ONE!!

  86. Yuki Back Katan google the weather, called for snow.

  87. Joseph Sanchez says:

    More so now to involve ISRAEL for not cooperating with corrupt KERRY!

  88. Joseph Sanchez says:

    I believe that SPEAKING the TRUTH in America is now a crime!!!
    Sorry but I will not tell a lie to my brothers and sisters in GOD!!!

  89. This looks like what happened pre WWII….get out of Ukraine.

  90. Aryeh Sax says:

    I agree but let the dogs fight and maybe we will have one less fight ahead.

  91. Kim Sloan says:

    They need to fight back! This cannot be solved by leaving!

  92. Shmuel Brodsky I don't subscribe to this philosophy. People are targeted because they are smart, because they are smart, intelligent, successful, possess virtues, are kind, loving, generous to a fault and usually honest and straight forward. If you're a slime ball who doesn't love your "self", you just have to hate people who you consider to be better than you. That's just the way it is Shmuel. We have choices. You can get dumber to blend in. This way nobody will bother with you, or you can choose to be who you are and respect yourself. I'll go with the self respect and take on those who want to bring me down to their level.

  93. ser grande genera rencor el los imbéciles…

  94. The snow shouldn’t be there. I’d like to know more about the origin of the video.

  95. "don't cry wolf" ??? Are you insane? So its not a big deal when a synagogue is firebombed?

  96. and it begins again-leave Jews ASAP!!

  97. Aryeh Sax says:

    Stephanya Lisova A small one like yours, hoping to keep it green, apparently in this case we have the Russians, wanting parts if not all of the Ukraine and the Ukraine not wanting to give it up. In these cases I am referring to the governments of each, not the peaceful inhabitants on both sides, who would just like to be left alone. And naturally as a Jew I must think how the Jews who live there feel, as they say history repeats itself unless someone puts a stop to it. Imagine how a Jew feels in this place, with the background of Babi Yar, and how Abraham, meet his neighbor who he often shared bread with in Auschwitz only now he was a guard. People must draw a line in the sand someware, that don't get crossed. I don't mean a Obama line, that keeps moving or gets blown away each time. A real line to stand up for what is right. Its a small world for sure, and in modern times even smaller. Bullying seems to be the order of the day. I just wish this was not such a serious problem, but it is what it is.

  98. It is coming, Ray Watson. With the POS we have as Pres., an admitted Radical Muslim, who incorporated the Muslim Brotherhood into his cabinet, you can bet it's going to happen. It's been happening in the US for years!

  99. Laura Lederman Rothman says:

    It's the only country that has not kicked us to the curb and I hope we get a new government soon, one that will follow the constitution

  100. are they gonna blame the Jews on what Putin is doing? The world sucks, and we are always the scapegoats. WORLD! Wake up!



  103. Isaac Leizerson says:

    There was snow in the ukraine on the date of the video, local weather reports light snow, which is what we see.. perhaps if you had googled it first you wouldnt look like a dumbass

  104. Gerald King says:

    And it starts again grrrr

  105. Isaac Leizerson says:

    The beauty of America is i can keep my guns and my religion, from my cold dead hands is where they will have to rip them from.

  106. Anonymous says:

    Jocelyn Sumerel –

    How delusional are you? "An admitted Radical muslim" ?? Really? The MB in his cabinet? Wow! hat country do you live in? Was his ordering of more drone strikes to kill islamists than GWB did just a ploy to fool you? How about killing Osama? Step away from Fox news for a bit and you might learn something.

  107. Lyna Degen says:

    Vessela Kulev is a Bulgarian, pretending to be Jewish, but nobody of us knows her. No idea what she tries to acchieve on the Jewish pages of FB, but evidently she has no idea of history. Russian antisemitisme has long and horrible traditions, but the Ukrainian ones aren’t any better. Vessela, I would advise you to read the book Baby Yar by Anatoly Kuznetsov and stop writing nonsense.https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Holocaust/babiyar.html

  108. Gerri Eisenberg, you've got it correct. Once an anti-Semite, always an anti-Semite. Antisemitism is the height of bullying. Antisemitism, the longest hatred.

