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August 21, 2014 / 25 Av, 5774
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Ukrainian Synagogue Firebombed (Video)

As JewishPress.com warned, it's not going to stop with flyers and threatening letters.

The synagogue in Nikolayev, Ukraine was firebombed at 2 am this past Sabbath morning.

The synagogue in Nikolayev, Ukraine was firebombed at 2 am this past Sabbath morning.
Photo Credit: Yisrolik Gottlib

The debate as to whether or not the flyer passed out to the Jewish community in Ukraine was an “official” document or not, and whether it was sent by the Russians or the Ukrainians, is abhorrent.

The fact is, someone deigned it appropriate to bring overt anti-Semitism into the fight between the Russians and Ukrainians, and that is all there is to it.

As JewishPress.com pointed out, it’s not going to stop at threatening letters. At 2 AM, Saturday morning, the Nikolayev synagogue in Ukraine was firebombed multiple times, as the anti-Semitism escalates.

The attack was caught on the shul’s CCTV system, and posted online by Yisroel Gottlib, the son of the city’s Chief Rabbi Sholom Gotlieb.

You can watch the entire attack on the video below.

In February, the Giymat Rosa Synagogue in Zaporizhia, southeast of Kiev was firebombed for the first time.


Daytime photos of the synagogue after the attack (photos by Yisrolik Gottlib, using a normal camera):

Nikolayev Synagogue Daylight 2

Nikolayev Synagogue Daylight

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206 Responses to “Ukrainian Synagogue Firebombed (Video)”

  1. the problem of jews is that they always live abroad while your home israel is less populated.go home and live with your brothers and help them to fight against islam,your deadliest enemy.i thought winston churchil made home for u again in 1947 in order to flee from anti semitic bastards?so?go home and live,may your god help u just like he did in the time of egypt and babylon exile.go to jerusalem and live peacefully there.

  2. Animal racists , EU And John Karry ! Watch this ! It started like this in Nazzi Germani , so simple as that

  3. Mindless idiots .:(

  4. Sad new! G’D protect Ukrainian Jewish!

  5. please Jewish people of the Ukraine flee to Israel this is only going to get worse

  6. why is this happening again????? :(

  7. Nothnig more than a Russian provocation against the Ukrainian Jews who are great Ukrainian patriots.

  8. It happens because we are light in a world of darkness.

  9. Brett Heyns says:

    Jewish people, get out and get back to the safe haven… Let the towns that forced you out, turn to the dogs.

  10. יש להם ידע מוכח באנטישמיות רצחנית

  11. Deb Hoc says:

    Get all Jews including the survivors of the holocaust to Israel like you did for Jews from Africa.

  12. That is Ukraine….and it’s not the Russians but the Ukrainian locals behind the fierce antisemitims.

  13. well yes, when are our achi in Ukraine gonna learn its time to leave for ISRAEL

  14. Joyce Myers says:

    So sad…a shame

  15. It’s time to pack up n go

  16. Bill Ades says:

    Cossacks, Babi Yar…Ukrainian anti-semitism never gets old. Bunch of filthy animals…I hope Putin takes over the whole place

  17. Ukranians have hated the Jews forever, it seems and those that are there would be smart to get out while the going is good.The Ukranians were pro-nazi in WW2 and aided in the Holocaust willingly and gladly. I know of a Chabad Rabbi in a small Ukranian city through his brother, and he only hopes the Russians take over the country.This tells you something.

  18. The Cossacs were Russians working for the Russian anti-Semitic system, and the genocide killing of Babin Yar was an act of the Nazi Wehrmacht (6. Army). Where do you see an Ukrainian connection which give you the right to blame Ukraine for that?! This attack is nothing more than a Russian provocation against the Ukrainian Jews and the Ukrainian Rabbis, who were and are great Ukrainian patriots. And now Ukraine is ruled by native Jews – Yatsenyuk and Groisman – and this fact Kremlin just can’t stand. Kremlin’s politics was ever anti-Semitic – in the Tzars time of the Empire, in the Communist time of USSR, and after 1990 till now.

  19. Anna Bishop says:

    Get your people out.

  20. BTW, Any crime against Jews in Ukraine was ordered by the Russians or Germans. Here more about the Russian anti-Semitism in the land you know as Ukraine today – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Jewish_pogroms_in_the_Russian_Empire — and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antisemitism_in_the_Russian_Empire — and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antisemitism_in_the_Soviet_Union

  21. How do you know it’s Russian provocation and not Ukrainian?

  22. Don’t understand why Jews didn’t leave that country when most of us left back in 80s and 90s .

  23. Les Martin says:

    Vessela Kulev…as a UKranian you don’t know your own history ,head in sand,Ukranian Nazi party collaborated with Hitlers murderers and enjoyed killing Jews,they had their own ss. Gen up before covering up ,everyone knows this. Except you,without the Russians it would be worse and they are no angels.

  24. racism and antisemitism will fall…G-d save d jews……

  25. Bill Ades says:

    Speaking of heads in the sand, Why hasn’t the Ukrainian government issues any kind of public statement?

