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Religion Is Not A Quick Fix

25 Nisan 5768 – April 30, 2008
Not only was I raised in a "religious" home, but with my father serving for the last 50 years as the rabbi of our − at first fledging, and now, vibrant − Toronto community, I was given the endearing designation of being "the rabbi's daughter."

Getting Past The Whatever Attitude

7 Adar I 5768 – February 13, 2008
A parent turns to her teenaged son and asks, "What's bothering you?" "Whatever," answers the kid with a disconsolate shrug.

Broken Glass

2 Shevat 5768 – January 9, 2008
It happens at every chuppah. After the bride's encircling of the groom seven times, after the recital of the special blessings, after the ring has been placed on her finger, there are a few seconds of collective silence in anticipation.

Did She Cry Because Of You?

28 Tishri 5768 – October 10, 2007
One of my favorite teachings from the Talmud is a marriage-related lesson.

Life’s Dreams

13 Tishri 5768 – September 25, 2007
"I have always had so many dreams. So many hopes and aspirations..."


24 Av 5767 – August 8, 2007
My day begins as a perfectly sunny, breezy, late summer morning. But then we meet.


25 Tammuz 5767 – July 11, 2007
For the past two years, any time we've met our neighbors on our front lawn, near the street's curb, the discussion has invariably turned to the very pressing issue of... garbage.

Tending The Garden

13 Sivan 5767 – May 30, 2007
I'm often asked why it is that men played such a major role in Jewish history.

An Illuminating Darkness

13 Tevet 5767 – January 3, 2007
"Wouldn't it be nice if the days were long all year round?" commented my son at six o'clock in the evening as we sat down to dinner to the backdrop of the completely black outdoors.

Rachel And Leah – Two Destinies, Two Worlds

10 Heshvan 5767 – November 1, 2006
Rachel and Leah - two sisters, two wives of Yaakov, and two of the Matriarchs of our People;

Woman And The Forbidden Fruit

26 Tishri 5767 – October 18, 2006
The sin of the Etz HaDa'at, the Tree of Knowledge is one of the most perplexing episodes in the Torah.

As Sweet As Candy

19 Tishri 5767 – October 11, 2006
At this time of year, honey, and the sweetness it represents, plays a major role in our celebrations.

The Face Of A Hero

13 Elul 5766 – September 6, 2006
Roi Klein. It is a name, that until recently, held no meaning to me.

A Glimmer Of Contrasts

29 Av 5766 – August 23, 2006
I've just read an autobiographical summary of R' Yisroel Meir Lau, former chief rabbi of Israel.

Self Do It!

15 Av 5766 – August 9, 2006
A little past her second birthday, my toddler has entered into a new phase of independence.

Nitzevet, Mother Of King David: A Bold Voice Of Silence

4 Sivan 5766 – May 31, 2006
Shavuot marks the birthday of King David and for this reason it is customary in many communities to read Megillat Ruth since Ruth was his great-grandmother.

A Wedding, A Funeral And My Child’s Song

28 Nisan 5766 – April 26, 2006
The incongruity of the two events was too glaring to overlook.

Life In Fragments

29 Adar 5766 – March 29, 2006
I'm relaxing on the sofa watching Shira, my 11-year-old, patiently teaching baby Sara Leah how to build a tower with her blocks, when the tranquil peace is suddenly shattered.

A Tribute To Women

16 Adar 5766 – March 15, 2006
Behind every successful man, stands his wife - or so goes the proverbial saying. But what about behind every successful woman?

The Longer, Shorter Way

17 Shevat 5766 – February 15, 2006
"See, I was standing right there," I hold out the brochure for my children, pointing to the famous Panama Canal.

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