  109. Yes, IDF will get the job done.

  110. My family members were fortunate to have left Russia and Germany in time to remain alive. Antisemitism is the longest hatred. Remaining where their lives are constantly in danger proves nothing. Get outta there now.

  111. Tag Mehir Tzedek, exactly. No big deal? That mentality is insane. Everything is significant and not to be overlooked. These acts of aggression are the tip of the huge iceberg. These acts by individuals are more than that as they're widespread.

  112. Yes, Benjamin, nothing changes. Look at the ongoing past to predict the future. Jews as the scapegoat? Of course. The Catholic Church did nothing and does nothing to help Jews. In fact, less than nothing. Peace? Right.

  113. Absolutely, Ukrainians and countless others were virulent Nazis.

  114. Sam Cohen says:

    may all those involved in the fire bombing of the synagogue rot in hell along side their mothers.

  115. Aryeh Sax says:

    Barbara Fried Lynn Absolutely from as far as I know every country, involved and not during and before the war. even here in the USA we had the German American Bund, who had a large following in many areas of the country. They kinda dispersed when the war started. My point was the special place that the Ukrainians played. it seems they hated the Soviets and looked on the Germans as liberators, and for this they were willing to fight on the front, maybe not so hard. But as guards in the concentration camps was easy duty, killing people who could not fight back. Not all Ukrainians were willing to sell their soul, but as a group they got the rap anyway, not fair but. this is why I think Jews as a whole are very apprehensive of life in the Ukraine at this time. topped off with the firebombing of the two Synagogues and the stupid letter telling Jews to register for anything bring back the thought of Babi Yar, that didn't end well.

  116. Shawn Simons says:

    Gog and Magog, Meshiach shall arrive soon


  118. ” Nikolaev, Ukraine: At 2:00 am Friday night the main shul in Nikolaev was attacked by firebombs. B”H the shul was empty at the time. One firebomb was thrown at the door and the other was thrown at a window. Tomim Yisroelik Gottleib, son of Shliach Rabbi Sholom Gottleib, told Shturem that miraculously a person passing by the shul was equipped with a fire extinguisher, and immediately putout the fire that had erupted, preventing massive damage.” http://www.shturem.org/index.php?section=news&id=71387

    That’s some “miraculous” appearance of the fire extinguisher!

    Is there anyone here who can vouch for “Shturem” on this story?

    It was about 65-deg.F today where the firebombing allegedly took place. Checking the weather history for the region earlier today, I could not find evidence of a frosty, much less snowy, night.

    Does The Jewish Press not fact check such incendiary (sorry) reports?

    How about a daylight picture of the building, its setting, and the placement of the two (there are two videos up on the YouTube location) cameras?

  119. Andre Yeto says:

    Gerri Eisenberg Then why are they still hanging around in that harmful country,,,,haven't they learned enough?
    Israel was not founded out of no reason.

  120. Gregg Skalka says:

    Jews of Ukraine to Israel….NOW!!!

  121. Barbara Fried Lynn If you feel your lives are in danger, get out of there until things become sane again. I agree that remaining in a place that is not safe serves no purpose. I know Ukrainians who are moving from towns bordering Russia are relocating to Kyiv.

  122. Andre Yeto "They" likely know and understand their situation better than we do in the West.

  123. Barbara Fried Lynn People who are disconnected from their "Authentic Self" feel hatred and lack empathy. We're dealing with "thought disorders", OCD and those who are brain injured. You can't discuss logic with a person who is illogical, irrational and unreasonable. Know your enemy. I discovered that there is no difference between Anti-Semitics and Stalkers. One has an obsession with love, the other with hate. Both are obsessed and can't be dissuaded from their position.

  124. Jess Weiss says:

    Jocelyn Sumerel, are you a paid political operative? Why are you spreading that tired, old lie? If Obama is some Muslim why so many Jews in his inner circle? If Obama is a Muslim, why do why have a Passover Seder in the White House for the first time under ANY President. You make me sick with your empty lies and obvious politicsl rhetoric. You are the POS and I doubt you are really a Jew.

