Israeli Scientists Develop Self-Disinfecting Reusable Protective Face Mask

A patent was submitted in the US on March 31 and the research group is discussing commercialization with industrial companies.

Crowdfunding Outfit Raises $12 Million for Promising Israeli Covid-19 Vaccine

“We feel that the vaccine has already shown high safety and efficiency in animal models and we believe the approach we are taking is safer with a higher likelihood of achieving a meaningful immune response.”

Chassidim Donate 1,000 WiFi Tablets to NYC Hospital Patients

Families without WiFi at home were given MiFi mobile hotspots.

Hebrew U Researchers Develop 10x Faster COVID-19 Test

The test uses materials commonly found in labs

Bar-Ilan Engineering Student’s Algorithm Predicts Coronavirus Spread

In South Korea, the model accurately predicted significant improvement on March 2, 2020.

Sephardi Rabbis Under Fire for Allowing Zoom Video Seders with Isolated Elderly

Obviously, now it's time for Rabbi Pearl's people at Zomet to come up with a gramma version of Zoom.

Hebrew U Professor Shares World’s Top Math Prize

The original Abel Prize award ceremony, scheduled for May 19, has been postponed due to the corona outbreak.

Israel Develops New App to Alert Users on Exposure To Coronavirus

"The app is updated in real-time ... regarding the whereabouts of a person confirmed to be a carrier of the virus."

Israeli Scientists Say New Sleep Method Strengthens Brain’s Ability to Retain Memories

"Our findings emphasize that the memory consolidation process can be amplified by external cues such as scents."

Israeli Researchers Make Breakthrough in Development of Coronavirus Vaccine

The vaccine will be oral, making it particularly accessible to the general public.

Gett’s Kosher Taxi App Faces 150 Million Shekel Racism Class Action Suit

"If there were a sincere religious intent here, they should have insisted on Arab drivers for the Mehadrin taxis."

Haifa, San Diego Universities Get $1.3 Million to Explore Man’s Adopting to Climate Change...

Over the past century, Scripps Oceanography has developed cutting-edge research tools to study environmental change involving marine geology and geophysics, coastal processes, paleomagnetism, paleobiology, and climate science.

How Did Dinosaur Parents Know When their Kids Had a Fever?

Either way, Mother of Dragons, if your baby is showing a fever of 41 degrees, it’s time to call the doctor.

Cybersecurity Expert: Likud’s Leak of Israelis’ Personal Information Worst Violation of Privacy

“In some ways, this scandal more broadly exposes the weakness of modern-day information systems,” Prof. Weimann noted.

Hebrew U Study Discovers: People Lie to Appear More Honest

Hebrew U. study finds lawyers, employees, bend truth to avoid appearing dishonest, even if it costs them money.

TAU Algorithm Shows Biblical Samaria Inscriptions Were Written by Just Two Palace Officials

"The two appear to have been working during the same years, received shipments from the same places and handled the same types of goods."

Vegas Consumer Electronics Show Awards Israeli Water-From-Air Invention

Watergen’s GENNY also works as a home air purifier circulating clean air back into the room as part of the water generation process.

Hebrew U Study: Smoking Damages Your Mental Health

They surveyed more than 2,000 students enrolled at Serbian universities with differing socio-political and economic environments.

Insight Partners Acquires Israeli ‘Internet of Things’ Company for $1.1 Billion

The company’s customers include Sysco Corp., Samsung, and Allergan PLC. With offices in Tel Aviv and Palo Alto, Ca, Armis employs about 240 people.

Bar Ilan Physicists Forecast Another Devastating El Niño in 2020

The team is currently expanding the algorithm in order to be able to forecast the strength and length of the weather phenomenon in the future.

Bar-Ilan, Stanford, Researchers Find Treatment for Macular Degeneration Blindness

Retinal prostheses have been shown to restore some useful vision by electrically stimulating the remaining retinal neurons.

Hebrew University Team Finds TB Vaccine Lowers Rates of Alzheimer’s Disease in Cancer Patients

The study explores the ways in which our immune system is a major player in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s, and how the BCG vaccine may serve as an effective preventative treatment to this crippling condition.

Bar-Ilan Researcher: Longevity Protein SIRT6 Also Protects Against Fatty Liver Disease

SIRT6 regulates many biological processes such as aging, obesity, insulin resistance, inflammation and metabolism.

Hebrew U Wins People’s Choice for Breakthrough of the Year – And We Helped

"It’s amazing how scientific discoveries—even those relating to people who lived more than 100,000 years ago—still captivate the imagination of folks around the world.”

Hebrew U. Researcher Cracks Newton’s Elusive ‘Three-Body’ Problem

Instead of accepting the systems’ chaotic behavior as an obstacle, the researchers used traditional mathematics to predict the planets’ movements.

Already a Finalist, Hebrew U Needs Your Vote to Win Science Magazine’s Breakthrough of...

And the winner of 2019’s Breakthrough of the Year People’s Choice is …

Israeli Researchers Decipher Rock Hyrax’s Vocal Communication

Male hyraxes frequently sing complex and loud self-advertisement songs, transmitting their individual quality to both females and neighboring males.

Tell Your Rodent: Haifa U Implants Emotional Memories in Mice

The interesting thing is that these pathways are highly similar across mammals, including humans and mice.

Einstein Letter on Unified Field Theory Fails to Find Buyer at Auction

At the beginning of the letter, Einstein writes: "I am glad that you are vigorously dealing with the question of compatibility. Yet it seems to me that your fears are unjustified."

Hebrew University Discovery May Revolutionize Chemotherapy

It is a method that delivers chemotherapy drugs directly to malignant cells and bypasses healthy ones.


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