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January 22, 2017 / 24 Tevet, 5777
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Wanted: Ally for Israel in Cairo Talks

Whose side is US Secy of State John Kerry -- and President Barack Obama -- really on?

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A miracle, and instructions from Home Front Command, saved hundreds from death when a Grad missile fired by Hamas struck a gas station in Ashdod. Most civilians were in their bomb shelters at the time.

A miracle, and instructions from Home Front Command, saved hundreds from death when a Grad missile fired by Hamas struck a gas station in Ashdod. Most civilians were in their bomb shelters at the time.
Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Israel needs an ally as it faces an array of representatives who hope to bring about a premature cease fire with Hamas terrorists intent on wiping out the Jewish State.

Hamas has no qualms about using any form of human or other innnocent creature as a shield for its weapons in attacking Israeli civilians and soldiers. Nor has its ability to launch a constant barrage of short and medium-range rocket and missile fire been significantly impaired thus far — a lethal threat to the millions of Israeli men, women and children who are spending more time in their bomb shelters than outside of them this summer.

Nevertheless, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived Monday in Cairo with the announced intent to help world leaders re-establish the November 2012 truce between Israel and Hamas terrorists.

Noah Pollack’s Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI) explained the issue: “Israel does not need a mediator. Israel needs an ally. Pressuring Israel to agree to a cease fire that rescues Hamas from defeat and leaves it in possession of its missiles, tunnels, and terror infrastructure is foolish and wrong. If President [Barack] Obama and Secretary [John} Kerry want to advance the cause of peace in the Middle East, they should support Israel and its campaign to end the terror threat from Gaza.”

But instead, shortly after heading into a meeting with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Kerry announced the U.S. will send $47 million in ‘humanitarian aid’ to Gaza, of which $15 million is earmarked for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) there.

UNRWA, incidentally, which purports to be scrupulously neutral in its dealings in Gaza, “discovered” 20 missiles at one of its schools in the town of Rafah, located on the border of Gaza and Egypt a few days ago during a routine inspection by international staff. The missiles were quietly handed over to the Hamas terrorist organization.

Kerry’s aides added a statement warning that it would be “difficult” to achieve an immediate and lasting cease fire – but that he hopes to make progress in the next few days to reach a temporary pause.

Israel agreed to two humanitarian cease fires since the start of Operation Protective Edge, including one requested by the International Committee for the Red Cross on behalf of Hamas itself. Hamas violated them both, firing mortar shells and rockets at Israeli civilians during the “pause” each time. Israel held its fire nevertheless; but should it now?

What kind of ally aids an enemy to reach a cease fire in which it can attack a friend?

Meanwhile, Hamas is insisting that Qatar and Turkey be allowed at the table to represent its interests in talks with Egypt, which is mediating the negotiations.

Qatar – a generous fiscal patron of Hamas — recently purchased $11 billion in military weapons and hardware from the Obama administration. In whose hands will those weapons eventually land?

In the first week of June, Qatar pledged $60 million to help pay the salaries of Gaza workers in the Palestinian Authority unity government. The money was to be transferred to the PUG offices in Ramallah in three monthly payments of $20 million each, according to Qatari government spokesperson Ihab Bseiso. The Qatari government has sent funds to Hamas before, even via charitable organizations in the United States. The Al Jazeera television network has also been described in a February 2006 State Department cable leaked by Wiki Leaks as a “big friend of Hamas.” Hamas political chief Khaled Mashaal maintains an office in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

Turkey is also no friend of Israel at this point and appears to be coordinating its moves with Qatar, and possibly with Iran as well, with whom it has strong ties.

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, himself a sympathizer with radical Islamists, is closely linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and a longtime supporter of Hamas in Gaza. He has brought Turkey much closer to Tehran and successfully sabotaged diplomatic ties with Israel in the years he has served as prime minister, but now faces a fight to stay in his job. Turkey goes to the polls on August 10 to elect a president who will lead the nation alone, instead of the current dual ‘prime minister-president’ system. Erdogan needs a reason to ‘wow’ his constituents and firm up his AKP electoral base, comprised of Islamist voters. There are two competitors for the presidency; one a secularist, the other a moderate Muslim.