  125. Jess Weiss says:

    These dogs know something like this will inflame the American media. We need proof who these people in the videos are. A few bodies of those caught in the act. A few well placed snipers should do the trick.

  126. Jocelyn Sumerel What drivel! If you are not going to add intelligent, useful information to the discussion, then I would suggest you keep your mouth closed. By opeing it you have indicated that you are a fool.

  127. Jess Weiss says:

    The answer isn't always take refuge in Israel. Jews should be safe where they live, where ever that is. We need to stop the evil doers where they are.

  128. Aryeh Sax I hear you and can’t argue the point you make. Six million Ukrainians suffered a horrible death when Stalin forced a famine on parts of Ukraine. Jews don’t have a patent on suffering. I have a different view on life. I don’t look at Russians as being a threat as much as I do look at people who have no soul as being a threat. People who have become disconnected from their “Authentic Self” are dangerous. They are in denial and lack empathy. Sociopaths, Narcissists, Psychopaths. In order to change the way things are, we need to discover how it came to be that these people lost their souls and became inhuman. This is where we can make real change. When people lose their “Self” they try to compensate with “Power” and “Control”. They “Power Over” instead of “Power With”. Suddenly you find yourself a helpless victim on a train being engineered by a mad man. Drug addicts have no soul, people who are “high” on themselves, and people who are brain injured through some bacterial disease seem to lose their ability to care about other’s. Disordered thinking occurs. You don't have to be Jewish to fear the outcome of situations that arise from this kind of insanity.

  129. Eileen Gindin Spiegel says:

    Time for the Jews to leave. Go to Israel or come here to the US. I know they love their country but so did the German Jews who didn't believe what was happening.

  130. Why are they staying there ? I understand its home , but what are you waiting for ? Can’t you read the writing in the wall ? By staying isn’t gonna make you a martyr. Just leave and be safe

  131. There’s not enough of them / Jews

  132. The moon on Tuesday was indeed a sign.

  133. Aryeh Sax says:

    Stephanya Lisova Your point is right on. People have to look at other who might think differently but mean no harm as true friends. We must mentally as well as physically defeat the, as you put it, the Sociopaths, Narcissists, and Psychopaths.

  134. Aryeh Sax says:

    Not even sure it was Ukrainians, doing the fire bombing could be Russians setting up the situation.

  135. Mandy Jacobs says:

    Time to leave like a lot of French Jews leaving France Its starting all over again !!!!!!

  136. The world does not understand that the Jews develop, invent and create. Just what do the terrorists create to make a better life for themselves, there family’s the world.?

  137. this is simply horrific

  138. Aryeh Sax What we do know is that it's spiritually sick people who have become disconnected from God, Love, reason and conscience.

  139. Omar Grant says:

    Nasty signs …….

  140. Sasha Uvarov says:

    Bro, Russia is behind this one. Ukraine is striving toward an uncorrupt Democratic European government and Putin isn't letting them go.

  141. Sasha Uvarov says:

    Gerri Eisenberg youre the idiot because everything she said is correct.

  142. Aryeh Sax says:

    Stephanya Lisova absolutely correct.

  143. Aryeh Sax says:

    Sasha Uvarov What you are missing in the end they are both right.

  144. Sasha Uvarov says:

    Aryeh Sax I feel like Gerri is exaggerating quite a bit. Yes Antisemitism exists everywhere in the world. But growing up in Ukraine and going back there every few years never have I seen hatred to this extent. There is no way its just pure coincidence that this just happened to occur during the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Putin is a smart man and he knows how to take the eyes off the real problem.
    Also, I didn't watch the video completely, but I skimmed through it and I did not see any proof that this was a synagogue or if this was even in Ukraine.

  145. Jess Weiss says:

    Ray Watson, why do you post "We American Jews"? Did you mean "Will American Jews?" Because I do not believe you are Jewish. We American Jews will be fine as long as fundamentalist Christians stop trying to impose their beliefs on others and just live their own lives.

