DNC Publishes Biden’s Plan for Israel and Its Neighbors with Palestinian State and Punishing...

President Biden and Vice President Harris oppose any unilateral steps by either side — including annexation — that undermine prospects for two states.

Report: With 60K Northern Israelis Evacuated, IDF Created 5Km ‘Dead Zone’ in South Lebanon

One Hezbollah fighter told the FT: "Asking us to withdraw from the south is like asking a fish not to swim in the sea."

IDF Spokesman Encourages Lebanese Fearing Hezbollah to Contact Mossad

Israel set March 15 as the deadline to reach a political settlement with Lebanon.

Biden Pulling Back US Navy’s Largest Carrier from the Middle East

Along with the carrier, the group includes the cruiser Normandy, and the destroyers Ramage, Carney, Roosevelt, and Thomas Hudner.

Mousavi’s Assassination Marks a Shift in Israel’s Tolerance of Iran’s Warmongering

Israel's cautious approach may have been discarded with the assassination and the multi-front war may be around the corner.

Trapped in Conceptzia: IDF Apologizes for Killing Lebanese Soldier inside Hezbollah Compound

This is not a show of strength, as some would have us believe, but of sickness.

Iron Swords Day 44: IDF Fighting in Gaza and South Lebanon

A Nahal Brigade combat team directed a warplane from a distance to eliminate terrorists who tried to fire on them from a rooftop.

Disappointed Arab World Ridicules Nasrallah’s ‘What Me Worry’ Speech

Needless to say, most Arabs reacted with disappointment mixed with ridicule to Nasrallah's show of belligerent standoffishness.

Abu Ali Express: Hezbollah, Iran, Have Natural Enemies – Israel Should Align with Them

"They too are waiting for the day when Hezbollah can be exterminated."

Iran Boasts of Its Attack in Lebanon that Killed 241 US Soldiers

Someone should include this interview in President Joe Biden’s next briefing on removing sanctions from Iran.

IDF, Lebanese, Meet to Ease Tensions, Hezbollah Demanding Village that Wants to Remain in...

Needless to say, the folks in Ghajar village would much rather stay under Israeli rule than Hezbollah’s.

Report: Israel Dumped Foul Smelling Balloons on Lebanese Trespassers at the Border

The recent tensions on Har Dov, where Hezbollah pitched tents on the Israeli side of the border fence, are related to Tuesday’s event.

Israeli General: Nasrallah Close to Triggering Regional War

Hamas's activities in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan also entail grave risk, IDF intelligence chief says.

Polish Senior UN Official in Lebanon Expresses her Gratitude to Hezbollah

Ammar al-Musawi, the kindly Hezbollah representative who treated Mrs. Wronecka so nicely, is a prominent Hezbollah leader.

Step-by-Step: How Lebanon Out-Negotiated Israel, Amos Hochstein and Yair Lapid

Lebanon could give Chris Voss a masterclass on how to say “no” and get everything you want in international negotiations.

Hezbollah: Maritime Border Dispute with Israel Not Over

Nasrallah said there is still 2.5 square kilometers that have not yet been liberated from Israel.

Text of the Lebanon Maritime Border Deal, and What Exactly Israel Lost

Anwar Sadar: "Poor Menachem, I got back 90% of the Sinai and the Alma oil fields, and what has Menachem got? A piece of paper."

Macron to Lebanese Newspaper: Lebanon ‘Would Not Survive a New Conflict on the Southern...

Macron also said he wanted to see those responsible for the Beirut port disaster being put on trial and punished.

UNRWA: ‘Palestine Refugees’ Most Vulnerable Community in Lebanon

This combination of cynicism and nastiness has been driving those poor people deeper and deeper into poverty, sickness, violence, and malaise.

Rockets from Lebanon Hit near Kiryat Shemona, IDF Strikes Back

Arab sources report that the IDF subsequently launched artillery fire at the source of the enemy attack.

Lebanon’s PM Signs Maritime Claim Decree that Could Lead to Clashes with Israel

"The Lebanese are staying behind and launching fiery statements that will achieve nothing,” Minister Steinitz said.

With 3,500 New Daily Infections Lebanon to Receive Russian Sputnik V Vaccine

The Sputnik-V vaccines be available in every hospital in Lebanon for the low price of $38 a pop.

Hezbollah Used UNIFIL Position for Cover in Sniper Attack on IDF

Hezbollah is unconcerned if its actions cause an out-of-control spiral.

Tel Aviv City Hall Lights Up with Lebanon’s Flag in Solidarity with Beirut Blast...

Several Israeli government agencies have offered to send humanitarian aid to the neighbor up north.

Hezbollah: IDF Stole Our Drone – We Were Shooting a Music Video

We think the IDF should offer to return the drone, but only directly to Hassan Nasrallah.

28 Hezbollah Missile Launching Sites Exposed in Heart of Beirut

Almost all of the sites are in southern Beirut, an area controlled by Hezbollah, and are located in civilian neighborhoods, inside private houses, medical centers, churches, industrial sites, public offices, fast food chains, and in open spaces nearby.

Beirut Violent Fighting Between Protesters and Police ‘Winding Down’

Throughout the clashes, church bells and muezzin calls to prayer were sounded, in an effort to quiet down the violence, as hundreds of protesters fought security forces behind barricades.


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