Photo Credit: Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Israel's Ambassador to Sri Lanka presents shipments of Israel's disaster relief to Sri Lanka authorities. May 29, 2016

By Jonathan Benedek/TPS

Jerusalem (TPS) – After a series of floods and landslides killed over 100 people in Sri Lanka nearly two weeks ago, Israel is supplying approximately US$20,000 in aid to the island nation’s Disaster Relief Management Ministry, Israel’s Foreign Ministry reported before the weekend.


“As a friend and partner of Sri Lanka, Israel was honored to provide emergency assistance following the recent floods,” said Israel’s ambassador to Sri Lanka Daniel Carmon.

The recent floods and landslides on the Asian island located off of India’s southern coast were caused by massive rainstorms on May 14 and have claimed at least 100 deaths.

The disaster relief supplies provided by Israel are primarily geared towards repairing and improving the water and sewage systems in Sri Lanka that have been decimated by the flooding and landslides. Included among the supplies are water pumps, water filters, solar lighting kits, LED torches and 50,000 tablets for water purification.

Israel is also planning to send a number of its water experts to Sri Lanka in order to help provide the country with long-term improvements in its water sector.

“We have every intention that this emergency aid would ease the recovery of the areas affected by the floods and that it will transform into a strong and meaningful cooperation in the field of water,” Carmon stressed.

“Our hearts and minds are with the people of Sri Lanka and especially the families of the victims and all of those who were affected by the floods, as the loss of lives and the damages are truly heart breaking.”


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