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Dayna Skolkin and Josh Tillis, who had to cancel their wedding in Houston, and the meals were delivered to families made homeless by Hurricane Harvey.

Dayna Skolkin was supposed to spending this week with all those last-minute wedding preparations that occupy a bride’s life just days before a wedding. Then Harvey descended on Texas and Dayna’s plans changed drastically.

Postponing the wedding—which is now scheduled for mid-December to allow for Houston to get up and running again—did lead to something positive, Skolkin maintains, noting that “the food helped people who really needed it. That was amazing.”


With the family of her fiancé, Josh Tillis, unable to fly in and their wedding vendors dealing with the effects of the storm—which dumped nearly 50 feet of rain onto Houston and turned creeks, streams and bayous into raging rivers, making travel impassable—Dayna and Josh made the difficult decision to postpone their wedding. That decision meant that all the food that had been purchased for a pre-wedding Shabbat dinner planned for this coming Friday night at the Aishel House was just sitting at the Chabad-Lubavitch run center waiting to be used.

“It was really hashgacha pratis [divine providence] because we had all this food, a lot more supplies than we usually have on hand, so we were able to make dinner” for many more people, said Rabbi Eliezer Lazaroff, co-director of Aishel House with his wife, Rochel.

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