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It All Comes Out In The Wash

This past Friday it was finally almost official. It was going to happen. Be’ezras Hashem.

Your Rights Are At Stake

If you're part of the 95% of Americans who own an Apple device, you're being spied on at this very moment.

The Death Of Klinghoffer

They are presented as freedom fighters attempting to further their cause, and not as the bloodthirsty murders they were.

Thoughts On Synagogue Terror

I am naive, but only in an optimistic sense, seeing the good in the world like only a 20-year old can.

Therapy? Straight Talk For Teens

Believe it or not, some schools actually have therapists or guidance counselors on staff.

To Touch the Sky: Jewish Survival Through A Child’s Eyes

"Grandpa," I wondered, as the swing began to slow down, "why are there numbers on your arm?"

America: A Force To Be Reckoned With

This devastating loss For weeks is the top news, But the assassination of politicians Is squeezed onto page two.


I am mad. I am mad at America.

90 Seconds – A Summer Never to Forget

This past summer was a powerful one for the Jewish people. I will always remember where I was on June 12th when I found...

From Monsey To Sderot

I witnessed the true strength of Am Yisrael during those few days.

Turning Toward Teshuva

Is a missed opportunity to do a mitzvah considered a sin?

In Your Hands

The sounds and scents of the kitchen are cozy, familiar, but loud in the silence.

Rosh Hashanah

This Holy Day comes once a year With prayers and begging and pleading and tears,

Multitasking: Ability or Inability?

While multitasking is not ideal, it is often necessary and unavoidable.

The Wall

As they fall upon us we go To the WALL.

Bliss, Loss, Under Fire, Peace? My Summer in Israel

One minute you're shaving shwarma off a pit, then the shwarma guy tells you he read a (fake) WhatsApp that the boys are dead.

Where Are You?

How can awareness evolve from exploding stars?


King David prayed to give me my destined glory from his palace; his son to mold me into the mountain that everyone faces when they call to our Creator.

The Stones

The ground of the Beis HaMikdash, which will soon take its appointed place.

A Bystander’s View

What Hashem desires most is that we learn to connect with each other as children in the same family.

New Jersey Connects To Nitzan

He wondered what it was like to live in Israel, to be religious.

Tears Begin To Pour

It finally hits me, the world cries to it’s own problems...

Give Me The Words

Help me and the rest of them Know what I really mean.

Holy Man

This man, who is coming to speak to all of you today, is a holy man.


You’ve been taken from me my child I’ve been alone for many years, That you will never return Is my deepest hidden fear.

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