  146. Basha Kline says:

    These pagans surely must know that their afterlives will be to burn in hell, just as they burn our places of worship so they will eat the fruits of their labour…. hob zey in loch!

  147. I like what you said Stephanya very sad but correct.

  148. Alan Kardon says:

    An uncorrupt European government will be a first. I am also noticing the very "Democratic" way most are becoming.

  149. Alan Kardon says:

    The only way to stop "bullying" is to fight back.

  150. Easy target, … night, deserted area, and a coward running away…

  151. Lyna Degen says:

    Some more information about the Ukrainians and their role in the Holocaust http://www.ushmm.org/m/pdfs/20130500-holocaust-in-ukraine.pdf

  152. What else is new? Jews are the first to pay…those s kill the Jews and worship a jewish rabbi at the same time…

  153. Lyna Degen says:

    Vessela Kulev is a religios Christian Bulgarian, pretending to be Jewish, but nobody of us, the Bulgarian Jews, knows her. I can’t understand her obsession with defending the Ukrainian antisemitisme and trying to make it look better than the Russian one.

  154. Alan Kardon Evil would like nothing better than to make us evil.
    One day when I was searching for my lost daughter, I turned over a stone and saw two eyes staring at me from the darkness under the stone. It was Satan. Satan was hiding because Satan is the embodiment of FEAR. I then realized that FEAR and SATAN are one and the same. That’s why evil is so elusive. Satan hides under an alias. Satans’ real name is FEAR. What we’re really fighting is FEAR. Our fears, and those who are in states of fear and who’s fears make us fearful.
    We are confronted by FEAR at every crossroad and forced to make a choice. Do we run down the path that says “Power Over” or the one says “Power With”.
    Power Over will eventually take you over into denial where you will lose your connection to God. This path promises you Power. It makes you feel self righteous, indignant, Proud. But this is all an elusion. (Satans’ elusion). Satan is a liar. Satan beckons us to take the road into darkness where eventually we’ll become lost and confused. There is no Power in Fear. There is more fear in fear.
    The only Power there is, is in LOVE.
    I learned that when I am confronted by FEAR, I always must take the road that says “Power With”. This path leads to the light. Very few people know this.
    The man throwing this firebomb is standing on the path to FEAR. (“Power Over” with violence). This man is creating more FEAR. He does this at night so no one will see his face. We have the choice to fight FEAR with FEAR and to create more FEAR, or to fight FEAR with LOVE and create more LOVE.
    Fear needs to be exposed for what it is. (A faceless coward who’s wandered so far from God that he’s become disconnected and no longer feels the warmth of God’s Love).
    Fear is our greatest enemy. Fear hides from the light. Fear can be overcome with the light. (the light of knowledge).
    Here is a man firebombing the synagogue, inviting us to fear. Do we choose the path that says Power Over or the path that says Power With.
    Do we LOVE or do we FEAR?

  155. Please pray for them! How can we help them from so far away?

  156. Alan Kardon says:

    Gerri Eisenberg If they can't just get out should they just take the abuse?

  157. Alan Kardon says:

    Geoffrey Rogg – I want to see what you will say if they start throwing firebombs at your house. Obviously they will watch out for passing cars.