Rachel Levy

About the Author: Rachel Levy is a freelance journalist who has written for Jewish publications in New York, New Jersey and Israel.

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  1. Many Islamic Hate people commenting against Israel. Many threats to security safety. Many Islamic comments starting to demonstrate openly against non muslims. Death to islam. No quarter. No remorse. No tolerance to them for open ideological hate and threat to harm us all non muslim. No acceptance or surrender to islamic people threatening or demanding.

  2. Israel choose someone who has the love of Israel and the Jewish people in their heart. Not bad money pouring into Hamas, more to pile up weapons, but not enough to protect the Palestinians

  3. It sure isn’t Turkey and Qatar, that’s for sure. Two, countries, Qatar supporting Hamas and Turkey run by a Jew hating megalomaniac, Erdogan.

  4. As if there would ever be one?

  5. Chaya Mindal says:

    We had plenty of time to flood the tunnels and cut off the electricity. We didnt! We made it worse and worse. Now they have 47 million coming to redo gaza. What did israel gain??? More hatred all over the world. Arabs out of control. We just Escalated the islamic confidence and gained NOTHING! Netanyahu DID NOT annex Judea and Samaria. He did not take back Gaza. We killed our soldiers for a few tunnels that they will just rebuild!!!!

  6. David Grim says:

    Push the Gaza border West one mile then back off.

  7. Chaya Mindal says:

    Canada is only on Israel’s side because HARPER is a righteous Church going man. He loves Israel. If he ran Israel this would not have happened. HOWEVER when Trudeau gets in, Canada is finished anyway! He will not stand up for Israel and many Jews will vote for him!!!!

  8. Yes, Canada. And not only that but an Indian, a Sikh?

  9. Gail Sados says:

    We stand alone….

  10. Daisy Villa says:

    Talk to Canada!

  11. Unfortunately, an ally can’t be found in the Islam loving US administration ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood’s favorite Son.

  12. God is Israel’s ally…He’s all they need…

  13. God Almighty bless, Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjahu. Israel holds a strong defense with the bravest and best educated soldiers in the world. You defeat your evil enemies and with all your knowledge of living daily with those evil enemies. Save the world from this evilness. Amen

  14. Carolin Knox says:

    As has been stated we are meant to stand alone.

  15. Usani Utum says:

    Palestinians terrorists will end up destroying themselves; Israel is untouchable

  16. Pam Mullis says:

    I just don’t think Hamas wants talk.

  17. HaShem, blessed be He, please give wise counsel to Israel so they can select the right person to be an ally for Israel in Cairo. Amein. Amein.

  18. Michael Mark says:

    Kerry has no understanding of the Middle East and should have stayed in Washington where continues to be useless

  19. David Cohen says:

    Of course there are more hateful opinions expressed by Arabs on here. The one thing we can count on is the Arab haters will make themselves look like jackasses.

  20. Sandra Camhi says:

    Yes where r the normal intelligent people w brains

  21. David Cohen says:

    The third wet world haters hate Israel because they are from Countries that will never be anything. Israel started in Poverty and rose up to be a world leader in medicine, science, agriculture and other fields.

  22. Don Hogue says:

    To bad some of my fellow American citizens voted in Obama to run this country away from God!

  23. Don Hogue says:

    Jews are Gods chosen people and you are angering God

  24. Don Hogue says:

    That’s the problem Atif…hate! Islam is ruled by hate, open your mind and your heart before you are swept away. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

  25. Israel can no longer count on US ….. Thnx to Obummer and Kerry . Kerry the one who came from a Jewish family at one time whose family changed their name to Kerry and did not practice Judaism .

  26. Ronnie Pleet says:


  27. Keren Bar says:

    Sign this petition – we are the voice of the world the Allies for Israel – sign your name here Keren Bar.

  28. Keren Bar says:

    Sign this petition – we are the voice of the world the Allies for Israel – sign your name here Keren Bar.

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