Now Hear This: Tel Aviv U Researchers Connect Locust’s Ear to a Robot

A world first: A robot able to “hear” through the ear of a locust.

New Study Reveals Coded Language Used to Fuel Anti-Semitism Online

So successful is this new language based on numbers, acronyms, and hidden images, that it has driven the formation of alternative social media sites.

Israel to Sell German Military Its Trophy Tank-Protection System

Trophy protects against a wide variety of anti-tank threats, while also maximizing the vehicle's ability to identify the enemy location.

Tel Aviv U First: Biological Therapy Proven a Suitable Alternative to Antibiotics

Tel Aviv University researchers have developed a biological substitute for the treatment of tuberculosis, which in the future could serve as an alternative for the traditional "chemical" antibiotic therapy.

TAU-SAT1 – First Miniature Satellite Built on Tel Aviv U Campus – Orbiting Earth

At an altitude of 400 km above sea level, the nanosatellite will orbit the earth at a dizzying speed of 27,600 km per hour, or 7.6 km per second, completing a cycle around Earth every 90 minutes.

Abu Dhabi Weapons Show Pleading with Netanyahu to Let Israeli Defense Industry Delegation Visit

"This is a severe blow, beyond the money we have invested in the exhibition display and the possibility of meeting security representatives from the Gulf in public for the first time."

University of Haifa Researchers Say 45% of Israelis Admit to Polluting Natural Treasures

When the average Israeli is asked why they pollute they reply: "Because there was no trash can." When asked why others pollute they say: "because they enjoy it."

Hebrew U. Researchers Find Minuscule Worm May Hold Secret to Reversing Brain Damage

Hebrew University research successfully produces genetically engineered synapses circumventing neural damage.

As Global Bee Populations Disappear, Israel Discovers New Bee Species

The Israeli study focused on the impact of restoration activities of a threatened sand ecosystem along Israel’s coastal plains.

Jewish Programmers, Who Needs JavaScript? Here Comes ChavaScript

When you finish writing your code in Hebrew and want to run it, the mechanism behind ChavaScript translates the names of the commands into English.

Israel Completes Iron Dome Delivery to US Army

These batteries will be employed in the defense of US troops against a variety of ballistic and aerial threats.

Somebody Tell the NY Times: Rabin Square Mass Vaccination Center to Start Action Monday...

On Friday, the NY Times praised Israel's unparalleled record in vaccinating its people.

TAU, IAA in Research Revealing Evidence of Trade between India and Israel 3,700 Years...

"This is clear evidence of trade with Southeast Asia as early as the 16th century BCE, much earlier than the researchers have assumed so far," explains Prof. Finkelstein.

Initial Hebrew U Clinical Data Support Fenofibrate’s Effectiveness in Preventing Lung Damage in Corona...

Patients who were taking the drugs to speed up the breakdown of fats were recovering from the Corona-caused lung infections in a matter of days.

Tel Aviv U Researchers Develop Blur-Free Photography of Moving Objects

Elmalem encoded motion information cues in the raw optical image which are decoded by an image processing algorithm which utilizes them for motion deblurring.

Oil Spill 4-Times the Exxon Valdez Anticipated in the Red Sea

A team of international researchers, including Prof. Maoz Fine of Bar-Ilan University, says there may still be time to prevent an ecological disaster.

President Rivlin Hosts Launch of Israel’s Second Spacecraft to the Moon

“We are setting out on a new path, familiar but different, at the end of which we hope to land three spacecraft safely on the moon."

Israeli Company Named Atlas Develops New Generation of Airships in Rosh HaAyin

The ATLANTs will also create a new dimension in air travel, in short-haul and high comfort passenger ferry flights to numerous hard to reach destinations.

Former Head of Israel’s Space Program: The Aliens Asked Not To Be Revealed, Humanity...

Some of us have grown up following the warp flight of Zefram Cochrane, which was witnessed by a Vulcan spaceship.

Alexa Accused of Being an Anti-Semite – Siri a Rabid Anti-Zionist

The APPG pointed out that Alexa pulled those shocking lines from articles without warning that the Wikipedia article describes Holocaust denial as a lie.

Shin Bet Geolocation Sends You to Quarantine Even If You Only Spoke to Corona...

The Shin Bet said that the Health Ministry is in charge, and the Health Ministry said it was the Home Front Command, which in turn said it was the Health Ministry.

‎€10 Million to Israeli-German Development of Drugs Against Lethal Fungal Infections

Invasive fungal infections of the internal organs or bloodstream can have a high level of mortality (up to 50%), are often difficult to treat, and cause at least 1.6 million deaths per year.

Compelled by Lawmakers, US Army Tests Israeli-Made Iron Dome Batteries

The 2019 National Defense Authorization Act ordered the Pentagon to purchase the two Iron Dome batteries and to start testing them in 2020.

German Flag Replaced by Israeli Flag as Navy Takes Possession of Sa’ar 6-Class Corvette...

One of the new ships' roles will be to protect natural gas platforms in the Mediterranean Sea against possible sea-borne or rocket threats.

Israeli Startup Offers Revolutionary Facemask Using Bar-Ilan U. Technology

Sonovia’s metal-oxide infused masks have a particle filtration above 98% of 5 microns and will last over 1 year.

First Israeli Hi-Tech Delegation Takes Off for the Emirates

“This is not just a business opportunity, but a political opportunity for a new page between the Israeli hi-tech community and the entire Middle East."

Israeli Government to Mandate 30% of Energy be Renewable by 2030

The government has been criticized harshly recently by the State Comptroller for failing to properly advance targets in the field of renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions.

Scientific Journal Rejects Research by Israeli Chemist Because She Works for Ariel University

The Molecules editors contacted Prof. Levin and asked her to delete the name "Israel" from her address, after "Ariel."

Hebrew U: Modern Scans of Archaeological Finds May Show Traces of Original Dimensions of...

“A sukkah which is not ten tefachs [hand-breadths] tall or does not contain three walls or which has more sun than shade is invalid.” (Mishnah Sukkah, 1:1)

Tel Aviv Launches Electric Road Pilot

The construction of an electric road to charge public transportation vehicles will make Tel Aviv-Yafo the first city worldwide to roll out the technology for charging buses on a wide scale.


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