  158. Aryeh Sax says:

    Sasha Uvarov The video only shows the act, the incidents, were news story's, and were locally reported, by news services and the local rabbi's. As far a antisemitism goes, a look at history will answer your question. it seems to rise in times of stress. From the crusades to today. We look to Europe for its roots. But here we are concerned with the Ukraine, "Ukrainians collaborated with the German occupiers in various ways including: participating in the local administration, in German-supervised auxiliary police, Schutzmannschaft, in the German military, and serving as concentration camp guards. The Nachtigall Battalion and the Roland Battalion served the German military. However, The atrocities against the Jewish population during the Holocaust started within a few days of the beginning of German occupation. There are indications that the Ukrainian auxiliary police was used in the round-up of Jews for the Babi Yar massacre and in other Ukrainian cities and towns, such as Lviv Lutsk, and Zhytomyr. Reported by people who saw the action. On September 1, 1941, Nazi-controlled Ukrainian newspaper Volhyn wrote "The element that settled our cities (Jews)… must disappear completely from our cities. The Jewish problem is already in the process of being solved." so to undrerstand the thought process of antisemitisim beyond Babi Yar, is the prospect when the Abraham was sent to a consentration camps he meets his old friend Anton, his next door neighbor, who he shared meals with went to the theater with, and local pub and bought drinks for each other. their children played together. their wives shopped togther. True friends. Only one problem he was a Anton was a guard. Hearding Abrahams wife and children to the left, the one way trip. Kind of shakes your faith, in humanity. On the other hand the Ukraine rates the 4th in the number of people recognized as "Righteous among the Nations" for saving Jews during the Holocaust, with the total of 2272 individuals recognized to date. The religious Christian sect, the Shtundists, helped hide Jews in Ukraine during the Holocaust.

  159. Aryeh Sax says:

    Sasha Uvarov trying and doing is two different things, I cannot find a uncorrupted government anywhere yet.

  160. John Rintala says:

    Nobody wants to leave their country. The solution is for the US to stop supporting the coup regime which installed Nazis in top positions of the government and then waxes indignant about a forgery created to discredit the people in eastern Ukraine as anti-Semites.

    The US has been colluding with certifiable fascists, as usual.

  161. Les Martin says:

    Susanna Jacobs..thanks,but Jesus was never a rabbi.?a Jew maybe..started Jews for Jesus…haha.

  162. Alan Kardon says:

    Yuki – Why don't you come her and you can kiss my behind.

  163. Alan Kardon says:

    And I don't like you.

  164. Yuki Back Katan says:

    Here's hanky for your tears American. You must feel pretty sorry for yourself, whilst you bomb other nations.

  165. Alan Kardon says:

    Yuki – What rock did you crawl out from? Obviously you are brain dead. Your brain is very lonely. Why don't you join it and the world will be a better place.

  166. Miki Bacsi says:

    Gerri Eisenberg ; Exactly as you say.

  167. Miki Bacsi says:

    Gerri Eisenberg It's not always easy to get out.

    I – for example – was lucky since I was able to claim refugee status when I left my brain-dead commie birth country. But there were many people who did not get passports and/or visas if they were known Jewish. I for one did not advertise my Jewishness over there.

    But a lot of people were and still are stuck in @#$-up countries, and if they are not rich, without money they have no hope.

  168. Alan Kardon says:

    Stephanya Lisova – Very eloquent speech. It didn't help 6 million Jews plus 9 million others who were led to slaughter. Sorry but fighting back is the only answer to these terrorists.

  169. Aryeh Sax says:

    Alan Kardon I agree, but we are small in numbers so we must pick our fights. Our overall goal is to win, let the terrorist fight each other then take on what is left.

  170. Gerri Eisenberg till Moshiach comes, then they'll get a smack

  171. Moishe Pupik says:

    Infrared video camera. Makes grass look like snow.

  172. Moishe Pupik says:

    Snow?! I see a picture of grass as seen though an IR camera.

  173. Moishe Pupik says:

    What snow? Go look up some pictures of grass on an IR camera. You really sound silly with that conspiracy theory you hatched up.

  174. Moishe Pupik says:

    No, there’s grass, as seen through an IR enabled camera.

  175. It looks awfully thick, lumpy, and fuzzy for grass. But as snow — and snow on the buds of branches — there could have been snow. What about the building: one story? Two? A compound of buildings with a two-story sanctuary? And who had the fire extinguisher? Should such a hero not have been featured in one story or another? What’s missing is vetted third-party on-site reporting in real-time. The video’s still making the rounds on Twitter.

  176. I can concede the grass-looks-like-snow-in-IR idea but no note, no claim for the crime, a fire extinguisher carried by a passerby at about 3 a.m.? What is the address of the building? One story? Two stories? Has local government initiated an investigation for arson? Any findings so far?