  26. This is very sad to me. What’s wrong with people?

  27. Stepan Bandera Nazi whose monuments Ukrainians erect today – that’s Ukrainian – Holocaust connection for you . And a BIG one.

  28. Why are people so stupid

  29. Gene Strong says:

    Deport palestinians and Muslims from Jerusalem Gaza and west bank. Resettle.with Ukrainian. And eastern European / Russian jews.

  30. Vessela, My father left the Ukraine in the late 20′s. There was terrible anti-semitism…

  31. Borzastó ez az esemény.

  32. Borzastó ez az esemény.

  33. Gina Lacera says:

    No merecen tener gente valiosa cerca de canallas y cobardes terroristas acomplejados…ojalá y emigren a Israel pronto!!!

  34. Julia Bayless says:

    Deja Vu anyone.

  35. Horrible and Obama is playing Golf .

  36. Aryeh Sax says:

    The Ukrainians made good Nazis in the 1940's and the Russians not any better. Two devils fighting each other, why get involved.

  37. Passover is the holiday of national liberation from Egyptian bondage.

    Jews had a hard time accepting the grand idea of liberty when the opportunity presented itself. According to lore, many Jews chose to stay behind in Egypt precisely because they weren’t ready to leave. Weaning the Jews off of a slave mentality which was drilled into them over time.

    Israel does the same… they try hard to appease the very people who claim to want peace but call for the death of Jews( not Israelis but Jews) every day in their media and in their schools….

    Jews had better understand that the state of Israel had it existed in 1938 would have saved Millions of Jews from the very people who fire bombed this synagogue.

  38. These people are cowards just like the terrorist.

  39. Bonnie Denton says:


  40. Because in this area the Ukrainian Jews are pro-Ukrainian and even the patriotic movement in Ukraine is ruled by Jews. Kremlin talks about “the paid by Jews Maydan” or “paid by Israel and USA Maydan”, the whole time since last October till now. It’s the typical KGB style. May be you never lived in a land with such horrible propaganda methods and such brutality like the Russian Empire or the Bolshevik USSR and its whole Communist Pact in Eastern Europe, but we did. Today, in many European newspapers you can read about how some ex-KGBsts try to recruite common people in many countries in EU or East Europe – to spy their democratic governments for Kremlin or to do criminal acts in ex-Eastern European countries – like terror acts, sabotages, incl. against the Jewish communities – of course with the intention to blame the democratic governments for those acts and to make Putin’s crazy system looking good. It was Russia’s politics, it stays Russia’s politics – nothing changes. Look at Katyn – over 50 years Kremlin stood on his version (with academic! stidies and false documents!) that Katyn was not the cirme of the Russians – propaganda with lies and brain washing is the most productive method of a totalitarian regime, and Russia was and is such one, a system of autocracy. The Jewish citizens in Ukraine always were and are great Ukrainian patriots, they don’t trust the Russian state after all the pogroms and killings (over 9 million Jews were killed in the Russian Empire and in the USSR, and over 8 millions deported, deportations were even in the 1980s!) Now with such acts, Kremlin trys to destroy the good relashionships between non-Jewsh Ukrainians and Ukrainian Jews, and this in a time when Ukriane is ruled by two Jews, great politicians, BTW – Yatsenyuk and Groisman.

  41. Alema Gebreb says:


  42. AC Stubbs says:

    Tell your Congressmen to recall Kerry.

  43. Rena Avadi says:

    God is watching and they should be scared. Their hell is coming!

  44. Alan Kardon says:

    All those who are advising that the Jewish people of the Ukraine just pick up and leave. It is not that simple. Israel will welcome them with open arms. Can they take what is theirs with them? Will Ukraine/Russia allow them to leave? By the way you advisors why are you not in Israel? Easy to sit in your chair and advise others. Solution, find the guilty parties and give them the Nazi justice they practice and deserve. NEVER EVER AGAIN.

  45. Get to Israel and now because it is only going to get worse .

  46. Nothing changes. Anti-semitism remains as a virulent force throughout the world. Blind hatred of the JEW is 3000 years old. Where there is a failure, the JEW is held responsible.
    The Christian world led by the Pope who preaches peace fails to even mention this situation. Why??
    The Jewish world vowed "NEVER AGAIN", but in all honesty can do nothing to prevent this situation of the Shoah again rearing it's ugly face.
    Yes, once again the world will do nothing to prevent the slaughter of the JEW.

  47. The cowardly act of one individual who obviously took care not to throw his "bombs" while cars were passing by could have happened (and does) in the USA or France or anywhere. This is not your drunken, peasant mob of yesteryear. Stop trying to pull the genie out of the bottle. This is a complicated situation for which the EU has to share the blame for deliberately poking their finger in Putin's eye. Bear in mind that former IDF Israeli Ukrainians have been active on both sides of the divide. There will always be anti "something" acts by deranged individuals. Be vigilant, yes, but don't cry "wolf" too often.

  48. Debi Lovell says:

    Lord pls protect teh Jewish people in these times

  49. We Jews need to remember the past and arm ourselves for defense.
    Warriors like Joshua.

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