  177. What about those who don't have the means to leave? We need to help them!

  178. Let us not be surprised at this cowardly attack against our house of worship in ukraine. ukraine has a very long history of anti-semitism – just think of babi-yar. how about the ukrainian volunteer ss division? their biggest problem is that there are not enough Jews left to kill. what to do? fond memories of periodic pogroms. they have to kill somebody, it is in their dna – so they can kill each other or fight the russians, that will be something to see. Let us hope that we can save the remaining Jews of ukraine from another holocaust.

  179. Matt Snider says:

    Not likely. A lot of us have guns and we know how to use them to defend our families, homes, friends and worshipsp houses.

  180. Alan Kardon You have no choice but to fight back. Fight back on the side of God, in the name of God, leave Jews out of it. This is everyone's war. This is a war of Good vs Evil. The man didn't bomb a synagogue, he bombed a place of worship. He bombed a public building. he vandalized his town and every person living in it. He could be a paid Russian provocateur, an immature half wit, someone who wants to be hero in his little group of nothing and nobody's, he could be suffering an "obsession". Who is this person? Does anybody know?

  181. Alan Kardon says:

    Aryeh Sax You are going off track. This article is about a synagogue being firebombed. If terrorists want to kill each other fine with me. But stay away from the Jews who have nothing to do with this argument.

  182. Alan Kardon says:

    no comprende Espanol.

  183. Barbara Fried Lynn This is a big deal. Some person has thrown a match into a dry pile of leaves. The entire forest could go up in smoke. You have to stomp it out before it becomes a blaze.

  184. Alan Kardon If they can't get out like everyone else, they could become a reporter to expose the Russian Mafia and get murdered the way Ukrainians do, they could join Maidan the way Ukrainians do in order to fight corruption, they could join the police force or the army like everyone who can't get out. They could organize their communities and discuss safety plans in the event of. If you're stuck, you're stuck and you're suck along with everyone else. Buckle your seat belt, the ride is about to get a lot rougher. Who said the war over evil was going to be a cakewalk.

  185. Alan Kardon says:

    You make excellent speeches. Problem is it is the wrong choir. Go tell this to the terrorists, Hamas, Hezzbulah, Al Quida, ETC, ETC. When you get them to listen we will be on the right track. Stop blaming the victims for the problem.

  186. Alan Kardon Go tell the terrorists? When was the last time you were able to bring someone illogical around to logic ? When you solve the problem of Ansognosia, is the day you will save the world. You can not argue logic with illogical, irrational, unreasonable people. You likely know a few alcoholics and drug addicts. Everyone does. Ever try to talk a stalker out of stalking? Our greatest threat doesn't come from healthy normal minds who's hearts are connected to conscience. Our threat is from those who's minds are disordered but sane enough to be believable.

  187. The sky is falling, the sky is falling. Does anyone know who the guy was that bombed the synagogue? Money talks. Why don't we post a reward and then shine a flashlight into his head. Here we are going on and on making some big deal about something that could be very simple. The guy could well be mentally ill, suffering a form of OCD and acting out through "projecting" because he's stressed and fearful about the Russian aggression happening. We're assuming that everyone is playing with a full deck.

    And speaking about a full deck, I heard Putin is "high". Intoxicated on his drug "Narcissism", doing impulsive things and driving like a drunk. He's tipping everyone's apple cart and running people off the road. Could someone in the position of authority remove this mans keys from the ignition before he kills more people than he already has. This man needs to be fired from his job as President so the Russian people can return to states of normal, relaxed and friendly.

  188. Joseph Wiesner, it makes sense that people who grieve a loss also grieve any previous losses. What you're saying is just plain silly though. First of all, we are not the same people as were our fathers and forefathers. Every new generation rebels against their parents way of thinking and doing things and forges their own path. How have you rebelled and improved on the way your parents did things or did you just hunker down and eat from the same bowl?

  189. Stephanya Lisova Notwithstanding that there are I am sure many people who are like you and think like you do and do have the sincerest of intentions, the fact does remain that there is and has been virulent anti sermitism in the Ukraine that is virtually unchanged over the years. Something that Jewish people must be constantly monitoring for our survival.

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